Web Developer & Back-end Developer


What I am all about.

I'm Amit Sarwara, A work enthusiastic who loves to code, My majority of work is done in backend technologies. Always open to learn new technologies. Right now working with server side technology PHP and Frameworks and CMS built in PHP.

Also have working knowledge in Python and NodeJs as well. Always code with only sole purpose in mind, to keep it healthy and fit under any circumstances.

PHP 92%
CakePHP 75%
Codeigniter 80%
HTML5 96%
JavaSript/jQuery 70%
CSS 80%
Bootstrap 87%


Batman would be jealous.


Works with one of the best backend technology PHP, By using its one of the best frameworks CakePHP.


With all the backend technologies also have good knowledge of HTML/CSS/Jquery. Also at learning stage of front end framework AngularJs.

Software Development

Always tries to write re-usable code by keeping all the software development standards in mind.

(508) 502-7877