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    My January cut officially began this morning. I got off to a reasonable start by remembering to drink a pint of water, pop a green tea pill and a Theatrim tablet. Things that didn’t go so well: I was supposed to have breakfast 20 minutes after drinking the water and 314-291-0229
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    Why Do Calories Matter? Calories are just our way of estimating the amount of energy we get from eating. We also use them as a measure of how much energy the body uses up just existing, as well as what we use during exercise. Our body uses calories keeping our muscles 949-701-6043
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    Why bother with measurements? It is easy to assume that you can just cut out a few Christmas indulgences, hit some extra gym sessions and your unwanted weight will drop off. However, this is often NOT the case. In fact, it is possible (and common) for people to lose weight (877) 845-6012
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    Your January diet, done properly

    If you are anything like me then December has been a heavy month. I have over indulged in cake, cheese, pizza, chocolate, desserts, lasagne and more cake. In fact, I have put on about 2.5 kg in the last six weeks, so January is going to be the month I get back on track. I [...]
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    This week we have a mammoth collection of tips on changing the way you think about eating and exercise. Your mindset will make the difference between succeeding and failing. Tip #1: Stop Being A Victim How can you spot if you are thinking like a victim? Do you often justify [...]