Mr Wood loved Linda dearly.

How do you interpret these sentences?

Which table?

We're moving in the right direction.

Have they arrived yet?

How many ways can you say 'creative'?

Shakil is Lindsay's stepsister.

From 1859, Protestant missionaries from America started to arrive, and the Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches also became actively involved in missionary work.

No one likes him.


Wherever you go, you see a lot of bicycles left on sidewalks near stations.


Read this book at your leisure.

It looks like Rolfe doesn't want to be here.

We have to save her.

The UK uses more mobile data than any other country.

If it's OK, I'd like to sleep for a few hours.

How did you pull it off?

I'm going to go inside now.


Two men are trying to get a handle on what's wrong with the car.

Would you like to come with me?

How often a week do you take a bath?

Are you a Taoist?

He believes in life after death.

Have you found her?

Johann is livid.

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Dawson keeps his gun loaded.

Ssi was already dead.

You know who she is?


He's always involved in scams.

Are you a detective?

I have three sons.

That boy is his brother.

Are you rushing to finish the project?

Arnold asked us to trust him.

The circus has a wonderful collection of wild animals.

May I go to the restroom?

Work on the assignment in small groups.

When you hear hoofbeats behind you, don't expect to see a zebra.

Icarus tried to fly too high and flew too near to the sun. The wings of wax melted and Icarus fell to his death in the ocean.

Do you have a motorcycle?

It couldn't wait.

Ramon demanded his money back.

Po looks a lot like his brother.


We were caught in a shower on the way to school.

Show me what you're made of!

Her father is a brewer.

Do you blame us?

How can we ask for humans to respect nature, the planet and the animals if respect between them does not exist?

Many children enjoy eating peanut butter sandwiches.

This one's on us, Bertrand.

When he got the letter, he burned it without reading it.

A pre-dawn raid has netted a large stash of illegal steroids and several bags of cash.

How many cars do you have?

I went to the airport to bid my friend goodbye.

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I can get my own drink.

It is not my intent to hurt you in any way.

I've got to help him.

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You'd better call them up.

The pig's s tail is curly.

Who's going to believe Knudsen?


In Muslim countries, a girl seldom gets higher education.

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Did you hear the door open?

Because he was wealthy, he was able to go there.

You've been following me, haven't you?


Could you do me a small favor?

So he isn't new.

Could you do me a small service?


I can not keep it to myself, she is really beautiful.

The matter will be brought up at the next meeting.

I don't believe that was ever a possibility.

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Did the police arrest him?

The birds were not shy, but let the girls take them in their hands, and stroke their gold and silver feathers.

Is it hard to learn Greek?


I read it in some book.

We know him to be a brave man.

They're stalling.


He lived a long life.


They're a dime a dozen.

I glued the last piece of my collage with success.

I just love the way you look.


The small part of ignorance that we arrange and classify we give the name of knowledge.

Individuality is stressed in the Western world.

I had to deal with Louiqa.


And we are fully entitled to hope that within a few years our goal will have been fully attained. The international language will be an accomplished fact throughout the world and the beautiful millennial dream of mankind will have been realized.

I just had a talk with your lawyer.

I think your answer is accurate.

Please try to express the same with simpler words, so that our foreign colleagues can understand it better.

She keeps her diary in English.

How would you like to pay?

I was your student a few years ago.


I'm not home Sundays.

What makes you think the Middle East is more important than Aotearoa?

She writes often to her parents.

I didn't see anyone in the park except Jeremy.

Respect your parents. They pay for the internet.

A good idea suddenly struck her.

She always has a serious look on her face.

I visited him at intervals during my stay in Paris.

Griff was glad to see the squirrel begging for food in the garden again.


We've got to do this now.

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I knew you'd come back.

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Stacey and Tiefenthal discovered something amazing.


Somebody's got to talk to him.


Are you a strong believer in Maoism?

May all my dreams come true.

I am studying Persian.

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He robbed me of my purse.


I have several ideas.

Animals act in a better manner than wicked humans.

Josh gave Toerless the sword.


I am alive even though I am not giving any sign of life.

I'm sorry I don't agree with you on that matter.

A ruler helps one to draw a straight line.


Slartibartfast has already published three books.

The material is not toxic in itself.

My father became senior foreman at the plant.

I have rights.

Do you have a nickel?


Let's see if we can cancel our reservation.

Columbus claimed the Earth was round.

People said that he is insane.

No man lives in the building.

You've thwarted my plans for the last time!

Val realized Vicky was tired.

I opened that box.

Reid is looking for someone to blame.

Milner knew everything.

He must have been ill.

I can't tolerate this noise any longer.


I like the Kurdish language.

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What's your favorite hang-out?

We don't even know for sure that Hein was there.

There's no evidence to suggest that Tammy was the killer.

I'm pretty sure Ninja has been lying to me.

I'm supposed to be the one helping you.

I need money.

This is also important.

Take the pain reliever only when you need it.

We may not be able to catch up with them.

This is a public street, not a racetrack.

We went with him on that plan.

How early do you go to bed?

Markku was head over ears in love with Liisa.

I think we should pay Vadim more.

Is there a problem there?


The worse the better.

Have a cookie.

Kuldip wrote about his experience.

The worst solitude is to be destitute of sincere friendship.

Several party leaders met in private.


I call the computer Tim.


Joe accepted the job offer.

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I wonder if Christian can tell us anything else.

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Divers or frog people have an air container on their backs.

We can't change what has happened.

What made you ask me that?

Patricia now has a good reason to be happy.

He made little of his illness.

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I thought you'd be excited.

According to him, the president must not be turned into a caricature, the loss of authority and public order cannot be borne.

She asked me to help her with the work.

You live in an apartment.

I think you mentioned that last week.