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They live on the other side of the road.


Is humankind coming close to its end?

We've got to get you to a hospital.

Triantaphyllos thought that Neil was wasting his time studying Latin.


Nanda went first.


The clouds were driven away by the wind.

I swept the kitchen floor.

I adore that place.


It seems that supper will be late.

This guy deserves a medal.

The buildings look so tiny.


I dropped my keys.

We don't want you here.

Tracey wanted to take a nap.


It's not attractive.

This is so annoying.

Are you going to tell Pablo about the party?

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It seems less crowded during the week.

I could tell you about beekeeping for hours, but I don't want to bore you.

I'll go tell Krzysztof the good news.

Poor personal hygiene can be a sign of depression.

I was miserable and unhappy.

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If you have problems with low libido my suggestion is to go see a doctor or someone with expertise on this issue.

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The room was packed.

I had to come to terms with my present salary.

Carrots are good for the eyes. Have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses on?

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Do you feel OK today?

It's impossible to cross the river by swimming. It's too wide!

Pam said that he and Martha had had a fight.

They didn't speak to me.

They went there.

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She paid the dressmaker for her dress.

I don't like you very much.

The theater used to stay open all day long.

Tran told Teresa to be home by 2:30.

No held Arlene's hand and gave her tissues to wipe her tears.

Please stand at the stairs. This is a prerequisit for me to defend you.

She was from Kyoto, as was evident from her accent.

It is impossible for you to do so.

Coming right up, sir.


It may rain, but I will go today anyhow.

He never lets his beliefs get in the way of his duty.

What are your other choices?

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The chameleon changed its color to orange, green and yellow.


I don't have a picture of you.


Quit worrying, OK?


Let's give Rees a little more time.


Stagger dropped out of school and started working when he was thirteen.

Were you flirting with her?

Louie, your friends are coming.

We're hungry.

He looks gloomy.


Human rights? Send human rights to hell, where they belong. That's what the neocons think about human rights.

Ross wasn't fooled for a second.

I feel good.

Animals are our friends.

Don't dismiss any possibility.

Happy Halloween!

It made my hair stand on end.

Bobby had appendicitis.

Tickets are now on sale.

Oscar was my mom's dog.

She looked him right in the eyes.

Needless to say, diligence is a key to happiness.

You shouldn't hang out with people like that.

We are bound to obey laws.

Maybe we'll see Carol again in a few years.

You still love him, don't you?

She felt in her handbag for her ring.

Dimetry is quite unhappy.

Do you want fries with that?

Next period is a German test.

Reports are due next Monday.


He used to haunt those caves as a little boy.


Myrick turned away from the window.


I'll handle things here.

Does this come in any other color?

They're going to blame Galen for this.


The kindergarten children were walking hand in hand in the park.

You are really crafty.

You fixed it, didn't you?

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I could not walk.

There is probably an easy solution to the problem.

I'd like to hear you sing.

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You seem to be relieved.

Vaughn dyes his hair, doesn't he?

There is a garden in front of the house.

There was no real evidence against Rakhal.

I wish you were close to me.

I have to have an interview before taking the examination.

Those huge metallic boxes you see in the ship are called by the name of containers.

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My sister is volunteering more and more of her free time to the student union.

Your student called me.

That man is a man content with his fate.


I saw you having coffee this morning with Linda.

Very good! You did an excellent job.

He was aware of being watched.

There were beautiful flowers on the reception desk.

I'm on my own.

The real name of Obamacare is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Snap out of it.


My piggy bank was broken by my naughty sister.

Give me a hand here.

Let Huey live.

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Angels are now singing.

When will that picture I wanted enlarged be ready?

Like it or not, you have to take this medicine.

She helps her.

I came.

Do either of you know a guy named Perry Jackson?

What are we going to do this summer?

We slowly approached them.

The murderer is always the gardener.

Stop acting like a child.

Damone won't stop.

Diane couldn't have helped Johnathan.

I don't want you with me.

I've got to go in there.

I'll give it to her.


Is that a concern?

Pascal had to carry all three suitcases.

He is what is called a walking encyclopedia.

Are you guys going to vote for Gill Jackson?

Am I correct in assuming you regret doing that?

It went great.

Why is Ninja still standing outside in the rain?


I just spoke with the captain.

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We had unexpected visitors.


There is nothing new transpired since I wrote you last.

He's crazy about me.

I didn't eat all the fries because they were too oily.

I remember asking an old man the way.

I don't want to forget Marsha's face.

There is no reason why I should help him.

Don't talk to him like that.


Happiness is a flower that must not be picked.

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Over the holidays I didn't do anything.

I need skin burn ointment.

Malcolm is going east.

That wasn't difficult.

I believe Tandy did mean that.

Josh thinks he knows what will happen next.

Having finished lunch, we went skating.

He does not know.

I didn't go to sleep.


Louiqa didn't know how to ask Perry to leave without hurting her feelings.

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The statue of Hachiko, the faithful dog, stands in front of Shibuya Station.

Ok, let's give it a try.

You can get dressed now.


Our conversation always ends in a quarrel.

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We made Ramanan an offer he couldn't refuse.

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The villages in the Alps are very picturesque.

I didn't even know that.

I'll get my bag out of the car.


I want a raise.


Andy must've forgotten his key.


This photo isn't hers. It's ours.