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Welcome to My Club Life Coach, a platform providing resources, coaching and online courses for personal and professional development.
This is Club L.A., a personal and professional life coaching business.

Our online life coaching will give you an amplified view on life, work and what your future could hold. We work with people who want to find and live their most authentic, amazing and full life and those that are striving for work and start-up goals within that.

We focus on the perception, mindful and motivational skills you need to see the huge potential in not only yourself and whatever it is you set your mind to but also each and every day. We help you to make huge leaps towards your goals yet also feel contented during the journey.

Start to smile when your alarm clock goes off.

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Nothing Can Stop You Now. Sometimes Online Life Coaching is the ONLY Way To Make it Work.

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VIP Life Coaching Packages

The premier coaching package with offers guaranteed life or career changing results. A superb bespoke service designed for those who want profound change, answers or new possibilities in all areas of their life.  People, like you, who haven’t got time to waste on things that don’t work or deliver results.

This is a VIP Luxe coaching programme where you can choose the regularity of your sessions with one of our specialists who will provide a very personal and exclusive level of individual attention and motivation specifically tailored to your current needs. It is with on-going coaching that the real and sustainable change is achieved giving you the courage and confidence to relish all areas of your life and opportunities that will thereafter beckon.

Company directors, CEO’s, senior partners, business owners, career executives, top actors, artists or performers, the disillusioned retired or those wanting a life less ordinary – this is designed for you.


Golden Key Packages

If you are seeking the golden key to unlock your personal and professional potential then this is the package for you. This is a programme for those who wish to invest in themselves and their future career or business prospects.
If you choose to be a Golden Key holder you will also see an immense improvement in all areas of your life from career or business elevation to health and well being.  As your highly effective on-going coaching enfolds expect to see a rise in confidence and a newfound clarity to go for your vision. It will seem that life has never felt so good and full of possibility.

You can expect total commitment from our expert life coaches who will be on hand to provide wrap-around support, motivation and inspiration tailored to your specific needs.  You will benefit from the effects of regular coaching sessions to keep you on track, focused, accountable and creating real and sustainable change.

Company directors, CEO’s, senior partners, business owners, corporate career executives, top actors, artists or performers, the disillusioned retired or those wanting a life less ordinary – this is designed for you.

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Fast Track Coaching

A 3 month investment will suit you if you are time poor and want to kick start some new possibilities in life.  It may be a career or business overhaul, a time to devote to writing “that” book or preparing for a new chapter in your relationships, health or fitness.

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Telephone Teleport Me Package

This is a 3 month package of telephone only coaching. We have clients in Switzerland, Kabul, Perth, Hong Kong, New York and Barcelona – this suits our international clients as well as people across the UK too.

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