Dustin Drews – Calling Coyotes At Night

  - Part 2 of my interview with Dustin Drews from Lodgepole, South Dakota - Dustin shares his thoughts on many different options when it comes to calling in coyotes at night. Dustin has had great success with calling in coyotes at night and he shares with us what...

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Dustin Drews – Calling Coyotes During The Daytime

Dustin shares 3 important keys to keep in mind when setting up to call in coyotes. Dustin talks about how early fall is the best time of year to be successful at calling in a coyote. Do coyotes have personalities? Dustin and I had so much to talk about during this...

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Tom Pehler – Hunting Waterfowl

Tom Pehler from Fountain City, Wisconsin tells us what it was like to grow up as a kid near the Mississippi River hunting waterfowl. For the last 25 years Tom and group have been hunting the roast ponds and large grain fields of North Dakota. Tom shares his story of...

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In 2011 Tony Szak and three of his friends went bow hunting for elk near Gunnison, Colorado. He’ll tell us how they prepared for the hunt of a lifetime. The hunt was unguided but they used the horse back services from Eagle Mountain Outfitters. He’ll tell us how it...


Adam Zimmerman – Pickwick Fire and Rescue

Resident of Pickwick, Minnesota Adam Zimmerman provides some history behind Pickwick area and the Fire and Rescue Station. Adam tells us the ins and out behind a fire and rescue station. What are the challenges the bluff country hands to the department? What are...

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