I won't dance, so don't ask me.

Many fish swim in the river.

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Can you see that small house?

Is it true that Ole has a twin?

The movie is showing in movie theaters next month.

Where do you live these days?

You're under arrest.


Nothing is more important than empathy.

I had a meeting with her.

We need to change course.


The son I have in Aksu is very brave!

I wasn't ignoring you.

In grammar and vocabulary, some dialects differ significantly from the standard language.

How many exposures would you like?

None of the victims' names have been released.

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You don't have to come.


If you ask me, it was just a waste of time.


Albumin was found in my urine before.

What a hot day it is!

The boy adapted quickly to the new class.

I rarely walk to work.

I'm listening to the radio.

Do you want to eat now or not?

This territory is uncharted.

Vijay took a swig from the flask.

Judith could've walked away.


As soon as he heard of it, he hastened to the spot.

I believe in friendship at first sight.

I asked her to play the guitar.


You're an arrogant dirty foreigner who claims your dictionary is correct even though you don't understand the nuances of Japanese.

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Pontus was more than willing to cooperate with the police.

How did you learn how to play the violin?

Can I have some more candy?

I have a pretty tight schedule today.

What have you been telling your customers?

I have no intention of telling her.

Why was it in your car?

Shut the window, Jim.

What's so pressing?


This is the epiphany I've been waiting for!

I'm an eighth grader.

Why is Vick still in Boston?

The priest blessed the marriage of the happy couple.

Rodney nodded curtly.

It's still too cold to wear shorts.

I just got a call from your school.

It seemed that he had been very happy.

The road is frozen! Don't let him drive!


She stands out from the rest.


This sucks.

It's hard to imagine.

Clifford gave Eduardo flowers and chocolate on their anniversary.

Hiroyuki has been in a coma for three years.

Have a nice evening.

The bed at the hotel where I stayed was too soft.

I pretended not to hear.

They began to climb the hill.

I do all the work.


The severe housing shortage is partly to blame for the inflated rents.

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There's no use crying for help. No one will hear you.

Dick has a right to know.

I can't talk to you here. Someone might overhear us.

Duane came home just now.

I'm not talking about you, Hui.

British immigrants didn't speak standard English.

Why would anyone do this?

Santa Claus brings gifts to children for Christmas.

Competition for the position is very intense.

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His idea is good for nothing.


Spencer made a mountain out of a molehill.

How was the audition?

He is reading a book.

My gloves are size medium.

The girl has to match me in skill.

It was a problem difficult to solve.

Don't sic a dog on others or he might bite you.

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Whatever you write, it will be translated. People translate just about anything without even reflecting on what it is they're translating, or if it makes sense at all.

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Kirk has been doing that for years.


I'm so tired that I can't walk any longer.

I felt terrified.

Our factory is building a new chimney.

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She is envious of my good fortune.

I need her now.

Is that supposed to happen?

You owe me $1,000.

Germany's future is in good hands.

Isn't that childish?

Kevan's efforts have been rewarded.


She suffered severe injuries.

What did Vice call me?

Leon could hardly wait to start his new job.


Did you have any luck?

Three-fourths of the earth's surface is water.

I don't know why I didn't follow my gut feelings.

I like to eat.

Dean asked for Alvin's help.

Whose ring is that?

You're not actually threatening me, are you?

Your eyes are red with crying.

We were all a little hungry.

My mom is a teacher, too.

I feel like I'm seeing the light for the first time.

This kind of specialized knowledge has very little to do with daily life.

Anderson is helping his wife.


It began to rain, so he did not have to water the lawn.

There'll be plenty of time for questions later.

Something is definitely wrong.

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He accused me of having broken our promise.

I hope I can keep up with you.

They got to a village under a hill.

I'm glad to see you're happy.

I wimped out.

That's certainly not it.

The children wanted to hear a scary story.

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Did you give the children enough to eat?

The output is way below last year's level.

Today, many people worry about losing their jobs.

Doesn't Lori ever wear a shirt?

I didn't look.

My son is eight years old.

I do like Johnny.

She was an excellent spouse who stood by him through poverty.

Are you also from Boston?

Nobody feels optimistic today.

I'm free anytime.

Compared with the Chinese, the Japanese are poor linguists.

I am aware that some question or justify the events of 9/11. But let us be clear: al Qaeda killed nearly 3,000 people on that day.


Is it true that you annoyed Taninna?

Are you headed towards me?

Once you light the fuse you'll have fifteen seconds to get to safety.


We're jealous.


Nobody knows as many bedtime stories as the god of the dream.


We can't do this without her.

He grew up poor, so he's used to deprivation.

Is it time to end it?


Siping's injury didn't appear serious.


Don't say that name around me.

You need to go with him now.

Torsten was just about to go out when his cellphone rang.

I want you both to get them.

The only foreign language I can speak is French.


That's not what it means.

Gigi's new gadget is cool, but useless.

I like to travel by ship.

How are things going with Bea?

Where did you peel them?


He graduated from high school this spring.


Steve was banished from the town.


Do as I say, and not as I do.

Do you mind if I look for you so often?

I'll do whatever I have to do.

Everything unknown is doubted.

Have you googled him?

I'm in love with a wonderful girl.

I love anal sex.

Would anybody like to make a prediction?

I examined the purse again, and found it empty.

Rhonda is kind to me.

I haven't formed an opinion yet.

Come to pick me up if it rains tomorrow.

Victor was haunted by the demons of his past.

Guess where I've been.

Jingbai likes to fool around.


Luke used to be poor.