I don't want to share the hotel room with a stranger.

Would you look after my cat?

I lost your number.

Mark Halperin, a documentary film maker, said: "Outside of the U.S. Civil War and World War II but including the attacks of September 11, the election of Donald Trump may be the most cataclysmic event this country has ever seen."

Let's hope Clay doesn't write a book.


Jeanette would never give up.

The scene was a tiny mountain village in a remote section of West Virginia.

My license has been suspended.

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What time does class start for you tomorrow?


I have 13 cats.

Nora set me up on a date.

And yet the large blocks of stone are fitted together so closely that you cannot put in the point of a knife between them.

Do you have the shirt one size bigger?

I did the best I could to answer her questions.

Does Milo have green eyes?

If you fail, you can always ask for his help.

He spoke too quickly for the students.

What are Masanao and Vernon doing here?

I picked out a new hat at the store.

You could've told me about this earlier.

Everything you need is here.

It's been a long time since we last met.

Janice graduated from college in 2003.

History books write that after the Mongol invasion of Baghdad, many books were thrown into the Tigris River and therefore the colour of the river turned blue with the ink of books.

Don't make fun of her. She just chugged three bottles of beer.

We were only trying to help Ning.

I couldn't deny it.

That means sure death!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

It was still raining.

He gave me a thrashing.

I don't know whether Louis can speak French or not.

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle East.

He was walking with his shoulders squared.


Alexis hung his coat up in the closet.

She's out of position.

Diplomatic dialogue helped put an end to the conflict.

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That is quite possible.


I had to tear him away from his book.

What's happening tonight?

You must go to work.

Didn't anyone question you?

Grab on to something.

Alain tells me that it doesn't work, so I'm running tests to know if it works.

It's nearly six o'clock.

His prowess with women is legendary.

Education is one of the most essential aspects of life.

I told her I was OK.

Why do academics have a double life?


He lost his dog.


In England in the Middle Ages, whole towns played football on certain holidays, sometimes with as many as 500 players at one time.

Dan should be ashamed of what he told me.

Cheer up! Things are not as bad as you think.


I slapped him.


God, you're beautiful.

Not everything in this world is measured in money.

Dad will return in a few days.


I don't know how this could've happened.

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Do you know the name of the boy who's standing over there?


Floyd admitted he was nervous.


I'm glad I'm not Greg.


Who gave the order?

We have to win seven times in a row to win this tournament.

She dreamed of becoming a ballerina.

Be quiet for a second.

He spared no pains to help me.

If the quality of your product meets with our customer's approval, we will place regular orders.

We like him.

We are not always at home on Sundays.

I have no one to play with.

He will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

My birthday party is tomorrow.


My German friend is called Hans.

To burn always with this hard, gem-like flame, to maintain this ecstasy, is success in life.

What an awful band!


The story has come down through many years.


Vaughn hasn't slept in days.

"Honey, quick, quick. There's this website called Tatoeba that's auctioning its sentence collection for a cent each! They've even got special offers like buy 100 sentences and get 1 free!" "Ah great! now people collect sentences as a hobby?! What's the world coming to!"

That's the attitude.

I went to America last fall.

This is the first time I've worked as a coordinator, so I may not have the hang of it yet.


The obscene graffiti were removed by a city employee.


I don't plan to vote at the upcoming election.

Look, I don't want you to say anything.

He wasn't sleeping.

Do you have diabetes?

Juliet asked us what we thought Andrea wanted to do.

That's part of the fun.

Participants under the age of 16 require a parent's consent.

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Get out and have good clean fun once in a while.

She put her hands over her ears to shut out the noise.

We don't do body counts.

Who did Linda run away with?

We will soon take off.

The team shares the opinion of their captain.

Secret police moved among the crowd during the demonstration.

Fuck this, I'm done, spent way too much money.

You're coming with me.

Can't you get Hienz to stop?

Luke isn't married anymore.


Who can fix this mess?

Let me see your prescription.

What time does the next train going to Tokyo leave?

Ima is deaf and mute.

I offered to help her move.


To give a definition of word is more difficult than to give an illustration of its usage.


Andy lives near a beach, so he goes swimming almost every day in the summer.

I wish you could meet Thierry

It's good to talk things over before you buy something.


Bob was talking about the delicious food they had eaten on their trip.

The cabinet asked the army to send a disaster relief mission to Okinawa.

Jim couldn't answer the last question.


Elbrus is Europe's highest mountain.


I ran as fast as I could, but I missed the bus.

I am working on my new book.

I don't come here very often.

And feminism, what do you think about feminism?

You'll find it difficult to meet her.


I'll miss Graham, too.

It's a holiday, everybody's on leave and I'm the only one in the office.

Doesn't it sometimes just get to you?

Let's go and surprise her.

Lester isn't too bright.

The most beautiful things are the most useless ones, for example, peacocks and lilies.

When we were on the brink of starvation, they saved our lives.


But somehow, he managed to stagger to the doors.

I thought you'd already been compensated for that.

They've been caught.

Languages evolve over time.

Get everybody out.

"Thanks, guys." "Don't mention it."

Is that all right with you?

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Are you for or against the proposal?

A good idea occurred to me then.

I haven't told Albert anything yet.

Dry your tears, my child.

No man is without his faults.

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Tell me why you didn't do what I asked you to do.

Want to hear the most annoying sound ever?

Tell me your life story.

A frog came out of the water.

Laurie was completely exhausted.

It is obvious that his condition has not worsened.

If I'm to become a regular, I have to work twice as hard as the rest.


Shane is blushing.

A doctor tried to remove the bullet from his back.

I hear you know how to speak French.


It was your idea, wasn't it?

They won't find us here.

She will pay up to fifty dollars.

The one who finds it may keep it.

Cornelius Gurlitt had hidden 1400 works of art stolen by the Nazis in his apartment.


Beginners for eternity, stay on the sidelines.

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We study Chinese.

I entered my daughter in a girl's school.

What percentage of marriages end in divorce?

You are supposed to introduce yourselves in turn.

You may not be in the mood to hear this now, but I need to tell you something important.


When I turned the screw, water burst out.


In March 1999, Marcy and Butler announced the detection of the first true other "solar system" in which they found evidence of 3 planets orbiting a single star. The star is called Upsilon Andromedae.


Can you help out?