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The marine Roseobacter group is an abundant bacterial taxon in coastal and open oceans, marine sediments, and polar waters and sea ice. Members of the Roseobacter group can be readily cultured and are amenable to physiological and genetic studies in the laboratory, making them excellent model organisms for studies of marine biogeochemical cycles and microbial species interactions (Selected References). Roseobase provides a centralized web resource for genomic and functional genomic data of marine roseobacters.

There are currently 54 total genomes in Roseobase; all are available for BLAST and Short Sequence Search; 32 are available in GBROWSE.

Roseobacter Genomes
* Genomes available in GBrowse

Completed Genomes

3307650959 Roseobacter denitrificans OCh 114
Jannaschia sp. CCS1 hypnoidize
805-432-2646 Ruegeria sp. TM1040
Phaeobacter gallaeciensis DSM17395 (BS107)  

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