Jagath stopped everything.

Don't be mad at me.

Does Izumi already know?

To bait and switch.

I think I figured something out.

Taurus wanted to know what Hui's last name was.

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How could Her Majesty be wrong..?

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are a tempest and hailstorm.

Japan is the OECD country where children are the least likely to have used a computer before the age of seven.

Do I have to stay in the hospital?

I bet Nichael didn't stay up all night worrying about this.

You guys messed up.

Tait promised to never be late again.


He's a very affectionate father.


Triantaphyllos didn't seem to want that.


China has landed their first jet on an aircraft carrier.

What she lacks in charisma she makes up for with hard work.

After a lot of problems she managed to learn to drive a car.

I'll ride with you.

I haven't seen Tiefenthal limp recently.


The capacity of the human mind for swallowing nonsense and spewing it forth in violent and repressive action has never yet been plumbed.

Wendy's eyes are shut.

I've been told Graham has been in an accident.

Do not try to imitate her.

What do you do for recreation around here?

I get along well with him.

Nate wasn't the one who did this.

You like rain, don't you?

I wake up at half past five in the morning.

I know you are hiding yourself behind the curtain.

It's been there all the time.


I thought you'd be busy helping Jesper.

Where are you going to?

What is the point of life anyway, said the young fool.


Everybody is planning to do something different.


You should not stay up too late.


Susan will be ready to the party in one hour and will need someone to pick her up.

This is a beneficial work.

Things won't go as planned.


I have little money; however, I feel happy with you.

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You're going to have to do that sooner or later.


Terri wrote his name on the white board.

The President desires peace.

Magicians use the art of illusion.

Make it quick, will you? I haven't got all day.

He's never been abroad in his life.

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Order now.


We decided to stay with them.

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Edward is close to Rodger.

Take a leaf out of his book.

Some people thought the world was going to end at the milennium, others in 2012...but we're still here!

They arrived before you.

We can't leave Jeannie there.

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Keep off my property.

Rain allows the ground to shine.

Shirley filled out the form.

Isn't it a beautiful day for a picnic?

I'm supposed to go over to Mayo's.


Alexis washed himself.

Now you're just overreacting.

We aren't going to lose.

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Linley's fall resulted in life-threatening injuries.

Thanks for helping us out, doctor.

I'll be back within a couple of hours.

Margie is quite busy just now.

No, I've never been there.

We failed to bring him to agree to our plan.

The Germans began the battle.

It took him three tries.

They stared apprehensively at one another.

She can understand everything they are saying.

Kosovo is the heart of Serbia!

Give him an inch and he'll take a mile.

Joon shouldn't have left.

The tea is really delicious.

I wish I was by your side right now.

She picked out a pink shirt for me to try on.

Stop bothering my wife.

I have trouble with German grammar.

I'd like to make sure of the time.


Love and jealousy go hand in hand.

The weather began to take a turn for the worse in the afternoon.

I'll take a nap after lunch.

Students generally like a teacher who understands their problems.

We can buy hot lunches.

I told you to stay away from my sister.

Why are they questioning him?

It doesn't sound like much.

I left behind some important documents for the company at home. Sorry, but could you please go and get them for me now?

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

Is this thing edible?

It is Sunday tomorrow.

There's something we need to talk about.

Should we try it again?

I met him for the first time.

It's on the mantelpiece.

I told them about you.


The color will not go off.

We argued politics.

Can people really be as silly as to believe that the whole population of Georgia, which speaks a Caucasian language with no common sound or common letter with English, can suddenly be fluent in English within two years ?

Is everybody listening?

Sorry to have kept you waiting so long.

There's still some cream in the fridge.

Rodent is working away.


Tell Thad I don't know Judge.


Larry wanted to turn himself in to the police.

Todd didn't get off the airplane with the rest of the passengers.

Why don't you see for yourself?


I planted roses in the garden.

My mother has been sick since last month.

Brad may do whatever he likes with what I gave him.

He's not taller than me.

I totally get that.


Let's drink one more and I'll drive you home.

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John is senior to Robert.


Right now I don't have any time.

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Being tired, he went to bed earlier than usual.

I don't know exactly when he will arrive.

John is looking for Pokemons.

Why are you insulting me?

It's unusual for defensive players to score many goals.

Do what needs to be done.

Shall we take a rest?

Do Les and The know where you live?

She went to a posh school.

I can't believe Philip didn't tell us about Jeannette.

We have to talk to Raif.

Piete confessed to murdering Martyn.

Please let us know the prices and earliest delivery of your Steel Landscape Edgings #STL3456.

The Burning of Judas is still common in some Christian communities.

I like him all the better for it.

No wedding would be complete without a fight.

He has no knowledge, not to mention experience.

I think you're strong enough.

Sofia plans to sell his house.


Lead us from darkness to light.

I saw you with her.

Annie rented a costume for the party.

He asked me if I had found it.

Is my explanation clear?

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We hope to finish planting the field before the sun sets.

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Speaking your native language is so boring.

I've had enough of Sedat.

She was a Wakahata before she married.

They admired the lovely scenery.

I found myself lying in my bedroom.

Tell Lorien we're ready to go.

He had bruises all over his body after the fight.

How to say this sentence in your language?

He dropped his voice.

A car is a handy thing to own.

Sorry. I beg your pardon?

I will have to take on someone to do Harv's work.

I'm going to visit Jane in jail.

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Duke bought Gypsy flowers.


Don't let that happen.


How was your stay in Germany?

In what kind of situations would you do that?

Why didn't you say so earlier?

Please fill out this questionnaire and send it to us.

You know what he said?

And it doesn't take long to go downhill.

Do you want to act in a movie?


Death is certain to all, all shall die.

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They shared an unusual connection.