Alvin is an ophthalmologist.

Couldn't you just do it later?

I always thought Gail was raised by wolves.

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I used to run a small bookstore in a shopping centre.

The introduction of video replays to sport was a surprisingly fundamental change.

No one will ever forget him.

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Kuldip has been awake for three hours already.

This is your last opportunity.

That four-year plan has to be approved.

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He managed to make both ends meet.


I want to go horseback riding.

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Marlena said he would come to the wedding.


What makes you think so?

He has the advantage of being bilingual.

Gale wasn't here last week.

You're not supposed to be out here.

I thought my parents would be proud of me.

Wolves usually don't attack people.

Some of them are healthy, but others are not healthy.

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There were two abstentions.


It is always difficult for a son to live up to the expectations of his parents.

Stop talking about yourself and start talking about others!

For a moment there, I thought Sanjay might refuse our offer.

We are here.

The telephone was invented by Bell in 1876.

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It's from your family.

I wonder where she lives.

Sanjib promised to meet Marc in front of the library.

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The Himalayas were formed by the collision of the tectonic plates of India and Eurasia about 50 million years ago.

You can't drive.

I have six mouths to feed.

We've got a leak.

I learnt one.

You can't protect everybody all the time, Donne.

I am surprised to hear that prices have gone up so high.


It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Ole does this all the time.

I doubt it was Fay who did this.


He sauntered through the park whistling a tune he'd learned in his youth.

Panzer doesn't have an alibi either.

We will conclude our overview, however, with a positive example.

We will separate our home's large land equally for our children.

My mother finally approved of our plan.


You should take liquid food.

Norbert can't drive yet.

My mother doesn't like my watching TV.

I'm a regular at this gym.

John acts like Helen's guardian.


There was blood all over the floor.

He is still too young for the job.

Gerard hasn't done it yet.

If you eat well, exercise and drink lots of water daily, you'll still die someday.

Bumblebees are bigger than bees.

Please get out.

Do you remember what I told you before?

You can't go home until 2:30.

All the boys went away.


This job eats money.

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The flowers in his garden have withered.


Pinocchio was made of very hard wood and the knives broke into a thousand pieces.

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I guess I don't understand what you're trying to say.

I came here to see if there was something I could do to help, but there doesn't seem to be anything for me to do.

I didn't try to kill anybody.

Wine is not to my taste.

Whose turn is it to cook tonight?

The person Raphael most gets along with is his father.

I don't want to watch TV.

We must carry out this plan by all means.

She can play all kinds of instruments, classical or folk.

Such an act will be judged at the bar of public opinion.

His parents were glad at his success in the examination.

"Zelda, I'm going away for a month." "A month?" "A month." "A whole month?" "A whole month." "Really?" "Yes." "A whole month?" "Don't you understand what a month means?" "No." "A month is four weeks." "One?" "Four!" "Two?" "Four!" "Come on, father, let's go!" "Zelda, I said I'm going by myself." "What about me?" "Stay here!"

He's flexible.

Have you heard already that he has finally returned home?

I don't deny it.

Please tell me which bus to take to go downtown.

You have a very nice car.

In order to keep his original idea from being copied, Henry resorted to reticence.

Butler doesn't trust anyone: not his friends, nor his wife, nor his children, nor even himself.

Richard has been going steady with Duncan for six months.

You'd probably be disappointed.

The atmosphere on Mars is over 95% carbon dioxide.

Don't wait up for me.

Michelle got a perfect score.

Esperanto changes the problem, because one can learn Esperanto as well as his mother tongue -- and perhaps even better than it.

A group of American architects, product designers, engineers and scientists have developed the seven principles of universal design.

Thanks for the offer, though.

Tahsin often invites himself for dinner.

The students are talking about language and culture.

We are liable to judge others by the clothes they wear.

Do you think it's worthwhile? I don't think so.

You should go now.

I think you've misunderstood.


I can't believe she did that to me - she turned out to be a real frenemy.

This is the book you are looking for.

Kent got stage fright.

What in the world do you think you're doing?

I didn't find it funny at all.

I major in sociology.

The new bridge made it easy for the villagers to go to town.

Those are old wives' tales.

She seems to be happy.


Rick is a freak.

Seenu suddenly became very busy.

I gave the beggar what money I had.

My house was ready two months ago.

Let's pitch the tent while it's still light.

Children should be allowed to be children.

She has a double-barrelled name.

They didn't find him.

His failing the test is no laughing matter.


I am required to wear a suit and tie to work.

I think Emma did a really nice job.

I hope we survive.

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Important guests arrive tomorrow.

They won't let her in.

You should bring her to dinner so we can get to know her better.

Tomoko bounced happily out the door.

You can see me in the morning.

Have you ever felt abandoned by God?

Money on hand goes away.

I want to live in Kyoto or in Nara.

Which is stronger, a tiger or a lion?

It's too far away.

Elwood climbed down the ladder.

Can you be quiet?

That wasn't the only problem.

It's a classic Nigerian booby-trap.

Apart from the result, your intention was good.

If I was left alone on the elevator at four in the morning, I'd shout to attract the neighbors' attention.

Peter always makes a mountain out of a molehill.

That's something I never do after lunch.

They are continuing to call.

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Shakespeare is a great poet.


Lynnette tried not to yawn.

I was just about to go home.

I work for an oil company.

He's materialistic and shallow.

It was difficult to remove the coffee stain.

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He is far from a genius.

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I have done with her job.

That pianist is known for his technique.

Hah, that proves I was right!

You need to talk to him.

I want to live in Boston as much as you do.


Has anyone found them yet?

Ahmet is unafraid.

We shouldn't have let you go.


I think I'm going to go see what Lori is up to.


I've been lurking all night, waiting for you to come out of your bedroom.

Will you come with me to the concert?

I can't stand arugula or any bitter greens.

I'm living in a town.

I broke a glass - try not to step on the shards before I clean them up.

Have you eaten seafood? Shellfish, let's say.

There's plenty of parking.

I have been to the station.

Chip crossed Hein's name off the list.

We know everything.

I got my leg hurt in the accident.

The issue is quite familiar to us.

I'm sure he trusts you.

They're going to make mistakes.

He had a great deal to do with the scandal.

It makes me wonder how much you really loved Lana.

Would you please stop pacing around like that and just sit down for a second?


The baby has fallen asleep.

I think I've made myself clear.

I don't think you really want to know.