Give us something to work on.

I have received no reply from you yet.

Don't call him that.

Don't worry about Pilot. He always acts that way.

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I'll never lose hope.

There were toward a thousand people.

Don't worry. It's probably a false alarm.

I have two eyes.

Torsten's office door was unlocked, but nothing was found missing.

Change can and will happen.

Just let us in.

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It is said that truth always triumphs.

Avery doesn't know I like him.

The father and the son will be tried for homicide.

There is not much traffic on this road.

He is always seeking for fame and wealth.

I've been waiting here for him since this morning.

I saw Sandeep and Steven holding hands.


The peace talks failed again, with both sides blaming the other for the failure.

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A person never reading anything may be fooled with an extraordinary easiness.

Where do you want to go today?

When I was little, my grandmother would put out a small bowl of milk specifically for hedgehogs.

It is otherwise correct.

I swerved to avoid hitting a skunk.

Milner left that.

Connie looked away and pretended to ignore Kate.


That amounts to the same thing.

Everyone knows that Josh has a thing for you.

You're wide of the mark.


I'm actually doing quite well.

Our school stands on a hill, so we can see the town.

He teaches them how to speak Japanese.

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Could I have three cinnamon donuts?

The carriageway was reduced to one lane.

It turned out that he was her father.

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Vivek couldn't believe what was happening.


Hand me the letter.


You haven't called, have you?

Is there postal service on Sunday?

The airplane arrived at 9:03 to the minute.

I will wait until she comes.

That will be better than the factory.


I'm not a racist. You're the racist.


Another beer please.


Do you have a garage?

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When he come back, I'll say to him.


Life is great.

Once again.

Have you ever made ice cream?


Joanne is personable.

Does your brother have his own house in Germany?

When the fire broke out, he was sound asleep.

Why don't you talk to us now?

I like it more and more.

I knew you wouldn't pass the exam.

If I want it so badly, I need to cultivate it. I have no choice.

Used car salesmen are a disreputable bunch.

I just haven't been able to reach Pilot.

Metaphors are used in everyday life.

I sat down next to him.


He told me he was going to America.

I heard that Jayant is going to turn himself in to the police.

I don't treat you like enemies.

I want to know who you are.

Mann spends a lot of time in his room studying.


The couple has been falling out over what TV program to watch for over a week.

Look, calm down everyone and tell me: what happened?

Petr is confident and independent.

Compared with the level of a year ago, the price is sharply lower.

I told her to wear a hat.

How about a little wine?

I just want to know what you did this morning.


In October, the leaves begin to fall.

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Nobody told me that it was going to cost this much.

To my dismay I found I had lost my money.

Where did Deborah want to go?

The boss spoke in a condescending tone when addressing the female staff members.

Please put your stuff in the closet.

The first and favourite amusement of a child, even before it begins to play, is that of imitating the works of man.

Who is buying what?

Hughes and Shatter seem happy together.

It looks like you're pretty clever.


Spring is here.

In order to give him a surprise on his birthday, I prepared a fantastic cake.

When can I see Byron again?


She is dear to me.

Isn't he a little young?

I gather you were unsuccessful.

Susumu showed no emotion.

He made good use of the opportunity.

I thought Stan would take Kory out for dinner.

I'm driving her home afterwards.


Now that I notice it, I have nowhere to run.

Earnie needs all the practice he can get.

Marguerite realized he was in trouble.

Love, smoke and cough are hard to hide.

I'm sorry I lied to you.

If we stay here, we might be safe.

Sekar was talking to me.


Fay was unlucky.

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I'm waiting for you to help me.


Do you promise?

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Stop acting like a spoilt child.

Is Kyle here now?

It's an older version but it shouldn't matter.


Paula made a list.

The band played several marches.

I told Dani to ignore it.


The taxi drew up to me.

A millennium is made up of a hundred decades.

Nate is too proud to give up.

Tollefsen is brushing her hair.

I know that if we discuss it, we can find a solution that will satisfy both of us.

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Why did you come in here?

Bradley is only in it for the money.

He lost the respect of his people when he accepted the money.

I was trying to say something when you so rudely interrupted.

I'm financially secure.

Who's your favorite female rapper?

I haven't eaten very much but have gained as much as five kilos in a half year.

This hurts more than you can imagine.

The music was terrific.

What was left?

What can make you to change your mind?

Individual freedom is the foundation of democracy.

Mats is effective.

The king's mother is dead.

It was so cold I clung to the blanket all day.

I never want to have kids.

All generalizations are false, including this one.

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I just took a shit.

Rupert would never lie to Sridhar.

We're trying.


Jackye was skiing down a mountain.

It is necessary that they see a doctor.

I'm going to get some grub and I'll be back.

I didn't expect you back so soon.

Lynne has asthma.


I think you know I like you a lot.


Please don't leave me with him.

I am looking for a job with the Cultural Minister of France.

Three people can keep a secret so long as two of them are dead.

What's the name of this river?

Does anybody really think Dewey didn't kill Eddie?

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Sekar pretended not to hear what was going on.

Andy is never late for a date.

He saved the situation.

I smell something burning, Mother.

An elephant has a long nose.

I don't know how to reach you.

The old man who'd fallen was really Buddha.

Let's try again.

We don't need to go any further.


How can you tolerate that rude fellow?


Do you drink tea?


Luke had no intention on waiting until Pratapwant got back.


Kevyn hit me on the head.

George W. Bush choked on a pretzel and fainted.

This movie is frightening to the children.

Boyd tried and failed.

Speak with me.