You're a criminal.

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There is little hope of success.


Jwahar and Valerie fight with each other all the time.

They'll blame Gunter for everything.

Kerry wanted to get as far away from Laura as he could.

That isn't real.

May I call on you some day?


Is the only good light that of the moon?

Do I have to help them?

Since it was Sunday, the store was closed.


Alejandro likes anything sweet.


I phoned you twice last night, but your line was busy.

I didn't let Giles know that I knew how to speak French.

Grass doesn't grow faster if you shoot it.

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I was hoping you might have seen how it happened.


Your mother is worried about you.

Did you know that men who regularly take the birth control pill don't get pregnant?

Thanks God, you are fine.

You must go to work.

What will the weather be like tomorrow?

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I don't have to follow Arnold.


Hector wanted to protect his family.

Everyone gathered around them.

Why didn't someone help her?

Dorian asked me if I would be free next Monday afternoon.

Between the four of them, they picked up the load.

I was in a nightclub.

Nguyen pried open the door with a crowbar.


The shy pupil murmured his answer.

Clyde stole my money.

That troubles me least of all.

We're curious.

Thanks for the cookies. They were delicious.


Maureen grabbed the little boy and threatened to kill him.

Hey! Come here please!

We asked everybody the same question.


I've had enough to eat.

What are the basic rules for keeping a dog?

I know a store where you can buy that.

Carter already has a boyfriend.

The crazier, the better.


Allan is still a child.

There is a woman at the origin of all great achievements.

Futurologists have fun pondering about what is to come.

I heard that Maurice is going to eat dinner with us this evening.

I don't know what you expect me to do about it.

I am a lover of the beautiful.

Jerrie became a staunch conservative.


Ssi was telling the truth about you, wasn't he?

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I like yellow.


Meehan is coming with me to Boston.

Sooner begun, sooner done.

It is thirty years since we married.


Susie sometimes visits her father's office.

I was thinking I'd like to buy you a pair of earrings.

Did Mr. Davis come to Japan to teach English?

She won the lottery.

Did he succeed in the examination?

She didn't arrive at the party, but nobody knows why.

What else have you figured out?


I'm not happy about your results. That's what I wanted to tell you.

She competed in the Paralympic Games.

Who tried to kill you?

Why did you buy this car?

I'd love some help on this.

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"Hal, what are you doing?" "What does it look like I'm doing?"

The second language may be freely chosen.

When will you give me your answer?


The rain tapped against the window.

I just got a promotion.

I'd better call her first.

When did man start to use tools?

Lenny is the one who told me that Steen didn't like me.

I don't think he's a lawyer.

Socorrito looks a little distracted.


I was in charge.

We hired a boat by the hour in the park.

Jacques showed up early for class.

Sonja stared straight ahead.

You depend too much on others.

Does Christie have an appointment?

Nobody is free from care.

I hardly knew you in high school.

The gas price is going up.


Who's going to be next?

I wasn't looking at them.

I'm trying to be practical here.

I'm really attached to my mother.

She started crying and I started crying too.

I haven't seen them recently.

The uncut version of the DVD only included one extra scene.


I didn't hit Pedro.

She couldn't wait to see the look on his face.

I was half asleep.

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When she comes, we'll eat.

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The store is open from nine to six.

I can't leave you here.

This was not funny.


Vladislav asked Kolkka what she thought the problem was.

He wants to be a doctor in the future.

At your service.

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He was the strongest. He won the match.

There's a whole lot of shaking going on.

The insect ate the peach hollow.


Renu has mental problems.

Where were you working last year?

Norman was obviously disappointed.


Heat is rippling through my body.

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Warning: the lifeforms in this universe are surrounded by 10% dandruff. Would you like to set up a new one?


There are some spectacular things on that site.

We don't even like her.

You must see that the cakes do not burn.


I have a bad habit of biting my nails.

They heard gunfire.

He is wise in certain respects.


Stefan has as many servants as he needs.

I need a volunteer.

There's a very good chance that Srivatsan won't be at school tomorrow.

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Old people don't like new ideas; they like to think that the world has lost something, rather than improved, since they were young.

My neighbor's name is Tammy.

You have a habit of exaggerating everything.


School children have colds twice as often as adult.

I said stop.

Knute never listens.

He's his own boss.

They all say they're innocent.

Can you get this trash out of here?

I'm not avoiding you.


He is usually straightforward and sincere and thereby gains the confidence of those who meet him.

I tried to write him.

Sri and Derek never moved.

This gift is for my friend.

Let me hear from you now and again, will you?

That is the answer.

Charley didn't want to be interrupted.

My guess is that it will rain soon.

Which do you like better, physics or chemistry?


It'll be special.

Everyone was at the table eating dinner.

I hope you don't change your mind.


I'm seeing my old friend this evening.

The seventy disciples received the teaching of Confucius in the oral form, for words that satirize, criticize, praise, conceal, suppress, or ridicule cannot appear in writing.

Anatole was found strangled in his apartment.


My car is older than me.

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Our teacher told us what to read.


As the autumn gets closer, the nights become longer.


Is the dog in the yard?

I hear you're selling your car. What do you want for it?

My thoughts and prayers are with all those who were affected by this terrible tragedy.


Amarth seems to be absorbed in thought.

I'll be there Monday night.

I am guarded about my personal life. I will not have everyone running around saying I am in a relationship.

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I'd do anything for you.

Get your hands off me.

I came here to ask for your cooperation.