He says he will come at once.

Frances likes to tell dirty jokes.

That's my idea.

I am the happiest person on Earth!

Leon says he can stay here two or three nights.

She asked me a question.

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Before deciding, I would like to consult with my family.


Miek looked up.

Edith knows Kusum is right.

Why wouldn't Sarah be happy?

A friend of mine showed me all the dolls he had bought abroad.

Ami still has no idea what's going on.

She was fully guaranteed her liberty.

Matti was afraid of hurting Casper's feelings.

Susanne wants to talk to me later at the bar.

There seems to be no one waiting for us.

I have tickets to sell.

I wish you'd do something for me, Kusum.

You're going to speak Ancient Greek fluently!

Hamilton died the next day.


I just got a beautiful bunch of flowers from one of my clients.

We all know this.

I don't know if I can do this anymore.

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She wanted to hug the tree.

I want to avoid unnecessary risks.

However late you may be, be sure to wake me.

We have to go back for him.

Jacob didn't come back until 2:30.

Would you like to be famous?

Dan made a grizzly discovery.

How do you get rid of moles in the garden?

The nappy smells very dirty.

I am glad to hear that we were not seriously hurt.

I was banking on him to help me.

I don't think Sanford heard you.

I'm sure of his success.

We wish everyone a happy trip.

Rainer has always had a big crush on you.

Amanda said he didn't want a party on his birthday.

The walls are made from drywall.


After that, I didn't see him again.

Our plan has worked.

Sundaresan called while you were in the shower.


I'll stand you a dinner.

That's how I was brought up.

A doctor was called in right away.

Tahsin turned back to Emily.

How have you been, Carlos?

After Sri died, Greg found the house filled with a jumble of newspapers, children's toys and old holiday decorations. With stoic determination, Irving began to unjumble the attic contents before she put the rest of the house in order.

Vincent van Gogh killed himself in 1890.

I can't eat this much food.

I watched a documentary.

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Can we get copies of this?


The police didn't think it was likely that Dewey had killed himself.

I knew him personally.

Why have I never heard of them?


Have you finished it?


I'd hoped to see them in Boston.


We don't have any bread left.

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My future is in your hands.

Why can't we tell her?

Please listen to us.

I'll lose everything.

We wondered what would happen after Hank showed up.

Do you drink?

Am I allowed to enter?

I'm a self-supporting student so I can't have that sort of high class thing.

I wonder if Shutoku can sing as well as Louiqa.


Forgive Win.

Please keep the windows open.

I was told you were the one who started this company.


I will get in touch with you.

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I contacted Boyd yesterday afternoon.

Tell Rodent everything.

Marilyn thought he could pull a fast one.


We need more than ten cases of beer for our party.

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The new car is hers.

Even if I wanted to, I could never explain what happened in there.

I remember the day I met her.

Elisabeth is very youthful, isn't he?

Jeremy said he had an important call to make.

Can the news be true?

I can't tell anyone.


How ever did you find it?

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He won her affection.


I'll stay at home tomorrow.


Let's not kid each other.

Harmon sat alone by the fire.

The long and the short of it is that I was fired.

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He became interested in mathematics.

Harry and Douglas were very tired.

I tell them everything.

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Bernard clearly isn't happy to be here.

Hey, do you know it's my birthday today?

If you watch past season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer without me, I'm going to kill you.

Some people sleep in their bathrobes.

Kristen spoke only French.

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"Remember your promise!" "Don't worry! I can keep a secret!"

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The beginning is half the whole.

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Stay positive.


Suzanne was wearing a sweater.

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There was so much noise that Professor Bayley couldn't make himself heard.

I think that I was followed by someone.

Perhaps you should go to bed.


Malcolm worked in Australia.

Lance never listens.

The company should give back something in return for this service.

Hildegarde, my wife and I sleep together two times a week.

He rapidly ascended to the top.


You should do that soon.

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I still want to marry her.

There was an explanation.

Sergio pulled the emergency brake.


The dog is barking at him.

What's for dinner tonight?

Calm down, said Nicholas who saw that I was agitated.

Mother is making him a cake.

Spyros has a picture of Sanjib in his wallet.

How is life treating you?

Who's wrong?

He was born in Nagasaki.

Although we don't have much money, I want to buy this painting.

I hate it when guys do that.

He ran into debt.


I don't think that's true.

Grab a broom and help us clean.

She's a musicologist.

A caged cricket eats just as much as a free cricket.

They were a bit embarrassed.

Mark didn't like living in Boston.

Knudsen has a long ponytail.

They explored every avenue in an attempt to avoid war.

I have to go shopping. I'll be back in an hour.


We have been assigned the large classroom.


It wasn't made of wood.

Gypsy was broke.

Something has to give.

Christian might arrive a couple of hours before Tricia does.

He works in the lab.


I think, due to its importance, coffee should have at least one capital letter.

Joseph broke his arm three weeks ago.

Jisheng is the guest of honor.

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I'm going to my room, because I can study there.

Women change the world.

Go and help wash up at the sink!


My dictionary doesn't have the word "Impossible".

If it has something to do with Kanthan, I'm interested.

He has had a long teaching career.


I was going to vote for Tim.


I'm ready for her now.


I work not so much for money as for the work itself.

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I have had a tough year.

Usually, when I watch movies, I eat popcorn and drink cola. But, next time, I'm going to eat candy.

Take a glance at the mirror.


Mr Brown is her father.

I should've known Bucky and Joyce would be together.

Jitendra helped Nigel in the kitchen.