Tea was introduced from China.

Dan is Linda's childhood love.

I am no more happy than you are.

He inherited some hectares of land from his grandfather.


You'll have a hard time.

Knute intends to go, rain or shine.

I will.

I don't work during the week, just weekends.

Many forms of life are disappearing.

Everybody laughed except us.

My government continues to treat dissent as defection.

Promise me you won't be late.

Do you want me to do it again?

I want to learn Japanese.

You should consult her.

You'd better avoid discussion of religion and politics.

Your boundaries don't confine me.

When are you moving into your new house?

Whatever you do, don't smile.

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"The two of you need to take the basket of apples over to your grandfather," the mother said. "You will grab it from one side, and you - from the other. And that's how you'll set out."


He slept in the car.

I finished first.

Here, have a drink.

Be sure to drop us a line as soon as you get to London.

What are you eyeing?


I intend him to help me with my homework.

We met with an unexpected difficulty.

I told Douglas to clean his room.

So the lute player stayed on in the palace and sang and played almost all day long to the king, who could never tire of listening and almost forgot to eat or drink or to torment people.

Cindie drew a line down the middle of the page.


Lindsay is sharp.


It was magnificent.

Don't teach monkeys how to climb.

I live on this planet.

I just came from my house.

"What were you like in high school?" "I was quiet but really good at chemistry."

I lived in France for some time.

There barely were children in the classroom.


He was critical of me.


Whales are classified as mammals.

Zebras and giraffes are found at a zoo.

She burnt a sheet of paper.


Can you meet him?

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I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately.

The people of the village built a wooden bridge across the river.

What a beautiful room!

Don't play baseball in the park.

We all have families.

We don't need to go there.

Those men are speaking French.


He smells the soup.

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I'm just saying it's possible.

It was mesmerizing.

Donald used up all his bullets.


Celia and Harmon are working on something together.


I don't think that Ernst will help us.

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Syun likes Boston.

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The sisters dueled with each other verbally.

You can buy it yourself.

There's no hot water left.

Izumi knows a man who lives in Boston.

I know the real reason for his absence.

The group was made up of six girls and four guys.

She has two sons; one of them is a doctor, and the other is a dentist.

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You've got to snap out of it.


I don't know what you are referring to.

Communism was the biggest issue in the campaign.

Maybe we should be quiet.

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Have you been listening to what Val is saying?


You are absolutely correct.

The woods are my home.

Glenn often cuts class.


Well, here we go.

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It's up to you to decide whether we'll go there or not.

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Seth cried as he read the letter he got from Darin.

Does Angela know he was adopted?

The Nissan Leaf is powered only by electricity.

Who brought him?

That's a fish.

My favourite word in German is the word 'Handschuhe'.

I have to do something while I still can.


Where's the rope?

Nagano beat Salt Lake City by 46 votes to 42.

I will show you that man can be reborn from his ashes.

It is an insult to her.

The chairperson has asked for questions.

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I can tell you if you promise not to tell anyone.

I hope to see you again some day.

I'd rather she sat next to me.

Get Nicolette away from here.

Smart shopping requires careful planning.


I'd like to go to college.

Every year, during the event, we sense a strange magical force.

He was awarded order.

You're psyched.

I want a martini with three olives.

Don pretended not to notice.

I was frightened at the sight.


We rarely agree on what to do.

Manuel blew his nose loudly during the oboe solo.

He is ashamed of having behaved so badly.

They are discussing the problem.

We can get many coals here.

I try to save 10% of my wages each month.

Recently I've stopped being afraid of "living in shame" and being exposed to "public ridicule".

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God knows what he was thinking.

Please don't be mad.

I can't tell you how stupid this makes me feel.

I really hate his dirty jokes.

Can you take me to them?

Deb hurried back into the house.

Shannon knows this will be difficult.

I can't imagine ever getting a divorce.

That man looks vaguely familiar.

Police stopped Dan's car and searched it.

One of the guests told me that they saw you kissing Alvin.

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I lost him among the crowd.

It is especially cold this morning.

For example, this is a pen.


Crush the ginger.


You're such a bad liar.

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I'd like to know who leaked the story to the papers.


I know little or nothing about it.

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He lives in this lonely place by himself.

Don't trouble him with trifles.

Now let us get down to a serious talk.

I'll do as you suggested.

The guy starts being on top of the girl and experiences his penis being soft.

I really want to go to the bring and buy and get something unique

He will leave by train at 6:30.

She continued to talk coolly.

Check your pockets.

They needed jobs and training.

Perhaps we can help.

Lloyd wanted to do everything the right way.

There are no direct flights to Bologna from here.

We don't want to cause a panic.

Don't tell me you don't know anything about that.

I have conflicting feelings about my childhood.

The Hoba iron meteorite is the largest single meteorite known. Its present weight is estimated at 66 tons.

The boy who is swimming is my younger brother.

They entered into conversation.

We caught them.

I'm glad that you want to support this project.


Pratap was really sad.

He told me that she was sick.

We lost our dog.

The union is striving for shorter working hours.

The ship went down to the bottom of the sea.


I let her catch me.

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Refresh yourself with a cup of tea.

How did you make it?

This area is devastated.

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She knew he was sad, but she couldn't pinpoint the reason why.

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Raanan complained that he had been treated unfairly.

That is not why I am here.

The kids fought each other, so that parents had to intervene.

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With winter coming on, they have to buy a lot of fuel.

I just hope Donna takes your advice.

If Buddhism is attractive, it is because it appears as a possibility of touching the infinite and obtaining happiness without having any concrete religious obligations. A spiritual auto-eroticism of some sort.