There are no stars tonight.

We were all at school together.

I won't forget any of you.

Shannon says he doesn't remember my name.

The dog attacked the three of us.

Why are you making that face?

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Would you recognize them?

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It's all that matters.

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Cut the bread into diagonal slices the width of a finger.

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I found them.

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He did exactly what I told him to do.

Wolfgang has pleaded not guilty.

"I can give her no greater power than she has already," said the woman; "don't you see how strong that is?"

They have lived here for a long time.

This book is so absorbing that I can't put it down.

It's all over with her.

I knew I'd be unhappy here.


It won't be much longer.

You should have done it earlier. It cannot be helped now.

He met a seductive young woman at the party.


Transportation workers staged a walkout to protest pay cuts.


There are many active volcanoes in Japan.

Last night, I fell into a panic.

You made a bargain with us.

Do not vary your plan so often.

Shane arrived earlier than usual.

I think I prefer this room as it was, before we decorated it.

You don't look pleased to see me.

Do you need more money?

She refused to speak English.


I can't tell you what Ruth told me.

You're three years younger than me.

He is likely to live to be ninety.

Pascal knew Trevor had threatened John.

I feel a strong attraction to the music of Beethoven.

He fell in love with his student.

Police arrested one man.

Gil actually likes Santa.

They prayed that their children would forgive them.

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The hill is always green.

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I came to say goodbye.

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It would be best for you to follow the doctor's orders.

Tell me your name.

Carl can probably help solve this problem.

I have a right to be happy.

How about dropping in at the shop?

Let us know what your plans are.

Alexander fell off the roof and broke three ribs.

Parents need to set the rules around the house.

Do you prefer red or white wine?


Kikki will bring Arne.

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When you surf the web, you may be tracked by websites.


Isn't that adorable?

I haven't got the foggiest notion what you're talking about.

Humans aren't meant to be alone.


Don't worry about it!

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I gave the beggar all the money I had.

Miltos heard Piete call for help.

Did you stop at the red light?

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She carried that habit to her grave.


Why didn't you suggest that to us sooner?

Casey tries to eat a balanced diet.

It's quite distinct from the smell of burning.

What is the most popular movie now?

Ji was a nurse.

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Patricio and Pablo want to buy a house with at least three bedrooms.

Did you come here by train or by bus?

What a marvelous day for a marriage.

Pain is weakness leaving the body.

The sky suddenly began to darken.


We have to make savings.

Surprisingly, he was good at singing.

May I make so bold as to request your assistance?

Is there anything you want me to tell Linley?

I ate dinner at a restaurant on Park Street.

Go be with her.



You can't turn the heat off as long as the system is operating.

Teresa must be mad at me.

Did you get something to eat?


Yeah, a little.

This is a major crisis.

There's a yellow car in front of me.

Kriton lives alone.

I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.


I'll talk to Shaw alone.

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I think this tastes good.

The party's on Friday.

I tried the kebab at the new restaurant last night. Out of 10, I'd give it a 6.


Walt Whitman is my favorite American poet.


Let's sit down and catch our breath.


It was grotesque.

She's charming and intelligent.

He's a hunk.

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Can I have your number, please?

Who am I addressing?

I advise you to be punctual.


The monarch's head appears on the front of all British coins.

I don't know what I believe.

I refuse to listen to your excuses.

Can we talk to you now?

I'm going to be all right.


Why don't we invite Sidney to dinner?


You should pay more attention to what you say.

I've missed you a lot.

Maybe Major killed himself.

Whoever did it didn't want us to find out about it.

You can take over now.

You don't want to let on how rich you really are.

Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.


He was injured badly in the accident.


You'll feel better after you get some rest.

Suzan has to do that now.

He asked for a glass of beer.

Win's voice cracked on a high note.

The gods have decreed that man is mortal.


I'm sure you heard about what happened.

All these events go against my plans.

Rees got cold when the sun went down, so he put the heater on.


I wish I had the courage to speak about my feelings.

Tell me everything you know about Billy.

There was pink mold in that bathroom.

Anywhere I go, I am there.

I'm considering it seriously.

The light is off.

You've lost a little weight, haven't you?

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I don't know how to draw a bird.


We will grant you a special discount of 5% provided that you could guarantee placing regular orders.

You shouldn't hang out with people like that.

When spring comes, the days get longer day by day.

I had nowhere else to go.

Our P.E. kit was just shorts but now it's spats from today.

Carole gave me an American doll.

The world of thinking is a mosaic of visions, expressed through language.


I'm so busy I can't attend the party.

Incentives always help.

We are familiar with this song.

How odd!

The president stated his position on the issue.

Many young men died in the cause of democracy during the war.

Look around you, Ed.

I am sure that he will become a great singer.

Shutoku won't stop until he gets what he wants.


Will you teach me how to play chess?


They paid no attention to their safety.

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I let him talk.

A great loss of human life was reported due to trigger-happy shooting.

I think there's somebody in the next room.

They usually go to school by bicycle.

I'm eating my sandwich.

I didn't want you involved in this.

I do not want to talk about it anymore.

We'll be back here next week.

Christian said some really nice things about you.

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The adrenal glands secrete adrenalin.


The patient was well cared for by the doctor.