Kelly was belligerent.

It's Mother's Day today.

I'm economically independent of my parents.

She becomes drowsy after dinner.

How did you get to be so cute?


Who's on your list?

Barrio drew a picture of a dolphin.

Coated vascular stents didn't prove their superiority over bare metal vascular stents.


Why didn't you go get it?

Are you almost here?

Toby can't be in Boston. I just saw him in Chicago.

Seenu lost his phone.

Is French your native language?


Novorolsky and Ken said they had to work some things out.

Harvey left Anderson alone.

We're sold out tonight.

Make her go away.

Does anybody here know where Konstantinos lives?

Let's send them all home.

I dislike Chris because he is very rude and insensitive.

Boys, as a rule, are taller than girls.

Is there a choice of questions?

She was never free from pain after that.

That doesn't sound right.

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He's just about had enough of the Smiths' TV.

Nathan has solved one of the great problems of science.

I don't understand why she doesn't come.

No one noticed you.

I saw you in the park with him.

Did Stan tell you about the roses he sent me?

I have friends there who'll help me.

There were lots of people at the concert.

I'll call you on Monday.


I'm a little drunk.

Would it make you happy to live the life that you're now living for all eternity?

My hobby is collecting stamps.

He is the owner of the liquor shop.

Dads are usually the figures that pass on their musical taste, from what I've gotten from other people.


Didn't you enjoy dinner last night?

I didn't ignore him.

He was a very smart lawyer and politician.

Hanako made the final payment on her car, and felt very satisfied.

He will not change his mind in spite of my advice.

I suffer from restless leg syndrome.

Where are you going with this?


This ticket is good for one more week.

This is definitely, 'The good you do for others is good you do yourself'! It's a reward because I was helpful!

You go right ahead.

He was all smiles.

You need to wear a tuxedo.

Susan spends too much time on the computer.

I'll drop in on you sometime in the near future.


Do you need to buy anything?


New Zealand was isolated for 80 million years.

Naomi is almost thirty years old.

I can't stand the sight of blood.

Why are you clearing the garden?

Tomorrow, I'm going to take my mother out in the new car.

You look gorgeous.

Mahmoud made Shakil wait.

Can you tell me who is going to come tonight?

I hope we don't run into any trouble.

The typewriter is stored in the basement.

As children are known to emulate the values of adults, it is often pointed out such "education mamas" instill a warped sense of values in their children.

"Will we call each other by name?" - "I think we will."

Let's do this!

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There's safety in numbers.

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You slept on the train.

Who's coming to help?

These desks are too small for us.


Everyone seems optimistic.

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My dad likes Lego Technic.


Kerri is unconscious.

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You'll have to pay.


I could be persuaded to help.

Himawan's divorce from Joachim reportedly cost him more than a million dollars.

Don't trust anyone, not even me.

I'm saving it.

How far is it from your house to town?

Nail polish is useless: no one looks at nails anyway.

I don't know how she does it.

Chet ran down to the lake.

He wrote a lot of stories.

The defeated team slowly left the field.

Juliane has been after me to retire for years.

Nelken sold his company to Anthony.

Until you told me, I had no idea.

Chip almost got fired.

I knew Benjamin was studying.


I'm studying French so I can become a French teacher.

I don't want anyone to find where we buried the treasure.

Gerard has a strong sense of duty.

That used to belong to me.

We have a lot of problems to deal with.

Those who laugh much are happier than those who laugh little.

Our rates increased in April.

Do you know Persian?

I promised him to keep it secret.

We don't think it matters.

Do we have time for another cup of coffee?

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You're supposed to be enjoying yourself today.

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She beat the shit out of me.

They sold us a pup.

Eli is good at drawing.

A strange sight greeted her eyes.

I thought he was an American but he turned out to be an Englishman.

He thinks that blue is the most beautiful color.

It's a good plan, isn't it?

How many children do you want to have when you get married?

Stop asking me for a drink! Go get it yourself.

Izchak will be here only a few days.

Ned knows this is the truth.

Tad gave me one last chance.

In judging his work, you should make allowances for his lack of experience.

Siping reported Lila missing.

Benson enjoys working here, I think.

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That's all I can promise.

It was disconcerting.

Would you like to attend the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans?

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The ship's hull is damaged.

Automation is bound to have important social consequences.

I got the book back from him.

Where did you guys meet?

Teri dressed like a girl for Halloween.

Could you carry this box for me, please?

Would you hold on a minute?

The road is too narrow for cars.

I love you so much.

Some parents don't punish their children when they lie.

It's so depressing.


Talking of traffic accidents, I saw one last year.

Archie is thorough.

I have some things to say.

Matt said that he quit his job.

I'm sorry, but I can't go with you.

They warned the ship about the danger.

That's a completely unfounded rumor.


You'll never take me alive!

Is it serious, Doctor?

The winter will be severe.

Lend us a hand.

Don't talk rot, Pierre.


He went as far as to call you a hypocrite.

A strict father makes his children toe the line by thorough training.

Everybody laughed at Norman.

I want you off this ship.

I know you're in there.


It could've been her.

I'm sure Jakob wanted to come along.

My surname is 'Wang.'

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She yelled in a rage.

He looks young for his age.

We're unwilling to do that.


She picked up her books.

I will keep the fish alive.

This winter will probably be very cold.

If you can read this sentence, then you're able to read.

Do you think Andrew is funny?

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Peggy, wait! Don't move!

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I don't use shower gel.

Swamy went back into the kitchen.

Stop, I say.

The terrified woodcutter fled as fast as his legs would carry him.

Stay here with him.

The ghost visits her in her dreams.

Orville's friends laughed at Hunter's joke.


I cannot approve of your going out with him.

Being a prince is not that easy.

We usually eat before seven.