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What the fuck did you write?


That girl's eyes are blue.

Have we made progress?

We talk about it all the time.

The post office is closed today.

You're not safe.

Steak is often accompanied by red wine.

I believe you have appendicitis.


We're very flexible.

You really shouldn't have.

Let me get my lawyer on the phone.

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I can't give Derek these.

If you ask me, Pravin is the one with the problem.

I like to play videogames, and you?


I thought it might be a possibility.

I noticed him sitting with his back against the wall.

She has enough willpower.

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There's no cure for baldness.

I don't really need this.

Good luck with that.

Is that fair enough?

The curtain wants cleaning.

I've never had problems like this before.

That's exactly what I'd say.

The plane flew away in the direction of Hong Kong.

This story is too complex for children.

I don't doubt you.

I'm lucky to have sincere friends.


In the Southern region, sales were up 47 percent.


A single incident can change your life.


We had a meal after noon.


I drove back there with the people, over the meadow into the grain.


That could be fun.


I have to go shopping; I'll be back in an hour.

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That's the only bad thing that happened today.

Tell her to leave.

It was all right here.

What's your cat's name?

Do you think we have any chance of winning?


We're going to finish this.

We can't do this by Friday.

Have you heard that a burglar broke into my neighbor's house?


He's not German, but Austrian.

She's the perfect girl for him.

Verily, a noob was pwn'd and he was pwn'd hard.


The deed is everything, the glory naught.

I'm kind of on the job.

Proverbs are still very popular in America.


Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy.

Sharada is a guest.

Wow, that's a big clock! Yes, it's a grandfather clock.


What do you think of Marian's new girlfriend?

A lot has happened since that time.

I probably won't read Fay's report.


Do you take credit cards?

The babies are taken care of by volunteers.

I'd heard you'd moved.

We have decided to leave our daughter to herself after she left school.

We look up to Lenora as our leader.

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I wish I could swim as far as he can.

How long has it been since you've had a girlfriend?

You suggested it yourself.

The rainbow is colorful.

You must not rely upon such a man.


Why is the car in front of us driving so slowly?


Tait is in worse trouble than I thought.

He made dreadful threats, so that neither by night nor day did sleep cover me.

It's boring to stay at home.

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All's well that ends well.


I am going to use what you hate against you.


Please save my place.

The heart and mystery of his philosophy was, to look upon the world as a gigantic practical joke; as something too absurd to be considered seriously, by any rational man.

Speak slowly.


I don't need your opinion.


They play soccer.

Life extension became more reliable as research in the biological fields expanded.

Ruth will know what you're talking about.

Sanjib couldn't help but listen.

Don't bring food inside the tent. It will attract animals.

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Now I am thirsty.


You got that right! This quiet little forest you chose to compose your doctorate is also the vacation home of a ruthless and power-hungry Satanist!


Is there anything you can do?


A captain is in charge of his ship and its crew.

The lamp went out, and all was black.

The result of the game is doubtful.

What else did you say to her?

Did you know Kyle used to be a professional baseball player?

Robbin arrived home to find that Barton had packed her things and left.

I stepped outside and was bathed in the harsh direct sunlight.


I heard that Ruth is learning how to drive.

No one showed up at Kari's party.

It wasn't there.


Jerry is an expert pilot with thousands of hours of flying time.

Make ten copies of that document and bring it to conference room number 1.

Since Chiro is a cat, he doesn't like lychee.


I don't know why that's important.


I can't live without you. You're the only woman for me.

Let's just go find her.

I don't like spiders and snakes.


It looks like Kuldip doesn't want to be here.

It is a matter for joy that young men's physique has very much improved.

There is a certain pleasure in pointing out other people's errors.

Judging from his expression, he's in a bad mood.

Except in special circumstances, anyone is allowed to enter the building.

The construction team will have to work through the night to finish the job on time.

Do you want me to help you or not?

The baseball game was called off on account of the rain.

Select the graft point after imagining how the branches will extend and fruit grow.


I must buy a new winter coat.

It could be a lot worse.

The bug is thirsty.


Their views vary on the subject.

I am thankful for technology.

Florian is my baby.


It's questionable.


He was beaten with an iron rod during a violent soccer match.

The baby started crying.

It is a very pragmatic culture.

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He is a scholar to the core.


Bees always buzz near the kitchen window.

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She took copious notes.

Andrew figured it out.

Dan accidentally set fire to the curtain.

You haven't changed a bit.

I saw the man get ganged up on.


Walking along the street, I hit on a solution to the problem.

I wish I could speak French better.

She tried several times but failed.


As he looked through the store window, Dima's eyes widened as they fell upon a gorgeous black suit, and then widened even more when he noticed the 3,000,000.99 BYR price tag.

He is not the kind of guy who gives in easily.

I was going to go to the United Arab Emirates.

It happens now and then.

You must be more careful about spelling and punctuation.


I haven't the foggiest why it is so.

Hillel has gone shopping.

How will you stop her?

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That's such a cute cat.

More and more people search methods of natural medicine.

You were never like him.


Rain or snow, out you go.

There's only one thing we can do now!

A people free to choose will always choose peace.


I'll be careful with the kids.


Although studying Chinese seems difficult, it's simpler than you think.


We've been doing business for years.


I feel like I can tell you anything.