I want to sleep in my own bed.

Kristi has many good qualities.

He is the boss's private secretary.

Torsten looked at it.

Swearing makes you feel relieved.

I'd be happy to give you a ride.

I saw her for the last time.

These days everything had got too expensive.

The walls are thin and the beds are quite squeaky.

Men's suits are on sale this week at that department store.


The sign on the board put me in mind of something I had to do.

Tell me what you are looking forward to.

Each member was called upon.

I am not talking about myself.

I'm a little shaky.

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Dan's driving endangered the lives of passengers.


Has anyone ever told you the truth?


The ease with which he answered the question surprised us.

We're making a big mistake.

Air pollution will be a threat to our survival.

She's a wannabe actress.

She stopped teasing me.

Think about the implications.

Amarth quietly left the room.

Do you want to see the plans?

If you had come today, I would have given you a thousand francs.

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I discovered Lester's secret.


The stars twinkled.

He didn't approve of wasting time.

Don't call them freaks.

I cannot take the same route twice, because I am a woman.

You have bought more postage stamps than are necessary.


I just want to do what I can to help.


Sedat agreed to meet Stephan in front of the laundromat.

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Let me tell you what I think.

I didn't come here for her.

I have to learn a language.


Even thin sheets of Americium-241 can sustain a chain reaction.


Lisa was the only survivor of the crash.


The fewer who know, the better.

I can do better than that.

Here's an example of a semantic gamut: non-existent, unique, rare, uncommon, common, trite, worn-out, universal.

Here, I'll confine this discussion to why many foreigners enjoy sumo.

Leila resisted smiling.

I rolled out of bed.

The car didn't stop.

All men can be criminals, if tempted; all men can be heroes, if inspired.

He's a smart boy.


Sofoklis still has some time.

There are numerous hypotheses that may explain this phenomenon.

Gregor couldn't believe what had happened.


Now get moving.

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We've been trying to reach you.


As is often the case with her, she was late for the meeting this afternoon.

Whatever she says goes.

I want her to do the hard work.

Thursday night is free beer night.

Underline all the verbs in the future tense in this text.

Alison was outspoken.

Is it all under control?


Are you motivated?


Don't be angry with him.

Gill had a traffic accident.

Please warm yourself at the fire.


I saw Jimmy having an argument with Sylvan.

Your work with these specimens was impressive.

Vassos and I've been very happy together.

That's not what you want to do.

This is our handbag.


The days after that flew past.


Cristi is doing better.

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I think I should explain myself.

Grabbing him by the shoulders, she shook him and yelled, "Snap out of it!"

She defrauded me of my property.

Don't make me shoot you in the back, Rusty.

He moved close to her.

It was an immediate success.

I wasn't very efficient.

Can I give you a ride back to the city?

Shooting a bear that you baited with a pizza doesn't make you a nimrod.

This is a singable melody.

"She doesn't like music." "Nor do I."

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The girl tried hard to hold back her tears.

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How did you convince them?


He's coming back from the United States a week from today.

Perry obviously doesn't want it.

I didn't know how much it would cost to get my car repaired.


I am the owner of this automobile.

Bert has been telling everyone what to do.

Put the pliers in the tool box.

You gotta agree that he looks stylish in that costume.

He didn't keep his promise that he would telephone me soon.

Please bring him his beer.

I've lost track of Kevin.


I'm not the only one in trouble here.

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There can be no enduring peace in the Middle East as long as Washington's neocons continue to run US foreign policy.

When does Wayne usually arrive?

We'll destroy the old farms.


Once you light the fuse you'll have fifteen seconds to get to safety.

I know that I can count on you.

I'm afraid you're right.

I wish I could speak English half as well as he.

It's great fun for us to be with her.


Let's not forget who Lorraine is.


I saw Hugh dancing with Theodore.

It's entirely up to you which one you may choose.

You did that on purpose.

She swam fast enough to win a medal.

I've got it all figured out!


He saved her at the cost of his own life.

Do you dream about me?

Caroline's dog licked his hand.

Victor is the one responsible for this.

Kenn rewound the tape.

I need to hire a lawyer.

We need your help!


To everyone's sorrow, the poet died young.

"How are you feeling this morning?" "Pretty good, thanks."

My grandfather, being hard of hearing, often makes an irrelevant answer.


The shirt is dirty.


He got fired for slacking off at work.

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It's bad for your back.

She went inside her room so she could rest.

As is often the case with him, he didn't show up on time.

She wanted to get married immediately.

Erwin hardly ever talks about his work.

I'll make you what you want.

Bucky is liked by everybody.

Speak more slowly so that we can understand you.

Ned is on Malcolm's side.

The gate was too narrow for the truck.

Let's sing some merry songs.

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Why did you buy this?

Murray will never admit to being wrong even if he knows that he is.

Billie is very good at playing baseball.


What do you think it was all about?

Why does he look so black?

He had to leave the village.

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Mahmoud complains that his new phone is too big and that it won't fit in his pants.

Don't you know Mr. Brown?

You know Sheila is a friend of Lynnette's, don't you?


Jimmy is easy for me to get along with.


We're all going to die!

A product has been launched that uses the power from the USB to keep hot drinks warm.

Felix became a total recluse.


Irvin certainly didn't seem to be expecting us.

We're not having another party any time soon.

Keith made a wisecrack.


I'm responsible for Victor's safety.

The people of America fought for their independence.

Edward and Diana met in the hospital cafeteria the day Vaughn's father died.

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They can't continue without Gilles.

The intruder lunged at Dwayne with a knife.

You see what I mean?

Our business is your perfect satisfaction.

"It's really hot today, isn't it?" "Yeah, it sure is."