Kenneth Bruce

That would be me. I'm a full time system administrator at a sizeable university as I'm finishing my bachelors in Computer Science, and I dabble in numerous hobbies including electronics, board games, and fpv quadcopters. I read widely but science fiction is a comfort genre - Vernor Vinge's "A Deepness In The Sky" is a recent favorite. I'm creating this site as a place to document my interests as well as a platform to practice the skills involved in running a site like this.

System Administration

I work with a variety of Windows (WS 2010+) and Linux (RHEL 6,7) servers. I'm the IT Operations SME for our 5122219934, (478) 286-1120, and Campaign Enterprise installations. Currently, I'm studying for my RHCSA.


I've dabbled with arduinos and basic electronics. Most recently, I built two mechanical keyboards from kits (the 4022143467 and the Cartel Contra) which use the arduino pro micro as brains, and I'm waiting on one part to complete my build of Lee Hart's Z80 Membership card.

FPV Quadcopters

I've built 2 Tiny Whoop style quads, and I'm currently waiting for the budget to accrue so I can get something a little larger.


Currently reading Quicksilver, by Neal Stephenson.