I was scared to be alone in the dark.

There isn't an orange above the table.


Don't worry. I'll talk to her.

What's your major, Sean?

I've become disenchanted with politics.

Beckie doesn't know that she's adopted.

I'm fairly certain Pradeep would have fun there.

The deep night and the full moon offered us only the atmosphere as a gift.

I saw it all in a dream last night.

I have always wanted to be a singer.

Employees were allowed to share in reading customer compliments.

I thought she was sick.

Lowell promised to take me fishing.

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They missed the deadline.

Give us a demonstration.

Les has something hidden behind his back.

If you find a mistake, please leave a comment.

I didn't want Kari to resign.


I've never dated her. She's just a friend.

If you don't tell us, we'll kill you.

Noam is an amazing person.

You should call Mark as soon as possible.

The test was real easy.

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Oscar offered to drive Lou home after work.

Do you want any of these books?

Brendan asked me to speak to Claudia.

We cannot walk on the hot sand with bare feet.

Sanford and I ate stew for dinner.

It's a pity that Kylo can't come.

You are incredibly naive!


The unsupervised children got up to all sorts of mischief.

Go away leave me alone!

Sedovic was happy that his daughter drew him a picture and he thought about it all day.

Japanese companies have set up factories on every continent, and Japanese banks help finance many of the world's major economic programs.

I just now signed the divorce papers, and with this I'm finally free!

I dry my shirt.

No one knows my broken dream.

His notions were what is called advanced.

Times are not always the same, the grass is not always green.

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Would it kill you to visit me once in a while?

They couldn't think where to go.

My printer is very low on all four ink cartridges, and the quality of the printing is poor.

I'm sorely puzzled.

Herbert Hoover won the election of 1928.

We're not sure what's going on.

I have friends.

His failure was the last thing that I expected.

Russia wasn't capitalist.

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Brender wanted to have the best looking Halloween costume at the party.

This is the first time I've killed a mouse.

Teriann added more wood to the fire.

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Don't fellow me.

Do you like French opera?

I was frightened.

It was very nice of you to help me with my homework.

Page wants us to leave.


You're the one I love the most.


Lithuanian is a good language.

We would play baseball after school in those days.

All of us can speak French.

Can you give your thoughts on that?

I'm done for now.

Hazel fled the country to Argentina.

Leave him alone for a minute.

Laurianne is busy at the moment. May I help you?

It would be a good idea if I went.


Clifford said he'd be here in a few minutes.


I just don't trust you.

Roberta was very miserable.

We're going to eat dinner at the Jacksons' tonight.

I owe him one.

Hunting accidents happen more often than most people realize.


If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

It just doesn't work that way.

It's very easy.


I ate while I studied.

I won't let him do it.

I write when I can.

Your papers seem to be in order.

Please don't tell anyone!

Where in the world is Lui?

It is difficult to play the piano.

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I hate these words.

This is an important task.

They lived on corn, potatoes, and the meat of animals.

To our great surprise, she held her breath for three minutes.

I translated the poem as best I could.

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Raj is in a state of shock.

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I served the children their meal.


I have made up my mind to become a journalist.


He spoke on more and more eloquently.

Patricio's boss made a unilateral decision to close several small branches of the company.

That's not the way I see it.


You have to answer his letter.

The senselessness of the act appalled him.

The road was quite muddy, and, what is worse, it began to rain.

We're unemployed.

The new secretary doesn't strike me as efficient.


There's a war going on.


He came about four o'clock.

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Carolyn burned all of his old books.

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Can you keep quiet?


I want you to like me, Hal.

Both dogs are asleep.

Kees read the whole Bible from beginning to end.

I've never heard anyone swear like Joon.

Are you going to leave me?

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I don't have a snowball's chance in hell.

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Benjamin quickly opened the door.

We can really win this!

We don't sell generics in this pharmacy.

Does he live in the same apartment building?

She bundled all her dresses into the suitcase.


He was ordered home.

I ate myself sick.

Tai is starting to relax.

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Isabelle has lived in three different countries.


You are not in the least happy.

How do you say that in your language?

I know the lyrics to elevator music.

Just when the first human beings will reach Mars remains to be seen.

Until my coffin closes I will be your faithful spouse.


Elisabeth has no conscience.


Whichever you read, you will find it interesting.

I'm thinking about a chemistry problem.

Catch Juha.


Isabelle used to spend summers here.

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They had weapons.

There is a lid for every pot.

He's a former president of the country.

He was only shamming.

Nancy has time.

It had nothing to do with you.

Never hesitate to have time off whenever you want.

Curt was really good at that.

If you will suffer my pontificating further, most native English speakers, most of the time, will use shorter words, even when that means using more.

His star is fading.

Don't get carried away and overeat.

You're not a boy.

Two years have passed since I last met you.


Barrio has always been a model student.

They're playing in the garden.

Let's see what's in the box.

I didn't mean to imply otherwise.

Do you want to hear my story or not?

I wish you'd been there.

Triantaphyllos's was the only phone number Gerald had.

Why do you all look so happy?

My music teacher was surprised to know I know how to cook.

He never saw his mother again.

You ask me to do the impossible.

Carl is looking for his keys.

We hear the tree falling but not the forest growing.


Ted was the one who taught me how to play the ukulele.

I wish Spass wouldn't talk to me so much.

Margot swerved off the road to avoid hitting a dog.

You need not come to the office on Saturdays.

Trace the shape onto the paper, then cut it out.

I'm totally lost.

You can't be a Boy Scout, but you could be a Girl Scout.

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Let's see what Skeeter is up to.

I cannot accept the fact that he is dead.

Let's try calling her.