Meeting Shatter has changed my life.


At last, the younger of the dancing sisters, out of breath, and laughing gaily, threw herself upon a bench to rest.

Darrell's daughter is growing up rapidly.


You've helped me a lot.


There are twenty-two of us in all.

Brian got up from his stool.

I heard they offered you Shaw's job.

That was wrong.

The dam gave way and sent a great flush of water down the valley.

Put your coat on before you go out or you'll catch cold.

Vladislav said that she would reveal all of her employer's secrets if he did not raise her wage.

There are no more than six persons here.

I looked it up on the Internet.

The ship from New York will arrive before long.

Every colour has a meaning.

Donna ordered some pie and so did Mann.

The bridge is still under construction.

Claire tried to explain why it would be a waste of time.

Nicolas dedicated a script to me today.

I was very successful.

Don't forget to bring a camera.

Can you grab me some toilet paper?

It's a house just like that I have seen.


What's this about?

He asked a few pertinent questions.

Oskar often has nightmares.


How long has he lived in London?

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I like your attitude.

Next year will be exciting.

What is it about?

He called me a cab.

Edmund passed away last night.

This milk tastes odd.

I read the paper while eating.

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This is the school where she is teaching.

Dan was glad to hear that Linda no longer dated Matt.

I know who that is.

I like music better than sports.

Carl didn't get in the car.

My mother told me I needed to eat less candy.

This brush is made from camel hair.

Those filled the balloon with helium.

Don't you always do what's expected?

She went to the bus stop, and the bus took off.

Let's play a game.

You should assume that email messages aren't private.

I'm not a bird, though I'd like to be one.

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I want to help him carry the packages.

I think Subra got a raw deal.

I plan to go skiing in Hokkaido.

I'm ashamed of what I have to say, my lady, said Leuwen, but my duty as a gentleman forces me to say it.

What's that you have in your left hand?

We'll have to try it again.

Who do you think is going to do that?

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If you don't want to shit, don't bother your ass.

I don't know the Latin language.

You're not in her league.

He gives some meat to the dog.

He gave money to each of his sons.

What's the best way to punish a dog?

How old were these kids?

"What's your phone number?" "It's 1234-5678."

Jong said that he liked me.

I'm sure I can find something for you to wear.

Belief can move mountains.

Yes, but you do not have to stay to the end.

Who's had enough?

Nadeem was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was ten years old.

Boston is too cold for me, let alone Chicago.

We've got much bigger problems to deal with right now.

The minister is to visit Mexico next week.

There is a Buddhist Revival movement in India, which is heavily Hindu.

Computer supplies are very expensive in Japan.


I am on the side of democracy.

Turn down the radio.

A chain is made up of many links.

Get away from it all!

He's very proud of his custom motorcycle.

Why didn't Donovan come back?

I need an electrical outlet.

The weather was miserable yesterday.

Do I look like a sucker?


The novel had an initial print-run of 10,000.

Blake bought Alfred a camera.

The car that's in front of me is Karam's.

He's learning Chinese.

I told him I would help.

I can't force you to testify.

Malaclypse has a black belt in karate.

Musical talent usually blooms at an early age.

The doctor alerted him to the riskiness of the medicine.

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A fact is, essentially, irrefutable.

The chickens were scratching for food on the ground.

I'm sorry he committed suicide.


You're the only person I know besides me who likes to do that.

Mysore is between jobs.

Murthy has overstayed his visa.

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You'll never be able to find Mohammad.

I'm sure that Laurie will get the job.

The train leaves Tokyo Station at 7.


Most people around here usually eat their biggest meal of the day in the evening.

She will come back from school by six o'clock.

There's no such thing as black magic.

How much is this camera?

They made fun of Jack's haircut.

I'd like the sauce on the side.

The secret to life isn't to try and get what you want, but to be satisfied with what you get when you get something.


I can figure it out myself.

The researchers trained monkeys to play a video game.

They rushed out of the room.

I'm glad Claudia isn't here.

Duane and Sal, the famous celebrity couple, want to get divorced.

She said that she had been happy.

I want to go back to Pablo's.

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A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.

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We cannot touch on his private affairs.

Her words left him uneasy.

I'm disgusted with Krzysztof.


Her house is near the park.

Do you have one that is a little smaller?

It was a deep darkness.

Barry speaks English with a heavy French accent.

This towel is rough to the touch.

The news broke his heart.

He could not account for his foolish mistake.


There is no way to confirm that he is alive.

How much are oranges?

We can normally conceal our thoughts from others.

Courtney must've practiced very hard.

I hope Laurel understands.

I had my suitcase carried to my room.

He fired blanks.

You can put it there.

Catherine waited nearby.

How many bags did you have?

I thought you were joking.

As shown above, it is possible to obtain ample profit and customers with truly simple know-how that anyone can do!

Monica wasn't able to meet Hsuan.


List saw the rota but changed a time that she couldn't make.


I used to play here.

Anatole's schedule is insane.

Micky always makes me angry.

Saule, give the drum.

I didn't want Nathaniel to worry.

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What a fool I was!


All of my friends like her.

How did Anna get you to donate so much money?

As long as you finish eating your food, then you can play with your friends.

Did you see anything unusual lately?

I'll meet you outside.

I didn't want to catch a cold, so I didn't go out onto the street .

The young girl gave the guest a little flower.


This sentence doesn't exist.

Ross sent money to Wolf to help her pay for school expenses.

I think I can get Susan to help.

Is it a house centipede?

I'm going to the supermarket.

The boy is reading the his book.

I just don't believe you.

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Calvin said he wanted to take an afternoon nap.

He thought about everything.

I never actually studied French.


Can I have a glass of water, please?

He was far from robust.

We brought off the task.

Have you ever whistled?

Doing that wouldn't be a good idea.


Daryl says that he'll never come back here.

Shirley enlisted in the Army.

Can you manage those packages by yourself?

He emptied his pockets of their contents.

I have never smoked a cigarette in my life.