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We are here to connect all the fish lovers around the globe. Let's Swim With Them!

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Whether you're a large-scale fish breeder or just a fish lover, get ready for some surprises!

More than just fish, Meemi includes everything a fish lover needs to know. Covering wide variety of fishes and everything related to them including stores, breeders, and all the cool fish stuffs. Check our stores to see what we have got for you. Thinking about adding your store in meemi, all you need is to (206) 428-6929 and add your store's detail. Your store will be listed in our site. Hey, don't think too much, we won't make you pay for the same. Stop spending your time here, get ready to dive into the fascinating world of fishes!

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Fine Bettas Biyyam
Betta Kl 09 Pala
Pratheesh Kannur
(407) 246-9815 Malappuram

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Manoj Alappuzha
6202592058 Pallickal
Aqua Matrix Kannur
(712) 758-7721 Kozhikode