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Get Randell in here.


We will be having some guests tonight.


Let's go outside and look at the stars.

That foreigner spoke Japanese as if it were his native language.

It's been a long time since I visited my grandmother.

We've corrected the situation.

You're still thinking about her, aren't you?


The entire city is in danger.

Should I be worried about him?

Don't you push me, boy!

I know that King doesn't like spinach.

The explosion of the space shuttle is still fresh in my memory.


My favorite beverage is without a doubt seltzer.

The house is in the village.

It's his favorite Italian word.


You need to make this work.


The student made an irrelevant remark.


Don't talk to me.


It's my turn now.

Even though he's wealthy, he's not happy.

The professor lectured on French history.

Quite a few people turned out for the event.

Why is he hiding under the table?

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I'd like for you to go.

Naomi doesn't know what Darci told John.

How long do we have?


The student was punished for smoking.


Sumitro put the diary in the drawer.

This is not an emergency issue.

The distance from my house to your house is two kilometers.

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The girls hope to meet white boys in Blackpool.

You must've misunderstood.

Nobody understands how he does it, but he does it.

It's no use.

As happiness doesn't exist, we must try to be happy without it!

I beg you to help us.

She shrieked.

I was a fool to let you go out of my life.

You have to trust your instincts.


Do not judge, or you too will be judged.


Dan and Linda flew to London.

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If you like it, you can keep it!

Tell Tarmi to write me.

You are feeling it, aren't you?

Get dressed.

If she'd known the results, she'd have been shocked.

She competes in ski races.

What paint do you prefer?

In those days, a new type of democracy was rising.

Bike sheds are useful.

I know that name.

Cell phones are convenient, but I want them to be used responsibly.

I am boiling the water in a saucepan.

Now shake hands and make up.

Do you have time to read the newspaper in the morning?

This kind of thing usually takes a long time.

Jane used to be weird.

We've been asked to investigate.

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He's been staying at that hotel since five days ago.

He proposed that we should play baseball.

Hsuan forced Courtney to give false information to the police.

I heard that footprints of an abominable snowman were found in the Himalayan mountains.

I was very unlucky.

Jwahar didn't know what to do with the leftover food.

What if someone catches us?

Speaking of Switzerland, have you ever been there in spring?

The Amazon is a river.


He has left his mother and girlfriend in France.

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I'm rather surprised to hear it.


I know those negative people are like magnets, but they need to get a life!

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There's something else I want to show you.

Strange to say, he did pass the exam after all.

I've heard that story already.

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

I don't know what to buy.


Fishing often starts to go with the start of the Ayu season.

I can't help loving her.

Susannah is an expert in American history.

Have you told him yet?

She has a cheerful disposition.

The wind filled the sails.

I love living with you.

While at the fabric store, a small boy discovered large rolls of uncut fabric, which he unrolled and hid under, cackling like twelve squirrels.

Should I call for an ambulance?

Amos wasn't very forthcoming about what happened with Ravindran.

Masanao is a good father.

He looked around.

I don't think Jay knows anything.

We'll learn the alphabet in this lesson.

Put your mind at rest. Everything will turn out all right.

Ramiro leaned forward.

Sorry I couldn't come over yesterday. Something came up.

Ed left without telling us.

You can't mistake him for his younger brother.


The sun rises.

I don't work today.

I can't get the lid off.


As more paper money came into use, the value fell.

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The library will issue you a library card.

A garden planted with pine trees.

Human vices provide substantial government income.

Do you want to come to do the shopping?

What time will you arrive in Boston,Kay?

John was praised for his good homework.

I blush for you.

Rub the stain with vinegar.

Don't drink the water.


I would rather die than do such a thing.


Laurence sat at the kitchen table eating dinner.


The ashtray was brimming with cigarette butts.

She called me at an unearthly hour last night.

I can tell I'm going to like you.

She let a room.

The new bridge is under construction.

Dawson can speak neither French nor Spanish.

Two children were playing on the road.

I just have to do something.

I was planning on telling you.

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All of us approved of the plan.

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His steps were clearly marked in the snow.


Is this real silk?

The miner asked the lamp spirit for a happy life.

Do you have enough people here to play volleyball?

He asked me questions similar to those asked by many others.

Do you like SF movies?

Are you fond of baseball?

The wind failed us.

He turned a deaf ear to my words.

It would be better if you took a rest here.

The gesture fetched a laugh from the audience.

He is concerned about Werner.

Do you think he still keeps my letters?

I think we're close to a solution.

I'll know better next time.

Rubies are one of most beautiful gems in the world.

He is always speaking to her in whisper.

It's too cold in here for me.

I saw your picture in the paper.

The stars are bright.

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Quit smoking if you don't want to die early.

Would you like some sugar?

It wasn't me, commissioner!

Government spending is getting a little out of hand.

Hartmann smelled it.

Try to see how far you can jump.


What's holding you back from getting started?

The fact is apparent to everybody.

Johnson is a recluse; he prefers to isolate himself from the rest of the students in our class.

Are you really willing to do that?

What's this anglicism?

Sanity and Laurie got married this year in the spring.

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Donne is very incompetent.

Bobbie is a veteran now.

My uncle died of cancer two years ago.


Their words contradict their own feelings.


"I don't think she's an opponent you can ignore like that ..." "That's right, they say a cornered rat bites back, don't they?"


We have to buy the tickets right now.

Come when you have some time.

This is a book about England.

Have you ever been up in a plane?

Tell them to take a hike.

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I never thought this rubber band would come in handy when I put it in my pocket this morning.