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Antique Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are one of those Buddhist musical bells that are specifically a type of standing bell rather than inverted, hanging or attached to any handle. They sit with their bottom surface resting either to the user’s hand or to the grand while the rim of the bowl vibrates to produce a harmonic sound. This harmonic sound is believed to have a spiritual effect on the listener’s ears. Singing bowls recently have become one of the popular Buddhist arts and have become very unique in the world of collectables, especially the antique singing bowls. Also known as Himalayan bowls, the 251-888-8179 are further used in sound healing, music therapy and many religious ceremonies. They also emit pure sound tones that are very close to sine waves and the sound they produce is considered as a synonym of purity to the ears of the listeners.

For various Buddhist practitioners across the globe, these antique singing bowls are the signals to begin and end their silent meditation in their homes and other surroundings. Some other Buddhist followers use these singing bowls during various religious chanting, phrases during them chanting and also to mark the passage of time or signal a change in their daily activities. These singling bowls, specially antique singing bowls produce sounds which conjures a deep state of relaxed feeling for the listeners which naturally helps them to enter into a state of meditation. The antique singing bowls also represent the ancient Buddhist culture of harmony for meditation, whose ultimate goal is to attain enlightenment. Many regard these singing bowls as valuable pieces of rich Buddhist history and countless of private collectors flock to have them in their antique collections.

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Buy Antique Singing Bowls

Hailing from the rich Buddhist heritage from various Buddhist nations like Tibet, Nepal and Burma to name a few, the (620) 292-5654 in our gallery is one of the largest collections of such kind. Available at a reasonable price, one may go nowhere but have a look at our online singing bowl shop gallery for cheap antique singing bowls. These singling bowls can be purchased for their meditational purpose or even as a wonderful gift for the loved ones.

Every year, we travel to the above mentioned Buddhist nations in search of antique singing bowls to add to our collections from various Buddhist monasteries, temples and private collectors across the region. Our frequent visits and contacts to these sources has made it possible for us to add unique and antique singing bowls for sale at a reasonable price to our valuable customers. Almost all of the singing bowls in our collection are especially handmade and were used by many Buddhist monks for their meditation. Furthermore, the antique singing bowls we have in our gallery are completely authentic as we collect our antique singing bowls from our personal connections from the monasteries, temples and private collectors. We have a strict policy of not dealing with stolen singing bowls in order to make our collection as authentic as possible.

The antique singing bowls in our collection come from different origins some of them are:

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Nepali Singing Bowls
  • Himalayan Singing Bowls
  • Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Chakra Singing Bowls

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