I just saw him driving away.

I don't want to live in a big city.

A truly great man is always modest.

Jaume's grandmother spoke Catalan better than Spanish.


The teachers teach all day long.

I still need to get a haircut.

Naoto worked really hard.

Sal is doing graduate work in science.

She has expensive tastes in cars.

It's none of his business.

Let's make our own language so no one will know what we're talking about!

If you're so dissatisfied with what I'm doing, you'd be better off doing it yourself.

The hall was decorated with potted palms.

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Dylan said that Giovanni was too importunate, or something along those lines.

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Valentina Tereshkova never made a second trip into space. She became an important member of the Communist Party and a representative of the Soviet government.

I don't feel safe anymore.

Do they live with you?


Many of the passengers from the sinking ship never reached the shore.

She likes the light green bra.

What to you want to say to me?

At that time the snow plow was certainly our hero.

He was as still as a statue.

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Sharan did a lot of things right.

Eli seemed happy to see me.

The bird was sitting in the tree wagging its tail.

This is just too expensive.

You have to take this.

Do you think Mott can be trusted?

What color do you get if you mix blue and yellow?

Hail, Caesar, those who are about to die salute you!

Work is for people without talent.

The typhoon will approach the Kanto district around two in the afternoon.

This rule holds good at all times.

We have dinner every day at eight o'clock.

You're embarrassing me.

The hoarfrost has not begun to thaw yet.

You haven't seen anything yet?

I'm on guard here.

He is as grave as a judge.


The tribe wasn't delighted about the advent of the peacemaker.

Hotels are cheaper in the off season.

I didn't tell anyone about it.

It started raining hard. Because of that, we played inside.

My friend has proposed to me that I go play in the street.


Jarl might as well go.


This song reminds me of my hometown.

He has two languages at his command besides English.

Have you been talking to him?

Blayne bought a new pair of ice skates.

I'm taking my son to the zoo this afternoon.


Rod is studying in the library.


We meet again in three hours.

The last bus had already gone when I got to the bus stop.

I just meant to scare Nanda, not to hurt him.

His grandfather used to say to him: "Roland, you're good for nothing."

Julianto can't come.

Tigger was left with no other choice.

Don't you believe us?


They believed that.


God is our strength.

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We'll let Jess try.


The man saw the driver who caused the accident.

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He is far from a genius.

Don't go near her.

Honestly, I've only had one advantage over most of the others, and that is that I've been good in constantly improving myself.

I lied to you because I didn't want to go.

Did you take one of the cookies while I was not looking? I baked 20 cookies, not 19.


That's a risk.


Susan's a party animal.

Jesper probably thought I didn't have a driver's license.

Do you know how deep the water is?


It's freezing out here.

Marsha, Sheila and John are sitting around the table.

Everybody is waiting for you.

She's there already?

He came into a fortune when his father died.

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There are about 1,000 students at our high school.


We will figure something out!

Byron can't go to the beach this weekend with you because he has a bad cold.

They demanded a treaty that would punish Germany severely.

Excuse me, it's not a mistake?

I can't do all of this by myself.

Put your masks on.

Why do you have to say things like that?

I didn't want to surprise you.

She was almost knocked down by a car.

There is but one alternative.

The fast and effective solution for finding the job of your dreams!

Ramsey has always done what's best for his children.

I'm not going to ask you to do that.

Take Lum's advice.

You're such a beautiful woman.

Mahesh says Angela should be happy.

I didn't realize you didn't have a driver's license.

You may stay here if you like, so long as you keep quiet.

Yoke the oxen to the plough.

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Tal watched a Japanese movie subtitled in French.


What's on TV?


These days, when people emigrate, it is not so much in search of sunshine, or food, or even servants.

PIPA is an acronym for the PROTECT IP Act.

They both left together.

There are no books under the desk.

It is now two weeks since the political crisis started.

Except for the weather, it was a fun picnic.

Please turn right at the next intersection.

You've been doing a good job.

Collin says that's a lie.

I really don't want to go to Boston with Murat.

I'm on my way now.

His business has begun to thrive at last.

I'm so sick of this.

Who's your date tonight?

Our hypothesis is based on thorough experiments.

People don't tend to like Sundays, but I do.

A week today I'll be in England.


Not really. I like hiking better than fishing.

She acknowledged her mistake.

We know each other quite well.


It sounds like you had a good time.

I took a picture of her. I am so glad I did.

They came from far away.


Let's go into the other room.


Accomplishments are a friend in need.

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Don't forget to water the flowers in the garden twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.


Randell got used to the work.

My son never eats his spinach.

It seems Miles is very sleepy.

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Will you send someone go get a doctor?

Little Zhang is a good guy!

We predict that Christmas sales will be better than expected.


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Please don't make me go.

Deirdre always drinks his coffee black with no sugar.

I'm a beginner in French.

Some workers don't even earn a living wage.

I think I have a future here.

I was taking a bath when you called me.

She left for London yesterday.

I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

I had to fill the gap left when our head clerk quit on short notice.

We should be able to be there by 2:30.


A protection system has been built into this circuit.

This is a bed.

I'm not angry anymore.

They believe him.

Len wanted Emmett to go away and leave him in peace.

I asked Griff not to overreact.

He has visited most countries in Europe.

Mr. Wang usually has a nap in the meeting room.

My pants are ruined.

There is no question that George Balanchine was one of the most famous ballet choreographers of his time.

Dick promised to come, but hasn't showed up yet.

I can see through your lies.

Everyone agreed to a certain extent.

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That idea we were discussing in class yesterday really piqued my interest.

As a rule we have much rain in June in Japan.

How much water did you drink this morning?


She explained about this goods hard.

Could you dial up the operator for me?

I think Phiroze will always love Avery.

Novorolsky said you wanted water.

Crack two eggs into a bowl, then whisk them together with some milk.

He's very religious.

Rajarshi may come.

This room looks like a pigsty.

The boy grew up to be a great scientist.