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We are the best wedding photographers and wedding filmmakers in Kerala. we are particularly experienced to create your wedding is more colorful.We capture   Candid wedding photography, Destination Wedding Photography, Maternity-kids-photography, Outdoor-photography, 920-748-0558, Hindu wedding photography, Muslim wedding photography,Knanaya wedding photography, Orthodox Wedding photography, Pentecostal wedding photography, traditional wedding photography, cinematic wedding photography, thematic wedding photography and we will cover events in different areas.

The portfolio paves as the best evidence to the wedding photography service we offer. You see, feel the experience and chose us.Trust us we would make your event hit the best.

What Else? We Have The Best Wedding Film Making Team in Kerala & Best candid wedding photographers in Kerala

Our mindblowing colorful moments will leave you breathless. Our best in class wedding videography team knit together with professionalism and ethics. Each of them is experienced with creative wonders and is the greatest boon to our firm. We care for you ahead of your imagination. Therefore Camrin Films is the reliable wedding filmmaking for newlyweds across the world.

Over 1,000 Customers, Let’s See What Some Have To Say about Kerala,s best wedding photography team ?

More than 1000 customers mark our success. We proudly and gratefully appreciate the support and trust you have embedded upon us. Here we share some of them with immense pleasure.

Jackson & Crew is truly gifted photographers in Kerala. I was recommended to him by a friend and I am so glad he was our wedding photographer. I still find myself staring at our wedding photos in awe. They are creative, talented, and professional wedding photographers in Kerala. Both our engagement and wedding photos are gorgeous. Their candid photography also awesome 

testimonialPrasanth Joseph Vempenickal
Heart full of thanks to
Mr. Jackson and crew for making our wedding day very special and wonderful. Really no words to appreciate the dedication and hard work which you have extended on the day.. Once again Thank you!!!!
Praveen Kumar P

Amazing team with creativity in all status. My wedding was captured beautifully with lot of patience which makes every work of yours a classy one. I can’t wait to see my video and album. Al the very best to the whole crew for the awesomeness.Keep going…

Aishwarya Krishnan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Think back to our previous generation and the typical photographs of their special moments, especially speaking about wedding photography in Kerala, you will exactly know what is known to be traditional wedding photography. Hence traditional photography can be said to be carefully composed frames with lots of perfection and most importantly according to the instructions given by the photographer.

Though Kerala and its wedding photography style have entered into a totally different era, traditional photography has its own important role to be played in our photo albums to complete a memorable story of life. The major feature of this kind of photography is; the major focus lies on the event. The rich actions, customs and other such activities of a typical Kerala wedding would make the core of this kind of photography.

Candid wedding photography are those special moments captured to make an event most colorful. Unlike traditional photography, candid photography focuses on expressions, faces and reactions. This type of photography gained its popularity among the modern generation especially in Kerala, since this photography is more realistic and interesting.

We have the best candid photographers of Kerala who skim among people for beautiful smiles, cheerful expressions, wonders, gestures and so on, making the event more fun, lively and less formal and has become an inevitable part of Wedding photography in Kerala.

Moments waited for! Bundle of surprises!

Post wedding outdoor photography

Apart from the real event, photographers cook up some virtual romance. Weddings in Kerala have been thinking out of the box and an advanced best wedding photographer could make your own life a fiction.  The best wedding always demands the perfect package. Choosing a best wedding photographer would even compliment you with an ever colorfully drawn wonder of outdoor shoot with your partner.

The wedding dreams of any person in Kerala mostly revolve around every sphere such as greenery, high ranges, sea shores, sparkling music, vibrant outfits and many more. This blissful appearance of the newlyweds would be a memorable account for years.

An inspiration of art becomes beautiful themes. Inspirations from movies, music and romantic colours make the event enter a totally advanced level. It is a talent of any best photographer to set the whole event in such a thematic way and present it with uniformity and beauty.

Each wedding story is splashing across the globe through social media and other means. Wedding highlights are those selected special and best frames collected together in a nut shell format so that it paves as a summary of your event.

Our wedding photographers and his team decide for the perfect sequence to highlight any wedding story. This would be the primary suspense blast which you share with your friends and loved ones.

A holistic view of the event can be only captured by a helicam. The best wedding photography includes the aerial view of the nature, event venue etc. Photographers places these shots as an introductory segment as a welcoming view. This remote controlled mini helicopter flow above, capturing every blissful event like a bird. Helicam and its importance had gained enough popularity among weddings in Kerala.

It is always best to select the equipment according to the situation on type of wedding. Each wedding has its own special features, ambiance and unique features. All of these are kept in mind before selecting the equipments. Basically the equipments include high definition cameras with varied ranges of lenses, perfect lighting setups, tripods, flash diffuser and other essentials. A collective set of standardized equipments can increase the spark in any best wedding photography and video making.

The number of photographers is yet another important factor in a wedding photography. Since Kerala Weddings have been jumping to modern adaptations each wedding demands multiple type of photography. Therefore the number will depend on the necessity, according to the function, number of people and venue. The best thing usually taken care would be the smooth running of the shoot. There will be different people to handle the camera and other equipments such as light, so that no work gets interfered.

It is very important to select a standard type of print or paper for your wedding album. There are different types of such prints such as, digital printing, laser printing, ink jet printing etc. There is also difference in papers used like, mat or glossy, photo paper, fine art paper etc. You will be detailed about each type and sizes so that you can select according to your choice and budget, since these are the colorful documentation of your special day.

These are technical terms used even in our daily routine.

DVD – DVD is an abbreviation for ‘Digital Optical Disc’, which can store data mainly digital. They are well known and widely used because of their commendable storage capacity and adaptability.

HD – HD stands for High Definition, this is a very technical usage where it stands for higher visual standard and resolution of a video or picture, than the normal ones. This makes the output look more filmy and rich than a normal one, wherein each colour and feature may have an added glow.

Full HD – This is again a display technology which is the maximization of the High Definition output. The difference is in its sharpness and quality which is more than normal HD.

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