Being very rich, he thought he could do anything.

There are useful insects in the world.

I'm sorry for reproaching you.

We gathered around the teacher.

I don't care what the headmistress said. I have no desire to become acquainted with anyone. You all dislike me and I couldn't care less.

Ning made Clifford cry.

This coffee has a bitter taste.

He had a work contract.


Angela didn't hide anything from Jess.


What else do you remember?

What does Karen want to talk to Teri about?

There may be something wrong with you.

I'm telling you I had no choice.

The response is affirmative.


We couldn't stop Vadim from leaving.

There are a lot of tall buildings in New York.

I make it a rule to get up at six.

You're ruining what could be the most important night of my life here.

The population of Niue is only about 1,400.

I only saw the apple.

I have got a lot of CDs.


When the snow melts it flows into the river.

His argument is inconsistent with our policy.

She had no choice but to accept her fate.


What're you going to tell him?


Leif visited Vaughn in prison.

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I've got a splendid idea.

The teacher's young daughter was a beautiful blonde with big blue eyes.

You could have solved this puzzle with a little more patience.


I think that for many people learning the trigonometric functions is meaningless.

She chopped off the chicken's head.

Let's get right to it. What do you want from me?

She died in a plane crash.

He brought food to his guest and provided him shelter.

There will be improvements.

Who called the cops?


I will write you tomorrow.

Come with me now.

He probably buys them abroad.

He would sit for hours doing nothing.

He is older than any other student in his class.

I had always wanted a son.

She enclosed a little dark chocolate in her valentine.


We didn't try.


Life lies a slow suicide.

If you don't resolve to become a good man, then you just won't get a good woman.

Was that weird for you?


The customs officials examined the boxes.


Does Mayo know he was adopted?


I thought Honzo might ask Shutoku to the dance.

My goal is to become a polyglot.

Why don't you adapt your way of life to circumstances?


How's your job?

I am frying fish.

She won't agree to a divorce.

Many cities were destroyed by bombs.

Roxanne is very good at catching bugs.

I'd like to go back to Boston.

Do you write love letters?

She mourned over the death of her only son.

Masanobu's house has three bedrooms.

Don't you have an accountant?

Yarn bombing is the practice of covering objects or trees with knitted yarn.

To love someone is so wonderful.

I don't think that was your fault.

Axel said he had to go to a meeting.

Nobody else knew Malcolm was going to be here.


Takayuki could replace Ramadoss.


He derives pleasure from attending concerts.

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I'm not so sure I want to study French.


She usually has to give in to her big sister.

Ron tasted the soup and said it was delicious.

I don't think that Sanjeev will want to go with us.

Leon is not good at keeping secrets.

My desktop was set with a photo of some mountains by default.


How did you spend your winter vacation?

She played a part in the women's lib movement.

There's a new boy in school.

Is everything ready for tonight?

We have no deep convictions.


Dan had a lot of equipment in his garage.


This problem is difficult to solve.


We're not yet there.


Himawan was injured in the blast.

Movies are a great diversion.

Linder will tell Wolf everything.


In order to swim, you have to learn to tread water first.

He was angry because I wouldn't give him any help.

Barbara and Jakob died childless.


You'll like them.

There is a solution though.

Do you concur?

All men die, but not all men really live.

Long may he live!


Is there anybody else I can ask?

I was eating some strawberries.

Tell me what you're afraid of.


I have a solution.

Our teacher favors only the girl students.

The text must be alive.


He is about to leave.

He sacrificed his outstanding career to retain his dignity.

Is a punishment for latecomers being considered?

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You should've taken the money.


I've never heard the kind of stories he tells.

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The fire burned down the whole village.


If you haven't the energy to do the washing up, get a dishwasher.

I don't use taxis unless it's absolutely necessary.

I'm free all afternoon on February 27th.

Sorrel is the smartest boy I've ever met.

If there is one thing history has taught us, it's that we often incorrectly predict the future.


That's what I want to ask.

You can employ him.

I haven't been getting enough sleep lately.

They know Jack.

She robbed me blind.

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He, and he alone, must go.

She didn't show up until the meeting was over.

They began a discussion.

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Sanjib wouldn't blame you.


He seemed pleased to see me.

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I thought you might be interested in this.

It's time to wake up now. Pradeep, wake up!

Victor said you're not a real doctor.

I was at the cinema.

Don't get rough with him.


Who is in this room?

Jennie already has our respect.

Graeme had something to do.

She has no remorse.

I heard about her.

Did you hear about her?

Why should Stephen want to help Shane?

Wasted time is irretrievable.

The natural sciences are nomothetic, whereas the humanities are idiographic.

He pulled her into his arms.

I discussed the problem with my mom.

"Are you okay?" "No, I'm not."

They visited me occasionally.

Please show me another example.

My brother has been friendly to him.


If you're not prepared to take the trouble to learn how to train a dog, don't get one.


Ariel waited for the elevator.

She has the measles.

For a wise person one word is enough!

Did I tell you I saw a big rat in the kitchen?

No and Fletcher were clearly in love.

The event is on Monday.

I like the Japanese language very much.

I don't really have time for this.

You have a very strange way of thinking.

There are people who don't like spinach.

Our century has seen a notable increase of knowledge.

Then I'll work on the principle that deference is no substitute for obedience.

Their punishment was harsh, but just.

That depends, but usually about three times a week.

I never told anyone.


We have to tell Jill about this.