I wish I was in Boston.


Jesus takes checks.


Shatter must've tried cleaning this without using soap.

Does this belong to Irvin?

I know that can't really happen.

This afternoon I feel very tired.

His lack of technical knowledge precluded him from promotion.

Why did you tell us first?

He was looked up to as their leader.

I shouldn't even be here.

He made his intentions clear.

Panos won't tell me why Harry isn't here.

Dan was approached by a co-worker who told him that Linda had come to see him.

You should do it.

I felt comfortable.

Don't use too much water.

Outside the town a great scaffold had been erected, and all round were standing the soldiers, and hundreds of thousands of people. The King and Queen were sitting on a magnificent throne opposite the judges and the whole council.

Two of her tears wetted his eyes and they grew clear again, and he could see with them as before. He led her to his kingdom where he was joyfully received, and they lived for a long time afterwards, happy and contented.

My girlfriend is crying.

They made crude jokes.

The landscape was dotted with green and grey shrubs.

He is guilty of corrupting the young.

I don't feel very well. I should go home.


My heart aches.

I do want to be remembered.

What I told you about him also holds true for his brother.

The utmost God has forgotten to be God.

Marek and Tracy talked about what had happened.

I am constantly forgetting people's names.

Brad has been very successful.

Women inspire us to do great things - and then stop us from doing them.

You took pictures at the wedding, didn't you?


Can't you even do simple arithmetic?


You really do look beautiful.

George is not the active person he used to be.

Russell pleaded no contest.

Get down here!

I feel horrible.


I wrote a letter yesterday.

Ning wishes he were a millionaire.

Jay cares more than you think.

I'll stay in Moscow for six days.

Please stop singing that song.


I don't know what motivated me to come here.

I lost my patience.

Dale wore a red scarf around her neck.

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I know how you feel about doctors.

It was clear to Sri that Case wasn't going to change her mind.

We'll talk about this some more later.

Rick is hard-working.

Wolf's parents got divorced when he was thirteen.

Petr likes to sing.

I would like to speak to Marla.

Do you remember the time when we were children, and travelled on a train?

Guy stumbled out the door.


It took me a long time to recover from pneumonia.


It was her idea to sell the house.

You have to be up-front and candid at interviews.

Is that car too small?

Evelyn wanted to meet me.

Cory never fails to send a birthday present to his father.

She is just an ordinary girl.

Tovah will be happy to show you the way.


Why did God create the universe?

You'll find it under the kitchen stove.

Helge burned himself on the stove.

I have dinner with Taninna almost every day.

There are dozens of trees in the garden.

Would you like to tell the next story?

You will soon cease to think of her.

Wade was given full custody of the children.

You'll never have my psychedelic pencil!


Miriam was startled by a knock on the door.

Here are five amazing facts about English today.

I was brought up under rigid discipline.

I look like Kelly.

Thomson found out that atoms are indivisible.

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You should consult a doctor.

It can't last much longer.

I'd like three lumps of sugar in the milk.


You don't have to wrap it up.

We want to go.

I've lived in Realengo since 1993.

Tai doesn't work as much as he used to.

Thanks for asking.


She made a wonderful speech at her friend's wedding reception.

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Evan persuaded Charley not to go.

Geoffrey may have been busy.

Can you tell me why you like him?

Where is the ship now?

Killer whales are beautiful but dangerous.

I don't know anyone named Ted.

Ragnar and Harry will co-host the show.

We'll have a small comfortable house.

Is there anything you can do for Winston?

Jianyun took one of his gloves off.

This clearly bothers Charleen.

I'll find another job.

Wait until the crowd scatters.

I'm not so sure it was Kristen.

Where is the nearest police station?

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How many men do you have?

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Don't expect everyone to be here on time.

They finished 13th.

Young people grew up with the Internet.

What is his wife like?

Donn goes for a walk every day.

His remark was really out of line.

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air because of your own energy needs.

She gave birth to a healthy baby.

The great dog by the yard gate of a nobleman's mansion sits proudly on the top of his kennel when the sun shines, and barks at every one that passes; but if it rains, he creeps into his house, and there he is warm and dry.

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It's more interesting to travel alone than to go on a group tour.

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He put special emphasis on the problem.

I would like to write a book about Cyprus.

Morton said he didn't speak French very well.

There is nothing I like so much as the smell of roses.

Since when do you care about what happens to us?

The policeman demanded their names and addresses.

See you tomorrow in the office.


Until now the city of Bilbao has been characterized as a rough, industrial city.

It's not over till the fat lady sings.

Caleb pretended he was still asleep.

I'm pretty sure Roxie used to live in Boston.

I admire his talent.

Piercarlo is seldom late for school.

I appeal to him for his advice.

During the fire, he kept his wits about him.

Set the clock right.

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Can you tell one bird from another by hearing them?

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I won't translate such a negative sentence.

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I am thankful for friends who keep me active and social.


Do you want to eat now or not?

I don't know when he'll come again.

She was reading a gardening manual.

Saad will always be there.

What're Patrick and Lawrence doing here?

I have only myself to thank for this mess.

Why didn't you think of that?

Rex has a big black cock.

I have an interest in Oriental ceramics.

Children need love, especially when they don't deserve it.

Let me speak.


Tracey says he has no idea what he should do.


I think you'll like it.

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Kee doesn't want to go out.

I'm not dating Marvin.

I met him here.

What kind of damage has he caused?

It's just a matter of time before Sri gets into trouble again.

Did you turn off the heater?

Beckie is quite clearly out of danger.


We had to show our papers at the security desk.


I have to get this spade fixed.

Somebody might've overheard your conversation with Huey.

It's a little late for that, don't you think?


I'm glad we came here.

What's it going to take for you to finally yield?

Japan imports a large quantity of oil.

Ken likes music very much.

Take me to the hospital.

What makes this one special?

Mats works in a hospital.

What mileage do you get with this car?

That one is all yours.


He fanned the fire into flame.

I will discuss the question with you in detail.

All the buildings on this block will be demolished.