Let this be an example to you.


How's your chest?

You can eat very well there.

The movie is now showing at a theater near you.

I don't know who Scott is.

I often have nightmares.

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She never stays long.

I've learned a lot from you.

We're close friends.

All of my kids want to learn French.

It was all our faults.

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I don't hear any voices.

Sedovic is going to be mad.

Spacewalkers must wear pressurized spacesuits in order to work in space. These suits have pressures significantly lower than the ambient cabin pressure of a spacecraft.


They accused me of being a liar.


Without a doubt he'll come.

I know for a fact Torsten had nothing to do with this.

You have a sense of humour. I like that.

He needs answers.

She always cries when he is drunk.

Do you want to give up?

We can't just sit here without doing anything.


I want to see them in an hour.

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Bring him along.

She teaches us English.

I couldn't make myself heard in the noisy class.

My mother happened to be there when the fire broke out.

We're quite certain of that.


I told you before not to do that.

Now I've seen everything.

A tenancy agreement is a legally binding document between a landlord and their tenant.

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She was a woman with a nice voice, interesting, full of ardour, but a little tipsy.

The apple trees bloom in the spring.

All of us want to live as long as possible.

Empty places produce the best echoes.

I thought you were planning to be here early.

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Dan didn't want to believe that Linda did that.

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She felt the same way as I did.

I need to make sure Honzo gets paid.

Curt didn't get to school in time.


We need to teach children how to defend themselves.

I shall endeavor to enliven morality with wit, and to temper wit with morality.

I'd like to enroll you as a member of our club.

I'm not going to make you do anything.

Zombies are bad.

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His name is Pekka.

It is likely to rain soon.

Put yourself in my position.

It has kept raining all day.

A nice day, isn't it? Why not go out for a walk?

Where on earth did you get it?

For one thing, Colin doesn't know the language.


I've passed every test so far.

In fall they go back to school.

She went to the cinema with him.

Do you think Rand trusts us?

I found out where Prakash used to live.

I thought Shamim would stop by.

I've got nowhere left to hide.

Andries considered Johan's request.

Craft must have clothes, but truth loves to go naked.


Lisa almost never gets to school on time.

Knapper is the one who was here last week.

Don't you want to stay here with us?

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You didn't deserve that.

I don't use birth control.

She turned down his invitation.

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Do I know you?

He has to go to England in the summer.

It's not over yet.


As I'm sensitive to heat, I can't live comfortably without air-conditioning in summer.


You really married that whore.


Herbert sat back and smiled.

Who did you tell?

The fact that he was a great statesman cannot be denied.


He's got a headache.


The major result from recent investigations of Emmet's theory has been that it can be applied to biochemistry as well.

In accepting the money, he lost the respect of the people.

Who is this Butler you always talk about?

I couldn't kill Boyce.

I like to go swimming in the sea.


Roberta knew who I was.

Maybe that won't be necessary.

To lose faith in God is to lose your guide.

Why aren't you home yet?

I followed Tracy back to his camp.

He was tired, but he kept working.

That is in my recollections.


You shouldn't lend Kate any money.

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You could at least say "thank you".


From time to time the lightning flashed, and the dull thunder is heard.

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Shake the bottle before using.

Jiri didn't invite me to his birthday party.

We can't get close to the enemy.

Forty-eight sailors are aboard.

The little girl has a doll in her hands.

If there was just 1,000 yen more, he would have taken 10,000 yen in total.

Watch out for his latest movie which comes out next month.


We debated the problem.


We can't help Guillermo with that.

I am Jack.

Either she goes, or I go!


How do you prove that?


Emma packed a lunch for Jin to take to school.


I saw her take your keys.

Don't keep bad company.

A guy I met in my physics class made a didgeridoo out of PVC pipe.

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What's that noise?

Do you want to see some magic?

I want exactly what you want.

You like beans, don't you?

I'm totally serious.

As Anne raced down the field, the crowd shouted, "Go, Joubert! Go!"

Ironically it is war that has brought a great many useful inventions into being.

We got up early and set about cleaning our house.

I was asked to identify the body.

Why don't you actually consider your situation instead of just chancing it?

I know you hate school.

You should ask a doctor.

How much do the transmission rights come to?

I hope you won't be too disappointed.

It is a great honor for me to meet you.


You should've seen the fire.


The fact seemed to irritate her husband.


Run for your life!

Why don't you go to Malta?

Do you know how to use a word processor?

Please tell him to leave.

Christian made enough soup to serve twenty people.


Have you been told when you are expected to be here?


Edwin is no longer interested in buying your car.


I didn't tell him.

Hey, don't blame me. I'm just the messenger.

I'll be busy all next week.

I think that's unacceptable.

Nou is definitely not happy to be there.

I don't eat the core of an apple.

Don't abandon me!

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Paradoxically, the President of Turkey is the de jure head of state but has no legal role in government.

Don't you love cats?

Will you remind me to post these letters?


Eli is the captain.

I began to sing when I was a youngster.

Alvin says that he's tired.

He was kind enough to show me the way to the station.

Actually, and I need to keep this quiet, but recently here there's a rumour that young women on this beach are having photos taken in secret of them.


I'm not bothered.

Chuck wears a headscarf.

Save your strength.

Margaret fell asleep on the bus and missed his stop.

Yoshkar-Ola is a Mari city, you're shining with your glory.


We met at two in the afternoon.

I ran home.

Into the fog!


We're going to have good weather for awhile.