You have one minute to decide.

Are there any cute boys in your class?

She is five years his junior.

I was just arriving when she left.

The deadline is drawing near.

Today is Wednesday. I am reading.

She realized her ambition to become a great scientist.

You will understand it as time passes.

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She has a lot of gray hair.

Is Micky there already?

The ink is still wet.


I try not to worry about you.

Can I eat this bread?

Money doesn't just fall from the sky.


Let dinner wait.

Metin can play the piano better than I can.

You look in the mirror and feel like a shitty person.

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Is this the dictionary which you are looking for?

Kenton declared himself Jack the Ripper's son.

Let's hit the road.

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Don't trample on the grass.

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Sergio gave Lindsay a thumbs up.

They exchanged their camera for a guitar.

How many books have you read so far this summer?

"Would you like some tea?" "Yes, please."

This keyboard is perfect.

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Some people live only with what they find in big dumping grounds.

I know this area like the back of my hand.

Do you want to become an astronaut?

Don't leave me alone.

It's too early to know.

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Don't let Wayne touch this.

You'll have to answer for your behavior.

Don't try to pretend you're innocent.


It was very cold, but we went out.


He has impeccable manners, which means you can never be sure what he actually thinks!

I just want to get everyone home.

It's pretty stiff.

As I thought, Catherine is a beautiful girl after all.

She died in her bed.

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The police arrested the wrong man.


John's hand is clean.


Cole isn't going to like this one bit.


Who didn't write his name?

We will let him try.

Stop beating around the bush and tell us what you really think.


She took in the washing when it started to rain.


Will you have some more tea?

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Most rivers flow to the sea.


I don't have anything to tell you.

I'm getting fat.

Aren't you going to miss him?

I go to sleep at about midnight.

Donn knows where Victoria went.

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We'll see each other later!

Bees are social animals.

Because one put on a gold necklace, the other put on a string.

Socorrito didn't want to hear anything I had to say.

They hung streamers from the ceiling in preparation for the party.

Have you heard about the result of the game?

It's important to back up claims with evidence.

Barry asked me to help him put new frets on his guitar.

You are here in order to obey my commands.

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You wouldn't have recognized Roxana.

I will pay the money to you.

Come visit us soon.

These patterns show you how to make sentences.

There was no mistake on his part.

Is Pablo going to swim tomorrow?

Tricia told everyone he was adopted.


My work is finished.

What chord is that?

You shouldn't just give up.

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I don't dissolve them in acid.

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I explained the accident to him.

She will give a party next week.

You'll do as I say.

Cookie was raised by Kate.

Panos doesn't understand what's going on either, but he won't admit it.

He can also speak French.

It was just a joke!


Compared to Snoopy, Charlie Brown is not well known at all in Japan.

I'll call him first thing in the morning.

The shorter the proverb, the more questions.

Jay took the butter out of the refrigerator.

Tanaka would be a better teacher if he were more patient.

I think we'll have to help Shai.

Everyone knew them.

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Frederick will eat you alive.

Gretchen shoved his wet clothes into the dryer.

Though she is rich, she is not happy.

If you want to speak English as fluently as me, you must learn as much as I did.

She pushed him off the pier.


He isn't at home.

Why were you helping Blaine?

I don't approve of your going out with him.

It was dark and cold in the room.

Who are you to second guess him?

It's so funny to speak in so many languages.

Elliot is lying in bed, asleep.

He is very intelligent, as is his brother.

Even angels can't satisfy everyone.

As long as we're all just hanging around chatting, may I make a suggestion? Get back to work!

Don't let them do it.

Their job is to wash the cars.

He gave a lot to me.

The old man made out his will.

They are Japanese sumo wrestlers.


It's a crime the way he treats his children.


Ahmed is a heavy tea drinker.


I'm not home Sundays.


He walks to school.

Takayuki took off his coat and hung it up.

So we'd better stay home.

I only had two glasses of wine.

I need some time with him.

Seemingly no one payed attention to his words.

Vadim is awful.

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Dan failed as a travel agent.

Winter is the most favorite season of mine.

What was Phill working on?

I couldn't hear myself think.

If your baby is prone to rashes, you may want to apply diaper cream, powder, or petroleum jelly after cleaning your baby's bottom.

I'm going to go see what's going on.

Sriram is a high school teacher.


We waited anxiously.

The joke amused the audience.

This translation is better than that one.

He isn't able to buy a car.

The architect boasted that he had received a prestigious award.

Daren had two pairs of skis tied to the roof of his car.

The orange appears rotten inside.

This is complicated.

That was pretty selfish of Jaime not to let you use the car.

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I'll be sure to tell him that.


You didn't have to come so early.

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He is related to her by marriage.


Stop that!

Children love to dig in the sand.

Everyone was talking at once, so I couldn't get a word in edgewise.


It was easy to obtain.

I'll teach you some manners!

Kinch often comes over and swims laps in our swimming pool.

They may need some money.

I'm glad you're over your cold.

I must look a sight.

I want my key back.


Shouldn't we wait for Roberto?


You don't seem to get it, Sekar.

Is this yours?

Cindie and his brother played on the same team, but not at the same time.

Hein won't heed the warning.

Barbra attached the string to the kite.

She wished he had more time for her.

They will arrive a week from today.

You won't be able to try it.

You shouldn't live merely in pursuit of your own happiness.

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Do you want to ask me any questions?

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You're standing in my way.