I lied to you because I didn't want to go.

The whole county is favoring critical budget revisions which promise to protect education.

Hey, do you guys want to order a pizza?

I have been a teacher for 15 years.

Dick appears to be losing.

Kate moved out of his parents' house.

Have I broken a law, officer?

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Have you a dog?


A lot of kids wear them.

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Jenine isn't licensed.

How come you speak French so well?

The general use of forks for eating started in the tenth century A.D.

He does everything at the last moment.

This hole should be stopped up.


I thought you guys were my friends.

He suddenly became very happy.

I guess you didn't quite understand me.

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Let's cross that bridge when we get there.


I am standing up.

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I should've known Oliver wouldn't do what we asked him to do.


That's probably not so.

Monsters know better than bothering me.

What is the difference between simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese?

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She'd just begun to read the book when someone knocked on the door.


Don't be so humble, you are not that great.

Bill is a regular fool.

In the special forces, the first thing you lose is your self-esteem. They'll make you hate yourself. Then they'll make you hate the others. Then, they'll teach you how to harm without having any compassion to the others.


How much are we going to get paid?

His brave deeds brought him a medal.

You have been playing.


Sanand doesn't need to use a cane.

She has a gentle heart.

Jim had hardly got home when he crept into bed.

My father won't allow me to do that.

Let's hope Dean is smart.

How many times a month do you write letters?

There is a lake in front of my house.

Brent and Helen were sitting across from each other at a table on the veranda.

My brother is an idiot.

The young man put out his hand and I shook it.

I've been having strange dreams lately.

The liner will call at Kobe.

Tickets are available online only.


Deirdre wrote a book about a young man who, in the distant future, falls in love with an extraterrestrial girl, during an invasion of the earth.

I can't care anymore.

The rain stopped as soon as they went inside.


Winter is coming on.


Isn't that your dictionary?

Aren't you a banker?

I learned to play the guitar when I was ten.

How much do you pay your gardener?

Debbie isn't Tobias's boyfriend.

This town is really dead at night.

Have you been working there for long?

His heart was pounding as he told me that.

It's what was agreed to.

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The Japanese are most polite when dealing with friends.

My brother's broken his leg and has to use crutches for three weeks.

Gale wouldn't believe me.


I'm getting a lawyer.

Don't sugarcoat it.

Life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about.

I tell Slartibartfast everything.

Everybody laughed except me.


It's not quite as bad as it sounds.

I will stay until the end.

Do you know how to reach me?

Nora wants me to give you a message.

How many days are there before Christmas?

The play is over.

She is having dinner now.

I can't agree with you as regards that matter.

Carlos is probably going to agree.


You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

I want to ask Pablo something.

I haven't made much progress.

Do cheer up, Marie!

He bought some chocolate for her.

And there we were: the best of any house.

Should the rich be forced to part with some of their wealth in order to help the poor?

Charleen has to do that.

The manager made an apology for having been out.

Everyone looked at Brad again.

My father is bound for London.

Wendy is perfect.

She made me cry.

Garlic gives off a strong odor.

There's no one but me here.

Someone has ransacked the place.

It's warm today so you can swim in the sea.


I'm ready to respond.


What are you doing this evening?

I'm in jail.

Everything's sold out.


Do you want a lift home?

Would you go back to Boston if you could?

Drill little holes into my eyelids that I might see you when I sleep


Travis and Nicholas never met again.


I wish we could just ask her.

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After a while, the little black rabbit sat down, and looked very sad.

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We're always careful.

They bought a house on Park Street.

Hi, my name's Laurence!


He's in the closet.


You must come to the party by all means.

It is a long story.

He returns from Boston tomorrow.

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She touched the bruise on his arm.


Do you have an extra blanket?

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Are they in love?

You shot them.

Micah is out to get me.


Were you jealous of him?


I wonder which of you will win.

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Unfortunately, our father is not in heaven, but in a jail cell.


I hope you'll enjoy your stay.

"Why am I so tall?" someone asked his father. The father answered him: "Because you're my son, of course."

It sounds like someone's crying.

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I don't like Lester either.

The soup in the pot tasted very salty.

In order to isolate him from bacteria, and such, he is not allowed visitors.

The mystery surrounding his death was played up by the media.

We're very busy right now.


Looking into the room, I found nobody there.

I must destroy you.

I'm crazy about soccer.

We have no other choice.

As you already know, I don't speak French very well, so I'd rather not give a speech in French.

He acknowledged his mistake.

I'll shine your shoes.


Keep your hands to yourself.


The sprinkler is shooting out a stream of water onto the grass.

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I'm coming back home by bus.

We won all three games.

Steen might pull through.

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The apple trees will probably start to blossom next week.

Mats asked Markus some stupid questions that she refused to answer.

It's been a really good year.

We are all in agreement.

"Takatukaland" ist a nice mnemonic for a five-four time signature: Takatukalantakatukalantakatukaland...


Give Sarah a second.

You're going to be fine.

What about the tall grass you left over by the cellar door?

I gave you my word.

In Canada, you're not allowed to drink until you are 20.

Vadim drew a spaceship.

I can't promise that.

He succeeded in solving the question.

Who could do that?

Did Pierette tell you about his past?

Women are people.

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This is a waterproof clock.

What a miser you are!

I'd like to live in Rome someday.

They went down to the country.

I love Ramesh's smile.