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Intermountain West Locations

We have offices across the Intermountain West, which allows us to provide you with unparalleled service. Contact us today to create your personalized benefit portfolio.

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Claims Solutions

Strategy: The Insurance Industry is quickly changing. It is no longer a time to sit back and wait. You the employer have many decisions to make. What type of plan do you offer your employees? These are a few areas to consider: Fully Insured Self or Partially Self-Funded Exchange (SHOP or Individual) PPO Network Case …

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Renewals: Our clients overall have received lower trend increases than the average group! Is your company premium shopping or risk managing? Our benefits solutions teach you how to manage risk in your plan. It’s not what the insurance company or OBAMA Care (ACA) have done to you; it’s how your plan is put together and …

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FACT: At least 70% to 80% of medical claims are tied to lifestyle. Smoking, laziness, poor eating habits, stress, and many more are all culprits to poor health — and rising health care costs. Our wellness solutions have been built to focus on the three areas of wellness: prevention, prevention and more prevention.

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