Dogs' faithfulness impresses us.

I always get up at six.

Do you want me to tell her?


I'll think about it.


Cristopher doesn't have a girlfriend.

How about two weeks from Thursday?

I don't think you should drive.

I just want you to think about it.

Takayuki approved of his wife's extra-marital affair.


This bottle is able to contain two liters of hot water.

I made pancakes for breakfast.

Could you make sure Rolf remembers to bring a swimsuit?

I'm not a native speaker.

I think Ninja really is a doctor.

It never occurred to me that someone would make up such a thing.

I'm not a junior high school student.

I'm disgusted by all this.

I'd like three of these.

I'll get them home safely.

Rainer will never know it was you who told me.

I think autumn is the most beautiful season of the year.

How long would all this take?

It wasn't my wife on the phone.

Thanks for last night.

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They put a network in place that covers the entire building.


That's the biggest elephant I've ever seen.

I could not persuade the Titans.

I had thought that it would be good if I had been able to meet her there.

The new year will begin.

Western thought is consistent.

He began to talk nonsense after a while.

I find it fascinating to compare Faroese and Norwegian.


It is regrettable that you did not start earlier.

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You're a great teacher!

I need a sincere girlfriend.

Can you shut the door on your way out?

If you don't want to get into a mess, don't say anything bad about Markus and Dorothy.

That man brushes his teeth.

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It's too bad that you're reacting like this.

Susan's cat likes the song "Eye Of The Tiger."

Ahmed's doctor referred him to a cardiologist.

The boy repeats everything we say like a parrot.

Paola left before I arrived.

I'll be in my office if you need me.

Today I met the most amazing girl.

I need to work.

Is this you?

Are you tired right now?

Three people have died.


We don't always do that.

We've done what we can for them.

You can't buy it anymore.

He embarked on his marriage with many hopes and fears.

No kidding, it might work.

Who is she?

You'll know soon enough.


We haven't actually tried it yet.

Should I help them?

How shameful!

As far as I'm concerned, they could do away with Christmas!

I'm surprised Mehrdad didn't show up at Leith's party.


I was shocked when I heard Spudboy's explanation for his action.


Is there a clock in either room?

It would be madness to do it.

I'm warmly greeting you on Tatoeba too.

It is nice of you to come and see me.

What was he thinking?


Ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer.

Was Mother Teresa a good woman?

That plane is so ugly.

He saw something behind a lot of old boxes.

He is above doing such a thing.

He's a real gentleman.

Even though he had made many mistakes, he didn't have any regrets.

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Barry was looking for the man who tried to break into his car.

You have good instincts.

We're having TV dinners tonight.


Study with us!

He fell asleep with the window open.

You've done so much already.


Is that still my room?

I have three years of experience.

Do you want to bring your family to Germany?

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When Chokichi thought listlessly about this winter, and the similar winter before and the one before that, he vividly experienced the fact that as people grow older, they gradually lose their happiness.

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She replied she had never met the man before.

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Kylo got up and moved towards the door.

I think Pontus did that intentionally.

I'll go get my car.

Where's all the money now?

I'll surprise her.


What serious contemplation are you in?

Mastering science is an ardent wish of our youth.

Here is your share of the cake.

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Although it was a popular movie, Out of Africa was more of a coffee-table movie than anything else.

I skinned one.

It's not something I'm very good at.

It really hit the spot.

The Murais have gone back to Japan?

Take a seat. You look tired.

After death my soul turns into nothing.


Nobody intends to erect a wall.

Those are serious accusations.

Try to think of something else.

There wasn't a soul.

He was well brought up.


She was stranded in the city.


The umpire gave him out.

We'll be right there.

You shouldn't pop your bubble gum in class.


If you don't go to school, then you won't learn anything.

I can't run as fast.

He quit school last week.

Go straight ahead along this street.

He's a shifty character and I don't trust him one bit.

Don't let your children become couch potatoes.

Do you have any idea where Norma might have put his camera?

He sat reading a magazine, with his wife knitting beside him.

We must be missing something.


Letter writing is becoming a lost art.

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I want to do this as quickly as I can.

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Toby is playing with his son.

Don't tell me if you don't want to.

Are you trying to get me mad?

No one can do it but you.

You don't understand me, Milner.

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Military pilots are trained to take more risks than civilian pilots.

Yesterday I read an article about acid rain.

I heard that you helped James find a job.


They have two cats.

He likes jazz, and so do I.

Young people tend to think so.

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Seemingly impossible things sometimes happen.


I haven't read either of his novels.


I'm glad you've come back.

She's in a bad mood.

In accepting the money, he lost the respect of the people.

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Claudio isn't sure why he's here.


Yes, she's at home.

It's 5:00 a.m. here in Brazil.

Sit down to put your boots on.


You're athletic.

I saw Sam's picture in the newspaper.

It's very cold today.


You know I didn't like you in the 6th grade.

Greece is bankrupt.

I hope I can be a valuable member of your team.

I bought flowers - roses, lilies, and so on.

Go up these stairs.

The nation ceased to exist.

He approached me after the lesson.

I caught them in the act.

Do you see my brother's lamb?

He is more a teacher than a scholar.

Mike acted as chairperson of the meeting.

At anytime an invitation you can't decline.

I'm a tourist.

Jack wants to speak with you.

I didn't understand what he wanted to tell me.


My brother wants to study abroad.

We will pester him with heaps of questions.

Mother put a bandage on Jim's cut.