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It really doesn't matter to me where the water flows, as long as it is not in my wine.


Does anyone want to do anything?


Betty rolled down the car window.

I had a neighbor who was blind.

You are very competent.

Don't you want to visit them?

The dentist pulled out my decayed tooth by force.

Every rose has its thorn.

Rogue accused Celia of being a thief.

Louise is excited about the upcoming game.

You're going to be late for school.


Pravin has begun writing a cookbook.

Run for it, Eliot!

I can't afford to go to the cinema twice a week.

I think we're too young.

They didn't hire the ugly candidate.

I assure you that's not the case.

He was young and exciting.

I wouldn't hurt Spass.

Heroes always arrive late.

Your temper is quick, but the way you speak is terrible.

Oil this bicycle.

I'm glad you're happy.

Nobody criticizes my country.

That's why I have such an extreme hatred for him.

I can stay in the car while you go into the bank.


I make it a rule not to watch television after nine o'clock.

I'll call you a taxi.

I went on a car trip with a friend.

Why would I want to help Kenneth?

It wouldn't be the first time that's happened.

Shut all the doors and windows.

You're far too young to be doing this.

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I don't like beets.

It is easy for us to make many mistakes.

She listens to religious music.

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This is the dress I made last week.

Luis's love for Will probably won't last.

The boxes are gifts. What do they contain?

Job security became a major worry.

So, players were often seriously injured and sometimes even killed in these rough games.

He gathered the last three matchsticks left on the floor.

Are you happy with your new car?

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Kristen didn't mention where he'd gone.

Irvin asked me to take care of Daryl.

I went to every modern art show that took place in Tokyo last year.

Can you jump rope?

I almost got hit by a car today.

All our food was rotten.

The distance he ran was much greater than had been expected.

A man who knows two languages is worth two men.

I wonder what's in store for us.

I think you might need to help Earl.

Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.

It was not long before she came.

Rodney doesn't have to answer any of these questions.

I think I should check on Elaine.

My sister took care of the dog while I was away.

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Max has achieved very good results.

That's so true!

That's not very nice, is it?

That's exactly what I wanted to do.

Vic played a great game.

Thomas is all grown up.

Good. No absentees.

This is the first time I've ever attended a lesson.

People attach more importance to popular culture today than in the past.

Lori has earned the right to say whatever he wants.

The machinery was produced by American company.

I believe she is honest.

Wait for the light to become green to cross.


Can you fix my car?

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We need to find out if Maureen is planning on helping us.

He ran a great risk in the jungle.

Miriam has been suffering a lot.


She disturbed the neighbors.

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If you cannot work out the problem, you had better try a different method.

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When I woke up, all other passengers had gotten off.

Uri always listens to the news on the radio while he's eating breakfast.

Now move over.

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I barely slept last night.

We're a very good team.

Did it come with cables?

I think I've seen you around.

This room is empty.

Put him in.

Don't you ever do anything wrong?


Who wouldn't want to go out with Clyde?

Professor Morita presided at a meeting of the Chemical Society.

Ahmed is still looking for his locker key.

The children are all fired up.

They brought medical supplies.

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Rafik, even though the daughter of a mere farmer, has manners that betray a distinguished upbringing.

I won't let you come in.

I splashed my face with water.

There's no good reason not to do that.

Real men go to the gym to pump iron, not to do aerobics.


How long does it take from here to the station?

I called Cristopher for help.

Look! The train has arrived!

You seem to be hungry.

Why doesn't he work with me anymore?


He was suspected of underground action.


One must come to class on time.

Is the boss in a good mood today?

Do you really want to keep washing dishes for the rest of your life?


Happiness consists of good health.

Go and help Aimee.

Is there any other way I can pay you?

Kinch hasn't eaten a thing all day.

Monty often argues with his wife.


I will help you all I can.

She never in her wildest dreams would have thought her son would kill himself.

A seven-sided polygon is typically called a heptagon, but is occasionally referred to as a septagon.

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I told you guys to go home. Why are you still here?

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At any rate, we can't change the schedule.

Are you sure this is what we're supposed to do?

This song seems familiar.

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I wouldn't want to take that risk.


What do you want to know?

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Helen thinks he's ready.

I promise I'll never tell them.

The skyscraper is expected to sink into the bog.

My alarm didn't go off.

Where is the laundry mat?

Christofer doesn't mind getting up at dawn.

She advised him to come back at once.

Summer is coming soon!

If I were really rich, I would never work in a place like this.

Do that at your own risk.

An espresso doppio to drink inside.

It's quite evident that you really love Russian.

Human and animal life are influenced by their reactions to the atmospheric environment.

Toft is allergic to eggs.

The green water is not potable.

She had already said goodbye shortly before.

Dennis wants something more.

It made me laugh.

The professor smiled slightly.

Stephanie asked Donnie to throw the ball to him.

Are you the people from the CIA?

I only ate a bite of bread.

Open the chest.

Sandra is over thirty.

Christophe didn't have much time so he just quickly scanned the report.

My work is done.

As long as it was winter, he did not go outdoors.

We like to talk.

Juan closed the door as quietly as he could.


She will have a baby next month.

Give this to them.

If you had remained silent, you would have remained a philosopher.

Your parents kept an eye on us.

We went camping in August.

Our school starts at eight thirty.

This is the cutest baby that I have ever seen.


The stakes were enormous.

I went to the mall with my friends.

Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!


I wish you would let Mah come with us.


My name is not really Donna.

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Annie was delighted.

Ann Hodges of Sylacauga, Alabama was slightly injured when a 19.84 kilogram meteorite crashed through the roof of her home.

I'll call them back.


Sabrina was arrested and charged with murder.

"Could you move over a little?" "Oh, sorry. I didn't realize I was taking up so much space."

We walked along a narrow path.