She gave me a hand to set the table.


Jean-Christophe went on a shopping spree.

Ira added a room to his house.

Novorolsky is holding a knife.

When you think about it for a minute.

I thought him very clever.


Marnix made up his mind to go to law school.

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Buy canned fish at the store.

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Are you saying that I don't have a brain?


Raphael is a very good teacher.

Every tide has its ebb.

I'm engaged tomorrow, so I've arranged for someone else to take my place.


You made that clear yesterday.


Physibles will be the next step in copying.

Answer my letter or I will not write to you anymore.

He's a descendant of Queen Victoria!

To her delight, she got through the examination.

The game was called off because it rained.

I want to understand Barbara.

How many men does it take to replace an empty toilet roll? No one knows, it's never happened.

He admitted the visitor to the living-room.

Jarl is eating chicken porridge.

Everyone will accept that idea in principle.

Do you want to tell me what this is?

Pratapwant is in a fairly bad mood right now.

Money does not smell.

We weren't given food or water.

This soup has no substance.

We have more than enough time to spare.

Are you trying to get me drunk?

I traveled by myself.

You won't find it so easy next time.

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Why don't you give me a ride?

Floria's aware of what's happening.

You told Stephen how to do it, right?

Time is the best medicine.

Dan wanted to secure an alibi.

The Pilgrims came to America, fleeing religious persecution.

What is the right thing?

I don't have the power to finish the work alone.

Since it's not the rainy season, there's no need for an umbrella.


He is a genius in his own opinion.

You can do better.

In Muslim countries, a girl seldom gets higher education.


We always look forward to Norbert's annual visit.

Would you mind making an extra cup of coffee whenever you decide to have some?

What do you say to having a coffee break?


I only met Pratap twice.


I'm hiding from Pim.


I haven't given the documents to Elliot yet.

Lloyd's friendly manner deceived us.

Lindsey jumped into the pool.

The walls of Rome have twelve gates.

You never were going to tell me, were you?

Time is short and we must omit some of the speeches from the program.

What are you going to eat for dinner?

The biologist classifies the newly found species in its own genus, whereas other taxonomists want to put it into an established genus.

Please send all comments and suggestions to Evelyn Jackson.

Barbra won't be expecting us.

It's getting darker little by little.


In 1962, Mariner 2 flew within 34,400 kilometers of the surface of Venus and transmitted to Earth information about its temperature and details about its atmosphere and rotational period.


I'll make some coffee.

Naomi is very efficient.

Loukas is the guy I was telling you about yesterday.

Griff and Sorrel are related to each other.

I told you everything I had to tell you.


That guy I was just talking to wouldn't tell me his name.

Paper is made from wood.

I'd rather not ask Oleg to do that.

Evelyn's always criticizing Sassan and putting her down.

Dana must love his children very much.

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Diligence is the mother of good fortune.

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Come and help us.

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That's a very nice suit.

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He won the prize this day week.

I'm meeting her for dinner.

I'm the only one in this group who doesn't speak French.

He read into my words a message that I hadn't intended.

Lar is returning home.

Some voters waited hours to vote.

I wouldn't want to miss your concert.

Thoughts of being trapped grew stronger.

The cause of the accident is not known to us.

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She became rich by making ceramic pieces.

Have you questioned them?

Hazel says he can't believe anybody.

I'll go straight home.

I can see why that caught your attention.

It's very unlikely that Patricio will come.

I have a hunch.


Let's not do this now.

I'll take a look.

Chris can't come to work tomorrow.


Two jet planes took off at the same time.

He opened a can of worms.

I have nothing in common with her.

Hotta kissed Leung tenderly on the lips.

Louie wasn't bluffing.

He stole my wallet.

Don't you remember doing that?


It wasn't until then that we knew her address.

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I'll take care of them.

I reviewed the file.

All my efforts turned out to be useless.

Jacob tells me you and Kirsten are planning to get married.

Annard was dressed in clothes similar to John's.

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No likes all types of music, but classical music is his favourite.

Transforming a collection of words into a well-formatted sentence is a quite an achievement, especially in English.

But you like it!


Acerolas have 17 times as much vitamin C as lemons.

I think Toerless's an idiot.

Arne didn't show up for work today.

Please allow me to carry your bag.

We had a good conversation.

We're one player short.

Has Everett been hurt?

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Is Nancy related to Kikki?


She cherishes a hope that she will be a singer some day.


He was tired and nervous from overwork.

Reid is definitely having problems.

You'll never be as good as me.


I doubt I can get her to do it.

Clyde started singing a song.

Seenu made some extra money by renting one of his rooms to a college student.

Jess can't stay here alone.

I brought the Georgian textbook back to Emily.

The sky suddenly darkened yesterday afternoon.

It is as if the whole sky were on fire.

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Now, how can I help you?

Sarah is married to my sister.

You were lying, right?

He cried in admiration of her performance.

You never call, you never call and you still call me 'friend'?

Do we have an extra one that Donald can borrow?

Don't ask what they think. Ask what they do.


He sat in Zen meditation.

We will reap rich rewards later on in life.

We had a good time there.

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I wonder what it would be like to be a millionaire.

The heavens are bright with stars tonight.

Linley uses anabolic steroids.


They found her.


Please make five copies of this document.

These details captured my attention.

If humans had eyes all around their head, "in front" and "behind" would not exist for them.

Maybe that would work.

Your silence makes me nervous.


He would not take the money.

You're not the only one who wants to leave.

Time to die.

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Lanny is a fanatic.

A woman is reading a book in the library.

I'll see you two later.

Charles lived a life of debauchery when he was young.

The warrior has died for you, my sweet princess.


I'm starting to understand why you didn't want to come here.

Don't let the fire burn out.

Thanks for reading my message.

Shoes are stiff when they are new.

We've missed the boat.