Teaching cars to drive themselves.




A Dynamic GPU partition controller to improve Real Time schedulability on Volta Architecture.


Optimized a sequential version of multi-agent simulation where each agent is a rat. The rats perform random walk on a 2D graph weighted by the density of rats in neighboring nodes. Parallelized this using shared memory(OpenMP) and message passing(MPI) programming models.

2D Circle Renderer

Developed and optimized a CUDA kernel to render 100K circles on a 2D canvas with alpha blending. Optimally distributed work among the thread blocks using parallel version of Prefix Sum. Leveraged thread local as well as shared memory within each block to achieve maximal speedup.

Raft algorithm for Distributed Consensus

Implemented entire protocol as prescribed in the Raft paper including leader election, basic log replication, safety and consistency after leader changes and neutralization of old leaders

Real-time Utilization Tracking and Enforcement in Linux Kernel

Added framework to enforce processor time reservation for real-time tasks on Nexus 7 tablet. This was done by adding real-time extensions to the Android Linux Kernel. Implemented rate monotonic scheduling, energy saving rate monotonic scheduling, admission test for checking schedulability and multiple bin-packing heuristics for muti-core scheduling.

Live Sequence Protocol based Bitcoin Mining Pool

Implemented the Live Sequence Protocol to transmit packets reliably over UDP. LSP is a simplified version of TCP that implements sliding window and ordered reliable delivery of packets. Implemented a distributed bitcoin mining pool using the Live Sequence Protocol. The mining search space would be partitioned among dynamically available miners to effectively use the entire mining pool.

Integration and Optimization of Automotive Vision Applications on TI TDA2x, Nvidia TX1/TX2 with 4 fisheye cameras

Integrated and optimized Surround view monitoring and Moving object detection algorithms written in C/C++ on target platform. Surround view monitoring application stitches the video feed from 4 cameras to create a single video showing ground around the car. Moving object detection highlights the parts of the video input from 4 cameras that have moving objects in them. Optimized the ported applications using DSP, GPU and vision accelerators supported by the system. Both the algorithms were run in parallel and composite output video was generated. Built a prototype to test the system. This was then deployed on the real car and evaluated.

Indoor Localization using Time of Flight

Localization of mobile node in 3 dimensions using Decawave DWM1000. The Time of Flight was calculated between the anchor nodes and the mobile nodes. The multilateration equations were solved to provide the 3-D coordinates of mobile node in real time.

Confocal Microscopy

Developed imaging software to scan the nucleus of a cell with confocal microscope. Co-authored the paper “ConFocus+: Software solution for adaptable and low-cost Con- focal Laser Scanning Microscope(CLSM)”. The paper was submitted to VIMANTRA 2013, a national level technical paper writing contest organized by National Instruments.

Stepper Motor Control of Z-axis of Confocal Microscope

Interfaced and implemented computer guided control of Stepper Motor using NI Labview to drive the Z-axis of microscope in small increments to create 3d image.

Coconut Climbing Robot

Designed and developed prototype of robot capable of climbing coconut tree.

AC Susceptometer Dipstick using Linear Variable Differentiable Transducer (LVDT)

The objective of this project is to determine the magnetic susceptibility of a ferromagnetic material in an oscillating magnetic field using an LVDT setup and a dipstick model.


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