Christopher didn't believe it at first.

I'd be happy if you'd come.

Pete was eager.

When to set off is a difficult problem.

We couldn't figure out what Paul wanted to do.

I had some things to do before the meeting.

Marion likes fishing.

How much are you guys paying?

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Here come the boys.

Can you teach me how to fight?

I'm afraid we're going to be late for school.

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A clock stopped.

We take great pleasure in meeting all of you this evening.

How many times have I heard you say that?

He thinks about his next trip.

It's a room large enough for a library.


Micky's fingerprints were on the gun.

Vincenzo helped Cris get into her wheelchair.

I had to get the facts.

Where can I wash up?

I've always wanted to get my hands on one of these.


Let's split the profits.


I had sore legs the next day.

We found what we were looking for.

I took a day off last week.

No, we don't have a map.

The gust of wind rose suddenly.


No tongue can tell of the wonders I saw.

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I need to find a place to live.

Kay tried to hide a smile.

You have to get us out of here.

Natraj tilted her head sideways.

I'm going to France to study painting.

How long have you looked after this rose garden?

Keep clear at all times.

This book was accused of having a bad influence on youth.

If it were OK for me to only work on weekends, would I do it? Of course, I would.

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Something really weird is happening here.

One praises the industriousness of the teachers.

I think you should meet her.


It wasn't necessary for him to bring an umbrella.

You'd remember Henry.

You need to work on your communication skills.


It rained heavily.

Would you like to go somewhere else?

Nicolas is roughly the same age as I am.


How long can a dead language survive?


She's not sick.


Save a human. Eat a cannibal.


I just ordered a coffee, because I was not hungry.


Don't make generalizations.

Who invited Betsy to the party?

We have started to recycle newspapers.


I've always been fascinated by the veterinary sciences.


Can I chew on this side?

Roger waited for Ross outside.

All of the town was destroyed by a fire.

Do you ever happen to snack between meals?

She came back in the room when we spoke ill of her.


I lost my car key.


Joachim doesn't want the truth to come out.

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It took a whole day to paint the picture.

I'm not sure I can believe that.

Brender learned to drive when he was eighteen.


Bradford wants to say yes, but he can't.

Luxembourg is a small country.

He is as tall as my brother.


Let's go tomorrow afternoon.

Is there a doctor on board?

Michel clearly doesn't understand what we're talking about.


What would you like me to do now?

Kemal has decided to ignore your advice.

I won't pay for you.

Maria covered her face with her hands.

What're you going to do now?

I'll be checking your progress from time to time.

It's getting kind of crowded in here.

Everybody knew it, but I didn't care.

I arrived in Boston three days ago, but the rest of the family won't get here until tomorrow.

Are you having problems with your car?

The good doctor sees an old woman.

The wind blows.

I met with them again.

I am not fond of pets.

I underestimated you.


Don't rely too much on your guidebook.


That's sort of nice.


Mitch knew that Marnix wanted him to help her.

Ole had a great morning.

The cock crows, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" in the morning.

I have never been sick since I was a child.

We'll do something.

I've never seen her laugh.

You get two pairs of trousers with this suit.

That wouldn't be the house we're looking for, surely.

Is your mom at home?


Man proposes and God disposes.

It's a child that is eating the meat.

Lychees are one of my favourite fruits.

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As of 1991, the population of this city is around one million.

I am not a lion but I too can roar.

I'd like to meet him.

You always have a choice.

Of course, I remember them.


Who killed him?


Mr. Smith came.

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Where did you see that?


People tend to interrupt me because I speak too slowly.

I don't think Phill can speak French.

"We're just friends," said Oleg.

The winter has passed, and spring has arrived.

That's a question we've all been asking ourselves.

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Sicily's summers are hot.

You have no sense of direction.

Peggy doesn't trust Nora.

This novel was written by Emile Zola.

He thought the matter over for three days.

Anderson was covered in mud when he came home.

At the time, I thought it was a mistake. I was wrong.

We must accept life, for good or for evil.

I didn't know you were Canadian.

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That's a highly energetic and unstable compound. Don't make it.

Sandeep likes to listen to music from the eighties.

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!


Bert idolized his father.


I had difficulty in having it repaired.

Sam liked to write stories.

Sabrina is moving away.

Who can afford to buy such an expensive house?

Everyone is talking about it.


What's Chuck's wife like?

This is phenomenal.

Tony and his mother arrived at the farmhouse and walked through the farmyard.

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He is always cool.

This is the first time I've invited Svante to one of my parties.

The other colonies began sending troops to help.

Her money was all gone.

You should read the newspaper to follow the events.

He planted pink tomatoes.

I took it for granted that you would join us.

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I don't understand your attitude.

The goods are ready for shipping.

Do you know she's in the church?


Please turn off the light so that I can sleep.


Martyn has trouble buying shoes that fit.


I was just thinking of the same thing. I'm all for that.

Having laid an egg, a hen has less weight than before.

The news leaked out.

It's been cleaned.

I didn't want to pass up the chance of seeing Hong Kong, so I agreed to go on the trip.

I'd appreciate an answer as soon as possible.

"Noobs?" Dima asked, a slight hint of anger in his voice. "This isn't a video game, Al-Sayib! This is real life!"

May you have a very happy married life!

Where is an American restaurant?

I have a feeling that she'll come today.

I don't have a penny to my name.

If you could choose the genes for your children, would you?

Who's thirsty?