I don't have time for reading this book.

Autumnal Equinox Day falls on Friday this year.

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I don't like both of you going to such a place.


I doubt that you are as busy as you say you are.

Malcolm was a chain smoker.

I thought I'd surprise you.

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Tor aimed the gun at Anita and fired it.

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Where did you spend your vacation?


Page is as tall as you are.


She didn't get caught.

Although he is very old, he is strong.

I'm completely confused.


I enjoyed talking with him at the party.

Keep money in a safe place.

I consider him a good friend.

A trivial problem does not require a long cogitation.

This shouldn't take very long.

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It will be easy.

Just talk about the language that you want learn. Why do you want to learn it?

John is not the man that he was three years ago.

Prakash has a black bruise on his right leg.

A burglar made away with my wife's diamond ring.

Prices rose by a whopping.

I like to travel.

This picture is wonderful.

I visited her in Germany.

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I love the fatherland.

We had no choice but to wait for a while until the store opened.

Mwa pretends not to care about money.

Please turn down the volume a little bit more.

He was flushed with excitement.

There is a page missing.

But among you stands one you do not know.

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He may not be able to come.

His voice reached our ears.

"Poor Pinocchio, I am sorry for you." "Why?" "Because you are a marionette and, what is much worse, you have a wooden head."

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A six-figure income is not uncommon for physicians.


I lost the watch Father had given me.

Ravindran was unable to take his eyes off of Karl.

I have no idea what's going on.

People's life expectancy grows every year.

Go join the others.

Ravindranath might be unhappy.

Why don't you come inside?

This is too big to carry.

Dori doesn't like fish.

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I knew them very well.

They got scared and killed her.

This plan has no flaws.

This continuous noise annoys me.

The bees are disappearing.


What I am most interested in is translating English sentences.

The village had more than a thousand residents.

He isn't young.


I looked for her.

The scientist insisted on proceeding with the research.

I spent the hole night igniting a fire.

Neil and Elsa didn't invite me to their wedding.

Hillel asked Sylvan what to do.

That took thirty minutes.

A few minutes of Stephen Fry will make any American apologize for his rhoticity.

Our country's climate is temperate.

He helped me fix my watch.

Take care to turn off lights in rooms when nobody's in them.

I'd like you to try one of these cookies.

His answer amounts to a refusal.

We talked our time away.

I saw him the other day.

My brother can drive.


Who is the treasurer?

Between ourselves, he seems to be a homosexual.

Two minds are better than one.

That's not all that happened.

I have a package for her.


Some people describe Kristen as a cross between Robin Hood and Zorro.

Marie enjoys movies.

We must be off early tomorrow morning.

I do so much for you, but you do nothing for me.

One of us could help her.


Do you want to learn to drive?

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He looked for them for five hours.

Harold was able to find true happiness.

My father said that I must work hard.

The ice in the Arctic Sea is disappearing.

Hal drank some water.

I've decided to take a nap.

Tokyo is a huge city.

Is there anything else I should know about?

Do you still work here?

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I did what was required.

I think I'm lost.

We need to think together about the future of Europe.


Nathan didn't give Seth any choice.

The soldier said that death is not to be feared.

I'd like to speak to Rathnakumar if I may.


How am I going to survive without you?


Rafik hasn't sent the package yet.

I'm getting married on Monday.

Trust me, I'm an engineer!

We usually speak to each other in French.

We want to know if it will be sunny tomorrow.

Security was increased in the city.

Jelske is Catholic, but her boyfriend is an atheist.


I took your word for it.


At times the train doesn't arrive on time.

Ricky looked after my dog.

Why don't you go play with him?


I'm sorry about your loss.

Niels studies before dinner.

Don't doubt the effectiveness of this drug.

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I waited outside on the chance of seeing you.

I want to wait for Sandy.

Get Pradeep away from here.


These are beautiful.

This man is your friend.

Pam shut his eyes again.

Sally doesn't seem to be celebrating.

The boat was off balance because it was overloaded.

Excuse me, where is the post office?

Warren usually walks to school with Mehrdad.

They're lying.

How long have you been in this game?

Jump over it.

I've just wasted three years of my life.

Can you play guitar?

I can't get that thought out of my head.

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The traveler fainted from hunger, but soon he came to.


Stop acting like this Elric! I'm tired of this nonsense! Just have done with it already!

I was right in front of you.

What are you doing up here?

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She gave a cat some milk.


You are deranged.


This PC will save you a lot of trouble.


I was the one who said we should give Marlena another chance.

I love summer.

Where do all these moles come from?


"Where's his book?" "It's on the table."

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I already know they're not hiring.

Look up words in advance, before you attend a class.

He has been busy.

Don't let her throw her life away.

It'll be nice to see everyone again.


Oral tradition has existed for hundreds of years.

You are welcome.

Chiro is a cat, so he doesn't like litchi.

Bucky gave me this.

Where's Floyd's umbrella?


I need to know what's happening.

She covers Wall Street.

They accused him of being in the classroom in order to cause trouble.

It's divided into three parts.

Ann likes chocolate very much.

I'll be about again when my leg heals.

At first, it wasn't easy.

Hold that thought.

It is getting cooler and cooler.


Covered with dust, the doll stood in the corner of the room.

Common sense is not so common.

Show us where you found him.

The laborers formed a human barricade.

We want meat.