Bill will come back from Boston next Monday.

The cat which you found is mine.

Amir has written three novels.

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Tell Kate you're sick.

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We'll always be friends.


Did you see a good film last time?

Hector is the only in our class that Laurianne doesn't get along with.

The quarrel ended in their coming to blows.

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Nowadays the young take no care of the old.

Where can I hang my jacket?

Hardly had I left home when it began to rain.


I want to know why you weren't at the meeting.


I don't think she usually tells lies.

We want to learn some Spanish songs.

Nothing seems right.


I don't like the shape of this hat.


Progress is being made.

Hydropower is a renewable resource.

What's the sense of working so hard?


He will come later.


She received the electricity bill today.

We passed one test, but failed the other.

I want you to look for Dorothy.

Someone's going to hurt them.

Miki's parents live in a monster house.

The back seat of the car will hold three passengers.

We'll do our best to make it an uneventful trip.


So, something more?

It's a biggish chair, but it'll just barely fit through the doorway.

The murderer was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

I support him.

Do you help me?

Why are you so worried?

Is it my turn?

Do you want anything for breakfast?

I was trying to distract her.

I glanced through the brochure.

I'm willing to do anything to stop him.

Why do you want him to have it?

It's Thursday and the bin lorry will be coming today.


What's the big rush?

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I'm old.

There was once a merchant, so rich that he might have paved the whole street where he lived and an alley besides with pieces of silver.

For all Bert knew, Ann might be in Boston with John.

I seldom eat dairy products.

I thought during a long time about what holiday I could talk about.


Put it on my desk.

The declaratory sentence which, they say, was passed upon Adam, in case he ate of the apple, was not, that thou shalt surely be crucified, but, thou shalt surely die.

Craig acts scared.


Is something different?

My father was satisfied with the result.

There's lots to do: there are cinemas and lots of shops in the town centre.

Why would anyone want to kill me?

I think No is pessimistic.

What would you do if you failed?

I've lived a long life.


The prices remain as they were.

When you talk of the devil you will hear his bones rattle.

Is Socorrito's car still parked behind your house?

When are you coming to Melbourne again?

We can't just ignore this.


All right, sir. The salad bar is over there.

The magazine revealed all his dirty secrets.

My vocal range is from E2 to E5.

The great Roman hero, Julius Caesar, was murdered.

No matter what I try, I can't seem to give up smoking.

I've met someone.

You must not give up hope.

Carlos told me I could learn a lot from you.

The man is eating beans.

I'm having my name legally changed.

Don't you like baseball?

The democratic caucus was rigged in her favor.

I remember her.

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I know it's hard to walk away.


"Sky" and "heart" are terms of endearment in Spanish.

Cathrin doesn't know where it came from.

Douglas, was that girl I saw you holding hands with yesterday a new girlfriend?

It was exhilarating.

I can try it.

She gave him all the details.

Do you have something in mind?

Being sick is very boring.

Amos put his glass down.


Tell her to show up.

Suzanne and Ssi were the only ones that left.

We saw some houses in the distance.

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Daniele and Sharada have helped me a lot.

The interviewer identifies his interviewees.

When it comes to personality, Michel and Sanford are as different as chalk and cheese.

We still don't know how long he's going to stay.

I regret not having heard that conversation.

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I think you need to call Kevin.


We had less snow this winter than last.

Pine furniture is not very popular at the moment.

That's the other problem.

Thank you for your email.

This sort of thing, it's buying stuff that's fun. Whether you use it or not is secondary.


This car needs repairing.

I just got a raise.

I could answer his question.

I'm putting Diana on the list.

She's really vain about her look.


He said it was unconstitutional.

I lied to them.

Hy kept Srikanth waiting for three hours.

Kenn was irked.

His speech made no sense to me.

Jellyfish make up up to 40% of the biomass of the ocean.

Himawan suggested going to another supermarket instead.

She is prudish.

What kind of a parent would leave their child unattended in the car outside the pub while they're inside drinking?


I don't know what happens here.

How crazy is Sigurd?

While I was reading, I fell asleep.

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Do they have that?

Betty did something he wished he hadn't.

The leaf is falling.

We can save on translations by giving it to an employee whose mother speaks that language. -- And I suppose you save on the cost of a doctor by seeing someone whose mother had been a doctor?

What would you have done differently?


Something is telling me to bake a cake.

We're stranded.

The economy is picking up.

They decorated it.

Your house has a very cozy atmosphere.


Winston seems to be totally confused.

Pilot gave Jordan the sword.

Do you know how to do it?


She put some money away for a rainy day.

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Julia said he had to tell someone about his problems.

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How long have we got?

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I didn't know you were expecting anyone.

I'm too sleepy to eat.

In what year were you born?

I should point out that it is necessary to re-examine the validity of Emmet's theory.

I would get the analyses.

For you who love adventure, this kind of hiking will meet your need.

It appears that she was lying.

I saw you with her last Monday.

You can't or you won't?


It seems that we're becoming more right-wing all over the world.

They carried the boats almost thirty kilometers.

There's no problem.

I don't know what I believe.

You made an error.


I'm the only one other than Tricia who knows how to fix this.

There was no one who did not enjoy the party.

Ned wanted to be a teacher.

Come on everybody.

People should have realistic expectations.

So far as I am concerned there is no objection.

This building looks very futuristic.


I thought we were out of time.

Why not? She is just twenty years older than me.

Who does your sister take after?


Her application for leave was refused.


Gasoline isn't as cheap as it was when I first started driving.

He admired her.

I sent them home to Boston.


He is very mercenary.