Klaus loved Sanford, but she didn't love him back.

Ragnar didn't seem to be interested in what was going on.

That's the worst thing that could possibly happen.

It was awfully funny.

They pretended that they didn't hear me.


You probably think I'm stupid.

Tricia sold Lorraine his car.

Pontus was talking about the delicious food they had eaten on their trip.

How the hell did that happen?

Don't tell Rakhal what I've just told you.

The movie's ending was quite the scene!

Well, from time to time.

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Dan was released from solitary confinement after spending a month in the dark.

Laurent has just been arrested.

Why are you talking to her?

Benefits of course should exceed the costs.

Were it not for the fact that he is a billionaire, she would never marry him.

I went ahead and ate your dinner since you weren't here.

Can I count on you for that?

I don't intend to be selfish.

I'm sorry I misunderstood you.

We're in serious trouble.

I can live without it.

I'll be there at five p.m.

Those colors clash.

I'm going to take early retirement.

What will you do with the body, my lord?


He was bowled over by her enthusiasm.

Did you watch this movie?

Isaac couldn't sleep well last night because it was noisy outside his room.


Matthias has told me good things about you.

We insisted on its importance.

She couldn't make the admission that she had broken her father's watch.

He has a nose bleed.

I don't know how we're going to pay for everything.

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I don't keep secrets from you.

What was Huey called?

She joined a group.

Do I smell bacon?

Today's play really moved me.


I don't know why you did it.


I stood aside to let them pass.

Charge it to my account.

I want to leave.

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We have the ability to memorize information.

Leung is fair game.

Real doesn't want to do anything but swim.


The salt, if you please.

None of the cars is mine.

Where did you get those old coins?

I wonder what raccoons eat.

They sell meat at that store.

Under the cloak of anonymity cowards are acting as big-mouth.

It's obvious Roland is waiting for someone.

Seal the room.

The house was in good order when we left.

The electric things have their life too. Paltry as those lives are.

My father is very particular about food.

The whole village was dark and deserted. The stores were closed, the doors, the windows. In the streets, not even a dog could be seen. It seemed the Village of the Dead.

The United States cannot win a war against a big and strong country. It can only annihilate a weak and relatively small country like Serbia or Iraq. It can also win a war in less than 24 hours against a tiny island like Grenada.

What do you think about Knut's problem?

This is a sociological study on abortion.

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I'm irreplaceable.

I've never needed a friend more than I do right now.

I see you made a good impression.

Making you happy makes me happy.

Christina died to save your life.

I'm pretty sure Gene is telling the truth.

I stuck one.


Do you think Thuan will show up?


I'm a translator.


Stuart is a big spender when it comes to money.

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I'm sorry to disappoint you.

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The city is surrounded by a wall.


Would you mind if I had a smoke?

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This treaty ensures peace.

I finally have enough money to buy the kind of car I've always wanted.

This is what we're up against.


I just want to feel something.


Three of the wounded for whom it is currently unclear what are their condition, are evacuated to an American field hospital.

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Tait looked like he wasn't enjoying himself.

This is better than nothing.

Close the fucking door!

We have an image to protect.

Is your religion relevant throughout the whole Solar System?

You're a little liar.

I want to get as far away from here as I can.

It happend completely by accident.

Do you have a fever? You look flushed.

I didn't tell Manavendra what he wanted to know.

She sympathized with those unfortunate people.

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I don't know much about it.

I saw him go into the toilet a few minutes ago.

After dinner, eaten, let it be confessed, with more haste and less accompaniment of talk than usual, the parlor doors were opened, and there stood the Christmas tree in a glow of light, its wonderful branches laden with all manner of strange fruits.

My sister is old enough to go to a workout studio by herself.

I want to be what you want me to be.

Dan did it with care but with ease.

Leave them there.

We tricked them.

I don't intend to explain anything.

Nanda turned herself into a raven and flew away.

It's hardly surprising.

We lost our electricity because of the storm.

It's not a fake.

Fletcher didn't have enough money to pay the bill.

Eduardo is looking for an easy way to lose weight.


Into this broad category fall companies that run money lending and insurance businesses.


Existence is reflected in consciousness.

Is it good news?

Are you going to tell them who you are?

Have you forgotten everything we've done for you?

If I were you, I'd try to get there early.

Leads has been helping out on weekdays while I'm at work.

Leigh became famous very quickly.


It rained hard the whole day.

There's something lying on the ground.

Are you sure you can do that by yourself?


Yes, of course.

Do you want to give it a go?

We're sorry. The number you have dialed is currently unavailable.

My parents keep arguing about stupid things. It's so annoying!

I said nothing, which made him more furious.

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Lars seems to have had a very hard time.

Jeanne and Hillary went to the water park.

Lar may have talked to Vidhyanath this afternoon.

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Panos had no intention of waiting that long.

She bought him a car.

Victoria took Ken to a fortune teller.

Raghu instantly fell in love with Juliane.

Look at this image.

The surprise party for Laura is not tonight, but tomorrow night.

Reject all its lies and vulgarity.

Having fun keeps you young.

I thought it was a good idea.

I don't think you understand what this means.

I ran into Van yesterday.

Vicky had a girlfriend named Sir.

I know someone who can play the bassoon.

And who would not act the same way?

What's your favorite holiday activity?


The news took him by surprise.

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Lorraine likes lobster.

Wolf's conscious.

I haven't slept in two days.

He prefers French to German.

That's an improvement.

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I'm waiting for his telephone call.


Wish I had friends so that I'd be happy.


We tried our best to help them.

Mick's older than me.

Ask again later.

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Elijah has a plan for everything.


We have to be there on time, so don't stand me up tomorrow!

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Having indigestion after eating some fillet while working isn't one of the best things to do.


Can you do that? I think so.

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Many people believe that Yvonne and Ronni are secretly in love with each other.

I washed my feet.

Is she equal to a long journey?


And spent that day with Him.

Teri got himself another beer.

I'll introduce you to Pablo if you want me to.