What he writes apart from his sentences is understandable, though full of errors and stylistic flaws. But when he tackles writing his example sentences, it's just incomprehensible bullshit.

It's work.

She didn't know that part of the city.

My daughter is having dinner.

My pride prevented me from borrowing money from him.

Shai got good at tennis.


Do you also have child portions?


I felt tired all the time.

Dan vomitted in the car.

Don't be late for school again.


Heads or tails?


This subject is extremely controversial.


Those children always get into trouble with their parents.


This restaurant is busier on Saturdays.

Many are against this bill.

Jwahar came to Boston hoping to find a job.


I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave.

Give me something to do.

Please replace it.


I'm not hurt.

He's in the shower.

I have a hard time believing that.

Some people had to use false names to get work.

Your idea is not entirely crazy.

Brooke and Jimmy usually speak French to each other.

We actually didn't see the accident.

This may end up being somebody else's problem.

The entry words are arranged alphabetically.

He appeared at exactly five o'clock.

Can you ask Emily to come in?


Help me to do it.

It appears that her injury was pretty bad.

Vance won't go alone.


Jayesh says it's a waste of time to try to please everybody.

We can't leave her there.

Now, the situation is out of hand.

I hope you're convinced.

Carlos went away and came back with the book.

Giles looks really good.

It was a bummer.

That's something you'll regret.

I'm sure that's what Vic would want.

Our office is on the northern side of the building.

Don't give up on love.


We were in the third row from the front.

I'd like two one-way tickets from A to B.

Ravi wanted to be an astronaut when he was young.

I want to love and be loved.

Michael is waiting for me there.

I'm quite comfortable with my decision.

I will be at home tomorrow.


Lisa probably wanted to just stay at home and go to sleep.


The grammar of Esperanto is very easy.

He went so far as to hit the girl to make her obey his orders.

You live near here, don't you?


We never figured out why.

The city is divided into ten administrative districts.

I don't plan on retiring yet.

Let's not forget why we're here.

Two months ago I did work experience in a factory.

As soon as Vicky gets here, we'll leave.

The trail ahead looked rough.

Hold on, please.

I think you should take the job.

(317) 223-2094

Nobody has to know about what you just did.

Did the accident really come to pass last year?

Put your hands out.

They'll be well paid.

I'm flying to Germany.


I'm interested in the society page of that newspaper.

I have plans with Roderick tonight.

When's the big day?

Jane seems to have a new boyfriend.

You know your old once students less and less choose you as their mentor.

Your room looks as if a bomb hit it!

Can I see the menu, please?

This rose is very beautiful.

Hubert has got more homework than me.


There was no one who did not enjoy the party.

Where can I go to buy art books and catalogues?

He is nothing but a businessman.


When I went to bed on the evening of November 27, I picked up my blind cat and said to her, "You and me, we're alone in this world." But two days later, my blind cat died, and I've remained completely and utterly alone.

She always speaks to him in a loud voice because he's hard of hearing.

He's learning French so he can get a better salary.

I've never given anyone a Hermes scarf.

I usually don't continue reading books that I don't like.

Don't you think this is interesting?

The thick walls baffle outside noises.

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He needs a cup of sugar.

Will you give me something to drink?

He is a respected professor of physics.


I need to have a word with George.

Would you agree with that?

It has never happened.

The turban is important in Sikhism.

We asked Jisheng about that.

The problem is not what he said, but how he said it.

I used to be really cis, but by now I've become pretty genderqueer.

Mott lost his friends.

By the time you realize I'm gone, I'll be miles away. Don't try to find me.

It may occur at any moment.

I liked them before they became popular.


It poured for three days.

I often lie on this bench.

Detective Dan Anderson checked Linda for weapons.


She's down to earth.

Evan really sounds upset.

I thought you knew that.


Thanks to the Internet, the world is beginning to turn away from the centralization of resources and power that characterized the Industrial Revolution.

We're all tired of this.

Where would you go?


Samir might have a crush on Phil.

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I admire his aristocratic manners.

Did Marc tell you that?

Nobody seemed to notice that.

I'm good, how 'bout you?

Pierce sent Mah a text message.

(250) 454-6199

Michelle wanted Amigo and John to be nicer to each other.

And Jacob put his rough hand reverently upon the open Bible that lay on Craig's knees.

You're a good boss.

I don't want anyone to know I'm here.

Why would you want to hire Franklin?

Did you actually talk to him?

Dennis likes fashion and make-up.


He finished sorting the papers.

I've never heard Marguerite complain before.

The wall appeared to be smooth and impenetrable.


If two people are in agreement, one of them is unnecessary.

They're in my office.

Call me when you can.

You don't need to know how it works.

Tell Roy to take a hike.


Are you saying you don't want to be here with me?

I don't like to cook when it's hot outside.

I can't believe that's what's really troubling Morgan.

What language do they speak in the US?

Did Gunter tell you why he quit his job?

Dion has more money than I do.

Brandy convinced me that it wasn't his fault.

I'm pretty sure that Hughes likes Donnie.

Why must you tease me?

The timing was impeccable.

You need to stop smoking.


Mr. Johnson is a wonderful music teacher.


Why don't you get into the water?

What did you and Marlena fight about?

He's an Asian-American.

He grunted his thanks.

You had a big fight with Moe last night, didn't you?


You're holding my hand in the photo.

Don't disturb me while I'm studying.

Here is your dog.

This destructive world has already experienced two world wars.

Her father didn't allow her to go to movies alone.

What is the name of the building whose roof you can see?

His head was gray.

I like what I do.

The two boys cooked their meal between them.


"And if your brother turned up at the party without notice tomorrow?" "I would be very happy that he came."

I don't understand anything.

It's difficult to get a job at the moment


Where can you find the closest store?

Your role will be to direct this project to its conclusion.

The doesn't like you very much.

I never thought I'd do that.

I don't know where your umbrella is.