There's one for you and one for me.

When the phone rang, he sprang out of bed.

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I should never have thought they would take such a fancy to their teacher.


The station is 100 meters away.

That actually sounds intriguing.

She is lacking in sense of beauty.

Vladimir doesn't know much about pottery.

Narendra and Rafik have been best of friends for years.

We've received a lot of applications in answer to our advertisements.

I know almost nothing about you.

I never thought of coming to your place.

Drew has always had a big crush on you.

I won't have to do it again.

Olof will be waiting for us in the lobby at 2:30.

His advice is of no use.

He describes himself as a democratic socialist.

She's rather clueless.

I can't picture her playing the piano.

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It's nice of you to help me.

Alan stopped to look around.

Lorraine will be here in five minutes.

He plays baseball tomorrow.

Stanly didn't like Neal at first.

Mother closed her purse with a snap.

This avenue is wide but not very long.


Can we drive you home?

He's always complaining that he doesn't have time for anything.

I don't speak his language.


I left my card in the room.

Bill's been living in Japan so long. Don't you think it's time she adjusted to Japanese customs?

"Stop torturing me. What did he say?" "He said yes."

None of that actually happened.

Are you busy doing something?

Hy felt like getting drunk.

A look of surprise came over Maria's face.

What you said at the meeting made a lot of people angry.

We need to figure it out.

Sons of God, we are divine seeds. One day, we will be what our Father is.

Most Americans approved of what Coolidge did.

If I were invisible I wouldn't have to dress myself.

I'll miss you guys.

Keiko has a good figure.

Come, Emilia! Your father is waiting for you.

We want to do it now.

By the way, how many kids are going?

I'll be home in a little while.

There are over 800,000 Basque speakers in the world.

You had better supplement your diet with vitamins.

We're not expecting your help.

Long live the USSR!

Cary's French is perfect.

I saw something white in the park.

Van is able to swim well.

A Spanish song was playing in the supermarket where I went to buy fruits and vegetables yesterday.

This can't be happening.

Let's talk about your work this evening.

They waited.

Jimmy likes to party.

Bert slammed on the brakes.

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I cannot drink coffee without sugar.


The princess disguised herself as a page.

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I have a debt to pay.

I was dreaming about Jason.

John has a part-time job.

What's your aim in life?

I might ask him what happened.

There were a lot of people at the party.

Why is this website taking so long to load?

The prices go up after six o'clock.

I've got to go and get him.

The comic book that Tomoko lent me was not at all interesting.

Sarah has been asking for help.

He is more handsome than you think.

I'm going to turn them in.


Vivek is the little brother I never had.

You'll have to wait.

I've got longer legs than Hillary.

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Were you looking at her?

It'll just take a moment.

Nothing is as useful as a photocopier.

Latin was written without spaces between the letters, and entirely in uppercase.

I needed it.

There is a picture on the wall.

Scientists seem to have known the truth.

Don't ask me. Ask him.

He can rest.


Forgive me, please!

I'm related to him.

Jacobson is better at French than he is at English.

Could you please repeat that?

They sell us copper.

The Abe Cabinet is a coalition Cabinet where the Liberal Democratic Party and New Komei Party form the government.

Is it helping?

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We were just about to leave when it rained.

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How long ago did Jong move to Boston?

Conrad had a knife in his hand.

Kristen kept singing.


Is bigamy a crime in Australia?

We have to wait for Kemal.

Presidential candidate Obama's economics team seems to be made up of distinguished neoliberals.

Would you like some apricot jam?

I wanted to earn some money, so I worked part time three days a week.

John resisted the impulse to tell Vincent what an idiot she had been.

It's marvelous.


It's a quarter to two.

They tortured the prisoner first and then killed him.

He was appointed Minister of Finance.

I could smell the food long before entering the house.

I had the lunch.

The strong yen was advantageous to our company.

Is speaking in English hard?


Since the temperature has warmed, my coat has become an encumbrance.

It's in the garage.

We won't do that.


We believe in Buddhism.

The company's exports to India amounted to $100 million last year.

Ah ... okay, I was young, but what a stupid mistake!

I thought that you said it wasn't contagious.

Kenn had a problem opening the front door.

You can see me in the front row!

No. I went to Guam once on my honeymoon.

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Alexander has admitted his mistakes.


Strive to simplify everything.

I made an abstract of a book.

Judging from the look of the sky, we might have a shower before nightfall.

I feel dead tired.

It took us a long time to agree on where to pitch the tent.

He seems to have been in poor health when young.

Fred asked for a higher salary.

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I think you look fine.

Half-destroyed walls used to stand there.

You're one of the only people who knows where Bertrand is.


Have you ever visited your sister?

Could you explain why?

All right, what's this about?

Sometimes machines can make an unconscious person breathe for years.

There are twenty-two of us in all.

You shouldn't have to do that.

You've missed a button.

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My mother made me a Christmas cake.

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Be nice.

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She is making spare parts in a car factory.

Why is it that she looks so sad?

It is probable that she will come.

School is a waste of time.

Let's give him a minute.

I don't feel so hot today.

I don't like anything like hard work.


Fred grew up to be a surgeon.

Write in less than 50 words.

The fence was caught with the stolen goods.

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You have our total support, Terri.

If the hay caught fire, it would be a real disaster.

Why are you laughing? I'm trying to be serious here...

You are not to smoke here.

They're from Greece.

Cris's dog is a mutt.

Surya put the pencil down on the desk.

One of the piano strings is broken.

Mohammad asked me out on a date.

Does Phil like to swim?

As the poet says, a little learning is a dangerous thing.

What do you think of him?

Do you have the internet at home?

The fish can swim.

Vijay didn't know that Claire understood French.

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I think Morton hates waiting for me.


Polly was looking for something.

I thought you'd be alone.

I don't want to do this anymore.

Dale saw nothing.

I do what I'm told.