Classic & Retro Toys

There is something enduring about certain toys. The simplicity of design or the cleverness of the concept captures hearts and minds from generation to generation. As parents, nothing is more delightful than seeing your child enjoy a toy that you remember from your own childhood. Most classic or retro toys remain popular because they have proven to be high quality. These toys are made in America from safe materials and have stood the test of time. Take a trip down memory lane. Select one of your favorites to introduce to your child and keep tradition alive.

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History & Geography Toys

Your child is naturally curious. Questions like “What did you like to play when you were a kid?” or “Do they have popsicles at the North Pole?” are the first stop in your child’s interest in history or geography. Help him take his inquiries to the next level by learning interesting facts and events that explain about his family, his country, and even his world. Unique toys that teach about history and geography put the fun in learning. And with American made toys you can be certain of the quality.



Set your your child’s inner competitor free and let their ambition run wild! Have you seen the way he beams when he wins a game? You may have a little card shark living under your roof. Whether he loves to play cards or test trivia knowledge, we’ve got the goods to suit any game-loving kiddo. These are the best of American made products and will be a great addition to your family’s game stockpile. These are guaranteed to entertain a group of school friends, initiate a family game night, or cure a case of rainy day blues.

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Active Toys

Do you remember when you were a kid and you never ran out of energy? We jumped and explored, played tag and chased each other until we were forced to stop for dinner or bedtime. These days, screens dominate our children’s lives and they just don’t get the exercise and activity that we enjoyed. It’s time to replace the screens with more active play. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, inspire your kids to move, use their bodies, and discover the fun they can have with toys that focus on active play. These American made toys will entice your child to get up and get moving!


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