Masanao will be shocked.

Donald pressed the rewind button on the VCR.

Liyuan has never hurt anyone.

You're the only person I know here in Boston.

I was teaching.

A day on the road is good for you.

Sadly, women do not seem to have much value in other counties; this often seems to be due to patriarchal and sexist laws being applied upon populations, therefore perpetuating the patriarchal ideal that women are not equivalent to men.


The cow cast her calf.

I want you to go somewhere.

That's enough of that.

How did you get like this?

They began to make violent attacks against the enemy.

The association has excluded amateurs ever since its foundation.

Let me explain myself.


Amanda won't tell me why.


It's too late to help Molly.


He will have to repeat the school year.

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Don is ten pounds heavier than Jack.

Ofer lives on the other side of town.

Mikael will do anything we want him to do.

She took me around the shops.

Don't do it, Gypsy.

It's really cold tonight.

Teriann's suitcase is on the bed.

It's been six years since I started to study English.

I'm great at advice.

I dreamed that I was eating my granddaughter's wedding cake.

Jun called me after Hwa called him.

He did not live up to expectations.

Forget the old saw: some men are, in fact, islands.

The readers of that book think themselves sophisticated.

You don't know my brother.

That's a huge number.

I passed a boy in the street.


She doesn't like to work.

If possible, I'd like to read more about this subject.

The sheep were feeding in the meadow.

I've got to do something.

I heard her sing a song.

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Come home at once.

I want some help.

But that's another story entirely.


No one is answering.

It wasn't just me.

Vladislav came at me with a knife.

It was the moral thing to do.

I have all suits made to order.

I was really upset.

Marnix looked at Bryce and laughed.


We are cheeping like sparrows.


Is Jane a nice guy?

While one of them sped around major parts of the property on the mower, a second made a few sweeps at some tall weeds on the edge of my wife's garden, and the third got into the truck and smoked a cigarette.

It is delicious.

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I didn't think this would happen.


Aha, you did it, didn't you?

Do you have anything special in mind?

I bet five dollars that he will not come.

Now, it's my turn to help you.

Ed tells me the same thing all the time.

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If my parents punished me for something I didn't do, I would tell them the truth and try to convince them of my innocence.

Were you tactful?

Gene stayed with me until the ambulance arrived.

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All of the flowers are paper.


I really like that dress.


Let me see you eat it.


We could hear sirens outside.

Judith has been here since 2:30.

It's nice to have choices.


It is psychologically difficult for her to say no.

Will goes to Boston three times a month.

The English used in the composition is too good. She can't have written it herself.


We've arrived.

Balls are round.

There is no way of knowing where he's gone.


Are you going to school by bus?

I wish I could see them again.

Kirsten ambushed a policeman and killed him with an ax.

I never meant to get your hopes up.

I intended to have gone fishing.


Where did you write them?

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French is hard to learn.

Finger flicks are the strongest weapon for killing cockroaches.

Sandeep is talking with Eileen on the porch.


She must have forgotten all about the promise.


Martin and Dani have been friends since high school.

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I'd like to stay here until Clare gets back.

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Pandora wiggled his toes.


Just tell him the truth.

We're looking for a place to eat.

Owen says he'll go to Boston in October.


I was very much shocked to hear his daughter using such bad language.

Man, you're something!

Van might be able to help you study for your exam.

I want to ask them when their wedding day is.

I made a promise to them.

Moran was very quick to volunteer.

Rod used his umbrella as a weapon.

How soon can you be here?

They work with us.

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Prices right now are sky-high.


Dan didn't even realize that he had been swindled.


Poor people, don't eat each other. Eat the rich, they're plumper.

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They all did it.

How did we reach this point?

This meat is kosher.


The two boys were stopped and searched by the police.

I don't read.

The vase broken by him is my aunt's.

I came, I saw, I conquered.

Luc told me to stay here until he got back.


I am looking forward to going to the zoo.

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I thought you knew I was just kidding.

Kurt tapped Derek on the shoulder.

This sushi restaurant has a conveyor belt that carries sushi.


He married his daughter to a rich man.


Maybe Linley will apologize to Olof.

You're bleeding.

I'd rather stay home than go out.

Some people are good talkers and others good listeners.

It used to be better.

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Instead of going myself, I sent a gift.

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He took a taxi to get there in time.

Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust.

Ron is pretty good at telling jokes.

When will uncle come from Vijayawada?

Are you going to tell me what's wrong?

A crisis in France could be bad for America.

Rod almost laughed.

I want to go skiing with her.

I guess I don't have a choice.


We could all go together.


Stewart doesn't know much about sports.

Can you imagine what life will be like for them now?

Stuart speaks a little French.

That is my father's first letter.

He is often taken for a student.

I don't have much to work with.

Could you drive more slowly?


Kris is my wife.


Please don't drink beer before going to bed.

The exact same thing happened to Graham.

A burglar made away with my wife's diamond ring.

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He wasn't able to explain what had happened.

He owns several hotels. In a word, he is a multimillionaire.

I didn't have any choice.

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Wendy is dependable.

Cats are nocturnal animals.

Her fever came down to normal.

The address was transmitted by radio.

Today is fucking cold.

Sanford looked Vernon in the eyes.

Their eyes were full of sadness.


I really miss my girlfriend.