Bring your favorite businesses and brands closer to you.
Vote for something missing in your area. Unite your community. Become undeniable.
How does it work?
Someone wishes something was available in their neighborhood or city.
Think: A favorite restaurant, brand, or even touring artist not currently available in your area.
They create a petition for it on Beacon Drop (we call them 'beacons').
Beacons can be created for areas as large as cities, or as narrow as a 2-mile radius area.
The beacon grows as it gains the votes of other community members.
As it grows in popularity it unlocks new features to stimulate even more visibility and attention.
The beacon obtains notoriety and can't be ignored.
Businesses, brands, music artists, city planners, and leaders take notice.
The beacon succeeds, the demand is fulfilled.
The artist adds your city to their tour. The restaurant opens a new location. A new rock climbing gym opens. The city builds the dog park.
All because of one idea, one vote.
We're turning market research inside out.
Everyone can benefit from connecting passionate customers, brand advocates, and fans with what matters most to them. We want to give 'markets' an organized and amplified voice in market research.
We believe in the power of demand.