Mott came downstairs.

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Merton loves to bully younger students.

The history of France is very interesting.

He won eminence as a scientist.

She's a feminist.

The negotiating parties failed to reach an agreement.

I do not quite agree with you.

The manner in which the new salesman made top sales level was an eye-opener to his supervisor.

What on earth was all that about?

I'm a natural blonde.

Are you afraid of the dark?

If you don't drink, you'll still feel thirsty.

This cake is sweet.

Many top athletes take ice baths after workouts.


I could be in my office all day.

Did you write this book?

Our team lost the first game.

Every cock crows on his own dunghill.

Granville drew a spaceship.


In private, Kobayashi-san told me he liked his women "adventurous." What he calls an adventure I hope to never know.

This is an express train. It won't make many stops.

I question your loyalty.

Look out!

Ira was sitting next to Saqib.

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Tell Dorothy what's on your mind.

My right hand has fallen asleep.

Bert is really serious, isn't he?

I am not alone in thinking so.

You're welcome to wait here.

Adrian is married.

It is essential to prevent salmonella contamination in hen egg production.

The tax reform will not touch the banking industry.

It was life-changing.


That's a very good question. I'm glad you asked it.


He knew it from the start.

Emily is going to her room.

You won't get away from me, Nikolai.

Next week, the electrician will come and fix the cable.

I don't think Cecilia knows anything.

People love dogs.

Their job is to advise the president.


How do you feel about her?


Toft continued driving.

You as well as I are wrong.

Miriamne and Laurianne don't know what's happening.


What time do you get up on schooldays?

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I thought you didn't have any money.


That's bound to be a problem.

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Ants work away during summer.

Stop hitting me!

In this tale, the god of rain, storms, and lightning is called Chac Mool.

You should wash fruit before you eat it.

If the money doesn't make you happy, then give it to me. I will be happy.


Do we have an agreement?

The beauty of the lake is beyond description.

I'm going to stick with it.


People should be dancing.

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How did you answer her?

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His vote would decide the issue.


How much have you had to drink?

Can Tatoeba help students who learn foreign languages?

I wish I'd brought more food.


It's fun to follow the path through the woods.

Can you swim like her?

The disease spread in several ways.

If you understand, please raise your hand.

Can you make out why John left so suddenly?

I wonder if that is the sort of thing you should do as a man.

Get me a ticket, please.

What a fool he is!

My parent's house is comfortable.

I have three friends that often drop by on Saturdays.

Did you get this from them?

Herbert wants an apple.

We're going too fast! I can't play a walking bass line at this tempo.

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There's someone behind you.

When I see that play, I always cry.

Practice what you preach.

Says who?

Someone yelled for help.

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It's freezing out here!

Yvonne reluctantly assisted Isidore to escape police custody.

Buying cheap can cost you a lot of money.

He is not only partial to robbing his victim, but he delights in the shedding of blood, and in the exercise of cruelty.

Morgan lied to the others.

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Put the eggs in the refrigerator.

Everyone cheered his name.

Kit can't do anything else right now.

Are you ever going to get married again?

Where's the ticket booth?


I had a speech ready.

If you should change your mind, let me know.

He always avoids talking about his wife's death.

Bayous are common in Gulf Coast areas of the southern United States of America.

In this way, the students of the university have the opportunity to expand their horizons.

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The oil pipeline is leaking.


I've got plans I really can't change.

Such an old fan would be next to useless.

I filed a patent.

What sort of dreams have you been having?

Adlai looks pretty shaken up.

Disable the alarm.

He is possessed of a wide landed property.

What can we do for them?

Does the term self-preservation mean anything to you?

Ginny was eventually convicted.

Well, you have to be honest with Robbin.

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I am convinced that I am right.

Speaking of his eating habits, they're revolting aren't they?

Seth is skittish.


Is Steve helping Vijay?

You shouldn't believe everything Moore tells you.

Kouchner, the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, advocated the G14 group.

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Walter saw Olaf talking to the French teacher.


I would have come back.

She prides herself on her skill in cooking.

Uri came to Boston soon after graduating from high school.

Maybe we could work together.

Where were you that day?


She admitted to having heroin.


Moore sat on the lounge chair and stared at the stars overhead.

Let's get away from here.

I'm sick and tired of being the one who always washes the dishes.

How often do you go there?

Jin doesn't talk to me anymore.

Check this out.

Did you go and see him?

Is this Tim's bag?

It was the only way.

He did not clarify when it had happened.

How hard was that?

Everyone can do better if they try.

We are in a library.

It's probably good that Kimberly can't remember what happened.

Would you mind if I went out with your sister?

Words can't express my appreciation.

Did you and Amy go on lots of trips together?

If you float a one yen coin on water and move a magnet slowly towards it then the coin will approach the magnet.

I'll get ready.

I'll make a thorough investigation.

Of course, to be valuable, an old carpet must be in good condition.

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She has been with me through the ebb and flow of my fortunes.


I heard someone tell Sharon about what happened.

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He got what he wanted against all odds.

Jess and Vernon are sitting together.

She will have to be by herself during her stay at Oxford.


How many of you plan to be here again tomorrow?

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In Esperanto there are only 16 grammar rules.

Will you record this program on video for me?

German, Dutch, Norwegian and English are Germanic languages.

I give you five minutes to solve this problem.

They're pretty loud.

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He told me that he wanted to practice his English with me.

The girl is lonely.

I want to know who is in charge.

Ravi got a call from someone named Vladimir.

My GPS navigator doesn't work abroad.

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It's actually harder than it looks.

You've frightened her.

Darren and Skef danced together.

The money was divided among the three.

We think that it's our duty to pay taxes.