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Est. 1994
For over 23 years, PEPID has been a leading developer of clinical and drug information resources and mobile applications for healthcare providers, hospitals and schools.

Medical Content and Tools

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"PEPID is a comprehensive, reliable tool that you'll use almost as often as your stethoscope."
Alex Mohseni, MD
"I use PEPID all the time in the ED and have for years. I appreciate all the effort and the good solid product. More than once I have been a better doctor because of PEPID."
John C., Medical Director, Redington Fairview General Hospital
"...having reliable and accurate medical information at hand makes what I do so much easier and safer!"
Larissa Braun, RN, BSN

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The PEPID Knowledge Base

For Healthcare Information System Integration

Integrate the PEPID Knowledge Base (PKB) for a more powerful, more helpful healthcare information system. The PKB gives each member of your care team access to disease profiles, pill pictures, drug interactions checkers, drug monographs, and much more directly from your EMR, EHR, EDIS, HIS, HIE, ePrescribe, or other healthcare information system.

The PKB:

  • Easily integrates using our Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Cross-maps to any nomenclature system
  • Continuously provides up-to-the-minute information, reducing maintenance costs

Clinical decision support modules
available for integration

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Preview PEPID's voice-activated feature currently in development for Amazon Echo devices.

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