Why can't you just be honest about it?

I just feel a little inadequate.


Tricia certainly has had more than one job offer by now.

I don't talk to barking dogs.

I had to tell him about us.

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Let's try one.


I didn't know Neville was planning to go to Boston.

I'm proud that my father is a good cook.

There's been a lot of rain this year.

How long will it take to get in to ride?

The company has purchased a new computer system.

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Don't make noise while eating soup.

Are you doing something differently?

The event starts at 2am.

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Wood floats in water.

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This odor is obnoxious.


I could spend days in here.

School is over... for now.

After this, Miki was taken to the hospital.


The escaped prisoners are considered armed and dangerous.

Perhaps it doesn't matter.

It's completely my fault.

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Quantitative clinical data follow a wide range of distributions.


Don't let this discourage you from trying it again.


A summons has been issued.

It cost no less than fifty dollars to get home from the airport.

She came even though the weather was bad.


He often takes a defiant attitude toward us.

Look out for them.

Matt's dog is white.

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Why can't you just call her?

Oh, you have evidence disproving evolution? Gather your data, have it peer-reviewed, and receive your Nobel prize.

I dislike cruelty, even cruelty to other people, and should therefore like to see all cruel people exterminated.


Mars has two small natural satellites, Phobos and Deimos. They are highly irregular in shape and are believed to be asteroids captured by Mars' weak gravitational field.

Well, let's have a look.

He is known to the public.

Naim is talking with someone right now. Can you wait?

I don't need beds.

The simple perception of natural forms is a delight.

She startled him.

Good afternoon. You are our new neighbor, if I'm not mistaken?

I never travel alone.

He left his safe in my care.

Nobody visits her.

He is a little above himself.

Ole doesn't have to answer that.


Finally, I have time to reply to the mail that I have received these past three weeks.


The tolerance of ambiguities is necessary in learning a language.

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It has been said: doctors only need to help nature do its job.

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It looks like it's going to rain tomorrow.


Galen didn't tell me that you were a doctor.

Let's split the profits.

How many times did she call?

Rhonda says he doesn't want to live like this anymore.

May I use that?


What language do you usually speak at work?


The weather clearing up, he went out for a walk.

Put your best foot forward.

One must do one's best in everything.

I assure you that's not the case.

President Pierce finally agreed to sign it.

We took turns driving the car.

I am grateful to them.

The checked player must find a way for the king to escape and block the check.

You don't have to pay me anything.

Who's the gorgeous girl I saw wandering around in the mall with you?

When he was a student, he went to the disco only once.

Is there anything wrong?

That was a stupid thing to do.

The lion must've drug it down here.

Were you asleep?

The cat is chasing after the squirrel.

Who picked you for this job?

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It can't be that.


The bitch is biting her owner.

I'll see you then.

Hail and farewell, brother.

I was the only person in the whole theater that was alone.

You're gonna love this.

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I understand you!

I'm the one who bought a ticket for Joe.

"Hey! It's dangerous to run here." "Eh? ... A-a-Aaah!!" "Oh dear, what did I tell you?"

This morning I got up too late to have breakfast.

Elizabeth claims that Google Translator translates better than I do. This is a bold lie

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Have some lobster at any rate.


You're powerful.

I'm just used to dealing with stereotypes. They're part of life, after all.

The mayor's daughter has been kidnapped.


The soldiers were all supplied with a map of the place.

I tear my clothes when I work in the garden.

I'll take it outside.

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Everybody admired his courage.

I wish you'd do something for me, Saul.

This is a fowl.

I've located him.

How did you discover that?

Is that already cooked?

Get them to help you.

We have about nine students.

I am going to water the horse.

He went to the dentist.

Mahesh became quite upset.

I'm excited about this.

Tell them we're on our way.


Your computer just beeped again.

What did she do to her hair?

I don't think there's any point in discussing this.

Travis wants to be a lawyer.

The hearing were made off-limits to the press.

Is it any good?

I'm No's new partner.


There was a large audience in the concert hall.

I accept you for who you are.

Your daughter's very attractive.


Tell me why you didn't ask him.


I have no food in my house.

In the first paragraph, she describes the labels she was tagged with, which have a negative connotation.

The witch cursed the poor little girl.

I'm glad I'm done.

Life is like a zebra; white stripe, black stripe, and the ass at the end.

When did you start wearing contacts?

One thousand two hundred and fifty-six soldiers destroyed the fortress of Alamut.


Dimetry hopes it won't be cloudy tomorrow.

I hope that you will all be friends with me.

Nobody has ever climbed that mountain.

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The guy standing over there is Curtis.

I prefer thought to action, an idea to an event, reflection to activity.

Magnus has been writing a book.


I was utterly soaked by the downpour.

I can't believe I'm going to lose my job.

The teenager smashed the car into a tree while fleeing from the police.

The medical supplies were allocated to the victims of the disaster.

What can we do?

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It turned out all right.

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It was one of the best nights I've had.


Morally, we don't have the right to get mixed up in this business at all.

She's very proud of her abilities.

In Japan, even the whites who spoke Japanese fluently were not dealt with as Japanese.

I won the scholarship.

There is a bird in the sky.


Can you get me out of here?

Susumu and Trey watched a nature documentary.

Safety must come first.

Sherman is definitely up to something!

There are no buses and there isn't a sports centre.

He was deaf to all arguments.

He is in pajamas.


Do you travel?

I am a poor sailor, so I don't like to travel by boat.

I can't understand his obsession with hockey.

We've located them.

I smiled and waved at them.

If we do that, everything's going to be all right.

I heard them gasp.

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I have read every book on the shelf.

She seems to be fond of talking about herself.

Let's start right away.

Linley was hungry, so he asked Randy to cook something.

"G" is an upper-case character.