I truly believe that.

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What are you dreaming with your mouth open?

I ate pizza every day last week.

He thanked her for her kind help.

Japanese cultured pearls have come to monopolise as much as 60% of the world pearl market.

I think we can do it.


Monica's paper lacks any citations.

He scares easily.

This is a television.


About face!

I enjoy doing things with Richard.

I'll stay until tomorrow.

He is an industrious student.

Silence reigned in the forest.

You don't sound like him.

Bring it on, Jinchao.

We bought some bread.

The localization team was made up of volunteers.

Let's stay in tonight.

Where is the information counter?

Give it back!

Forest conservation is an important issue all over the world.


Can you tell me where your room is?

I am an astrologer.

I'm not used to having people question my judgment.

Florian was a good man. He didn't deserve to die.

We hope we will make our home full of love and happiness.

I was going to get the analyses.

My brother is living in Boston.

On the whole, the result was unsatisfactory.

Bea needs to get to the hospital right away.

The eggs in this case are fresher than those in the other case.

There also was another reason.


It's a complicated world.


Do you spend a lot of time with your friends?


We have to obey the rules.

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The noise is getting louder and louder.

Which European city do you like the most?

This wasn't Alfred's idea.


Edmond really is stupid, isn't he?


I can't control Raul.


Jeanne seems to have changed his mind about staying.

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I know that's not what you want.

Fiona's letters were becoming less and less frequent.

The great work has been performed

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There is considerable optimism that the economy will improve.

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Do you enjoy plays, films, and such?

This word is difficult to translate.

The vision of the "new German Man" is in the limelight.

Get out of my car.

John has big feet.


It's warmer.

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None of my classmates live near here.


It is aptly said that necessity is the mother of invention.

The president was nice, and replied to my letter.

Dan's guilt could not be proved without the murder weapon.

How do you stay so calm?

We've had such good weather lately.

I often find myself falling for jokers, regardless of their looks.

The movie industry became a big business.

Thai is an interesting language.

I can't afford to buy a new bike, so I'll have to manage with this old one.


It was peaceful.

Sergiu told Tolerant that everybody except John had already arrived.

Marcos is the one who woke me up.

That house appears deserted.

You think that I'm wasting my time with him.

If you want, you can easily do it.

He acquainted himself with his job.

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Bertrand looked disappointed.

I hope that my car doesn't break down, and that I arrive at yours on time.

You'll have to take his place in case he can't come.

I'm calling from a cell phone.

I'm afraid we're wasting our time.

That's just what I'm going to do.

Margaret isn't allowed to do just anything he wants.

We should check the spread of the disease.

Marian has put on a lot of weight recently.

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The trash can was empty.

Michiel said he didn't plan on going with us.

Dan made it back to London.

I want to be famous.

I have to go home and do my homework.


See you in hell!

Did you know Mats used to be a professional baseball player?

It's a mistake.

When did you start dating?

I promised him I'd go to the show with him tomorrow.

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I am as tall as he.

There's nowhere for her to go.

I refuse to go.

He was more than happy to do it.

Tens of male and female students were drawing a lone - completely nude - male model standing on a platform.

He doesn't want to get out of bed.

This afternoon we'll have an interview.


If you think that he's experienced enough with that, I'll hire him.


He availed himself of the first chance to visit America.

He missed the train by one minute.

Danielle stood frozen.

Old took it.

I would rather have tea than coffee.


What did the businessman say when he invented the zip-fastener?


Suppose you wait till tomorrow?

Siegurd just missed the train.

You are a student.

Each time I went to see him, I found him at work.

It's clear to everybody.

Stay as long as you need to.

I wanted to hurt you.


That'll cost thirty euros.

I can't meet you.

We'll see what happens.

We came very close to succeeding.

When did your younger sister start learning English?


As far as I am concerned, that is the same, if not worse.


I spent all day cleaning my room.

"This is cheaper than a new hat", Susan answered.

She drinks non-alcoholic beer almost every day because beer is her favorite drink, but she doesn't want to drink alcohol every day.

Do you like the white wine?

Hui unwrapped the gift carefully.

Learn diligently and you will succeed.

We'll see how much Darren knows.

What was the most memorable day of your life?

He saw in her eyes that she still loved him and hope arose inside him.

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In the autumn, after Cambridge, the executive body of the "Delegation for selecting an international language" met in Paris.

I'm going to go get them now.

You're ruined.

I'm dreadfully sorry.

That man is not a professor, he is a doctor.

I want to go faster.

You never told me you could speak French.

Sehyo kicked the wooden box.

You just sat there and did nothing.


Here, let me try.

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I mortgaged my farm to him for ten million yen.

People buy things they don't need.

This factory produces 500 automobiles a day.

That cloud looks like a rabbit to me.

How far is it to New York?


Ima was accused of the sexual harassment of his female colleagues.

We'll soon find out.

We have made an effort to quote our most competitive price.

On February 14th, Americans celebrate Valentine's Day.

"What would your mother think?" "She's never going to find out."


He that knows little often repeats it.

He was bedazzled by her beauty.

What do you want to buy for him?

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Every farmer who owns a donkey beats it.


I would hope that my teachers were eager to work.

Takao sent Ian some money.

I don't doubt that he's done it.

It is no use getting angry at him.

They couldn't understand each other.

I don't have sugar with my coffee.

The green water is not suitable for drinking.

Do you think it's safe for me to go outside now?

Brandi didn't mention anything about it to me.


I am giving him a bracelet for his birthday.


Take this medicine every four hours.


What do we owe him?