This is a fine car, but the steering wheel has too much play.

You must eat something.


I didn't know you were expecting anyone.

You're sleepy.

Wasn't that enough for you?

What's their connection to him?

Naren and I have the same problem.

The two systems are based on radically different principles.

Ronni is looking forward to Christmas.

I still have three months till I get out of prison.

There are three trees in the yard.

These teacups make a pair.

She entered her twenties.

Yay! I'm happy that it's an apple that I'm eating!

Izzy kissed a girl and danced with her all night.

I was warned.

All you have to do is ask.

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I think about you every time I brush my teeth.

You aren't like the other kids.

We've got to hide.

I take it you haven't heard about what happened.

It won't take so long.

The cake is ready to eat.

A common way to finance a budget deficit is to issue bonds.

I just talked to them.

It is stupid of you to lend him your money.

Our trip is dependent on the weather.

Cave diving is very dangerous.


First love is a kind of vaccination which saves a man from catching the complaint the second time.

She tried it herself.

Due to unavoidable circumstances this summer I can't stay in my holiday cottage.


The earth is smaller than the sun.

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He was famous during his long life and his work was very popular.

I was the only child to enroll in college.

Sean is rich, so money isn't really a problem.

I can't count on you.

John is still officially in charge.

Bobby is a bellfounder.

Aren't you being a little presumptuous?

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He can't even float let alone swim.

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It's been very cold, so the lake is frozen.


Minute particles are hardly visible to the naked eye.

You yourself need to learn how to drive a car.

Sekar talked Ragnar into inviting John to the party.

Note that you have an extra space between these two words.

I'll go tell her we're ready.


She won't be missed.

Spudboy, are you all set?

I agree with you that we need more women in this company.


Nadeem made that quite clear.

Jin can eat anything he wants.

Jarvis stretched out on the grass and fell asleep.

Where's the up-escalator?

This word is difficult to translate.

We flew from New York to St. Louis by way of Chicago.

Larry ransacked Jared's house.

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Those present were so kind.


Do you find me unattractive?

We don't know whether he can come or not.

I don't like what they call a man of character.


I'm a good driver.

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I'm certain we can deliver the laboratory equipment by March 15th.

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The act known as terrorism, that rips away from us in an instant our peaceful days of happiness, is certainly worthy of being called an enemy to all mankind.

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I don't know how I did it.


Why don't you like us?


Many bees died during the winter.

I didn't really know what to do.

I persuaded my mother to lend me her car.

Whenever I hear that song, I think of a certain girl.

She said that I should come home soon.

The old woman was nearly run over.

I don't know how I did it. The important thing is that I did it.


Why don't you leave me alone?

Genocides of the twentieth century killed more people than all the wars.

I called to apologize for not being able to come.


Pablo's wife told me he wasn't at home.

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Glen was in here the whole time.

I think a god's name has got to be out. From the moment the kid's named you know he's not going to be able to live up to it!

Becky has a point.

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To drive a car, you have to get a driver license.

She thought of London as her new home.

Stop wasting your breath.


Rajiv is nearly three hours late.

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Who wants to join the special forces?

The room was packed with people.

The heavy rain compelled us to put off our departure.

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She keeps a lover in the palace.


He came across a wolf.

They had games, made good friends, and enjoyed themselves very much.

I prefer coffee to milk.

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When did you last see them?


Would you care for another sandwich?


Let them talk first.

Shuvra did his best, but he failed anyway.

I buried it.

Dani knew something bad had happened.

Matthew attempted to make amends with Ellen.

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I hate Julian for many reasons.

I'd have helped you if you'd asked.

Daryl is difficult to get along with.

What do you think that meant?

Take off your coat and make yourself at home.

You'll soon get accustomed to your new college life.

Never have I dreamt of marrying you.

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Vernon and I bought our plane tickets three months in advance.


I'd like to meet his father.

I can't do this without your help.

Have they found out what happened to that airplane?


Miltos is very practical.


He didn't half swear.

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You'll help, won't you?


Fat people generally sweat a lot.

I live in Osaka.

I have made a prize mistake.

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Oleg is happy that someone loves him.


He has given out.

It all came to nothing.

Naomi wanted revenge for the death of Vick.

We understand that he is for the plan.

I'd like to spend a few days with Naim.

We can't do anything about that.

As soon as she got on the train, it pulled out of the station.

Yes, we conspired to murder the king and steal his rightful throne.

Let's go over there; it'll be easier for us to talk.

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Shall we rest a bit?

They became famous after the accident.

It's obvious that Jun lied.

I will pay the money to you.

Don't be such a pig! Leave some for everyone else.

My brother had his pocket picked in the train.

C# is similar to Java.


I can't go yet.


No one disagreed with Izumi.

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After getting downsized he started off on a clean slate and started a business working out of a home office.

Which present shall I take to the party?

He got his doctorate.

Someone help me, please.

Duke joined a fraternity.

I guess a kiss is out of the question.

I don't believe they would do that.

I don't want to fail the test.

He said that he had no idea that his partner was a corrupt cop.

He asked me two questions.

Can he be ill when he runs around like that?


Yuck, that smells like shit!

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I can read in Spanish without a problem.

Shawn looked under the bed to see if the other slipper was there.

Ask anybody who's had a chance to meet Khanna in person, and they'll tell you just how easy it is to warm up to him.

Reiner climbed up the ladder as quickly as he could.

This is a joke, right?

I just saw Agatha and Clayton.

Where would you like me to put this?

We shall leave tomorrow morning, weather permitting.

She finished her homework in an hour.


How did he come here?